Vampire Doctor K-drama Blood Prepares for Production and Spoilery Details Leak

Is anyone sick of doctors and/or vampires in your K-drama diet these days? Recent doctor dramas like Good Doctor and Dr. Stranger, or the selection of vampire dramas like Vampire Flower (see above poster) and Vampire Prosecutor. I sure hope combining the two genres is a good idea because KBS is on the verge of commencing production on Blood, the follow up drama from the production team of Good Doctor. It’s the story of the battle between good and evil taking place in a hospital where the chief of a medical department is actually a vampire. DC gall is lighting up with news this week, some of which are details about the lead characters and the storyboard, both of which are exactly the spoilers I love to get my hands on.

Production is reportedly starting background filming at the end of October moving into a Jeju shoot in early November. Considering the drama hasn’t been cast yet, I’m not sure what filming can actually take place. The drama is slated for Mon-Tues following Healer which hasn’t even aired yet since it’s following the just started airing Tomorrow’s Cantabile. The two lead characters in Blood are confirmed to be in their thirties (male lead 37, female lead 31) and the vampire concept is written as a virus that infected the male lead’s parents before being passed on to him. Check out all the Blood(y) spoilers below. My interest is officially piqued. 

Male lead (37 years old). Chief of the oncology department at the hospital. Son of the couple who was infected with the vampire virus. He researches for the cure to become a human being. He has good looks, wealth, and smarts. He’s a hero who uses his vampiric supernatural abilities to help others.

Female lead (31 years old). Resident doctor at the hospital. She is also the niece of the hospital chairman, growing up in wealth and security. Has an arrogant spoiled personality due to her background, smarts, and beautiful looks. When she was a kid, she went on a field trip and got lost in the woods. The male lead used his ability to rescue her from wild dogs and she’s never forgotten the boy who saved her life.

Second male lead (he likes the female leads and appears to have a warm personality). He is 55 years old but lives as a 41 year old due to his youthful looks. He is also a vampire. He was friends and colleagues with the male lead’s parents and all three were researching the vampire virus when they were infected together. He realized the power of the new ability and decided to use it to his full advantage. He looks gentlemanly on the outside and appears to have a great sense of humor. He is also very wealthy and everyone thinks he’s the perfect guy. But he’s really the devil inside.

Setting: Tae Min Hospital.

DC gall chatter is hit-and-miss but the Korean industry insiders often post there so there is always a nugget of real news from time to time. The male K-actors that is getting mentioned the most as potentially being cast are : Kim Jae Won, Lee Jun Ki, and Park Shi Hoo. Blood is not scheduled to premiere until early February 2015 so if there is filming starting soon it’s probably location scouting and the like. Scheduling-wise all three of the actors mentioned above can do it though Lee Jun Ki has Asia fan meetings lined up for November-December of this year. Some other names that fans have mentioned who legit have a chance of landing this project are: So Ji Sub, Ji Sung, and Kang Ji Hwan.


Vampire Doctor K-drama Blood Prepares for Production and Spoilery Details Leak — 26 Comments

  1. 37 yo on his ID but can look younger then. From that list, Kim Jae Won would be my only choice: I don’t even need to think. Sorry but no PSH for me: He sucks for all the bad reasons…
    Tae Min hospital: A homage to Min Tae Yeon Vampy oppa? 😛 (PS: I miss you buddy & all the team).

    • PSH can be a cameo… he can play a rapist/wild wolf who was stabbed by the second female lead and later used as a lab rat by male & second male leads in finding cure to vampirism.

  2. If they’ve confirmed the age it’s likely the male lead (they’re going for) will be close to that age, like SJS or KJH. I agree that PSH is a no.

  3. I am so glad they go older for the leads instead of younger. There are so many good actors in the older age range besides the two already mentioned, not to mention the actresses in the late 20s-early 30s.

  4. i dont even think PSH will be offered the role.cos girl does not work with kbs.she only works for MBC and SBS.i think she will mostly likely be offered the female role in the two high budget dramas in MBC.

  5. This is my waited drama since there is no way I’m getting VP3 and return of Oppa.
    Wonder why Ji Sung oppa is not running for this role.., if you play your cards right this can be a jackpot.

  6. Yay, a sensible setup with the possibility of a cure by the end.

    Male lead: So Ji Sub
    Female lead: Moon Chae Won

    Delusional? Probably. It sounds like it’s SBS or bust for the really top notch stars.

  7. Ji Sung or Kim Jae Won for me!
    Please make them comeback to dramaland!!
    Female lead: someone 81-84 liner
    SHK, SMA,
    Though I’m not sure if they’ll come back to dramaland and shoot a drama about vampires.

  8. I can’t decide yet who I want the male lead to be but in terms of female lead I’m hoping it’ll be Lee Bo Young :3

  9. I want Ji Sung back on my screen more than anyone else.
    The man has it. I melt every time he talks. I still listen to his OST from Secret, aka Hey! I Killed your Fiancee, Fall in Love with Me Now. I LOVED IT.

  10. Wishful casting…

    Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum and Joo Ji Hoon / Bae Soo Bin
    Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye
    Song Il Kook and Song Ji Hyo and Lee Jong Hyuk
    Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra!

  11. I think Song Jae Rim is a good choice for a lead. And then Lee Yoo Bi because I love her! Too young? Then Shin Mina is ideal too! Lee Jang Woo for 2nd lead if the character can be younger.

  12. okay.thanks for correction.any way,i dont like Park shi ji sub for male while shin mi nah for female.its been long i saw shin mi nah.or gong hyo jin.PSH is a big no for ji sub or kim jae won for me

  13. No PSH please Drama God…

    Lead male : Ji sung or Lee jun ki
    Lead female : Yoon eun hye or Park ha sun
    2nd lead male : Song il kook

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