A Rare Fashion Blip from Yoon Eun Hye at the Airport Headed for Hong Kong

I can’t believe the normally sensibly fashionable Yoon Eun Hye gets a “what the heck is she wearing?” type post. I guess we all slip up sometimes and it is unfair to expect celebrities to always dress chic and stylish for whatever the occasion. With that said, the Korean star airport strut is one of those guaranteed moments when a star has full expectation of being snapped going into the airport by the resident paparazzi. If you know the tabloids are going to be chronicling your departure.

I wouldn’t say Yoon Eun Hye looks bad leaving Incheon this week heading to the MAMA in Hong Kong, per se, it’s the entirety of the ensemble that leaves me scratching my head. None of the items are itself fashion fails but combining a long puffer trench with teeny tiny jean shorts is wacky, not to mention it was so windy that day so I kept wondering why she was not dressed more weather appropriate on her bottom half? The sunglasses have to go, not even YEH can make gold rounds anything other than hipster dorky.

It’s so absurd to cover up on top like she was headed for the slopes only to look down and have an “oops, I forgot my pants” moment with her bare legs LOL. Still love her but she might’ve just grabbed whatever and left the house this morning.


A Rare Fashion Blip from Yoon Eun Hye at the Airport Headed for Hong Kong — 43 Comments

    • My guess is, she had a different coat for starters – maybe a canvas duster or jeans jacket – but then realized how cold it was and quick swapped out the coat. The sunglasses go with the shorts and sneakers, it’s only the coat that throws the whole thing off, so I think it was a last-minute play for comfort over style, lol.

  1. Except for the weather, she looked cute…. many people actually do wear shorts while wearing a huge jacket….. and she makes the glasses work…. she pulls it off….

    besides, she’s a fashion risk taker… and not many can pull off what she can…

  2. She looks good and comfortable here. She pulls it off well, becos she YEH! Plus HK is not that cold compare to Seoul. Which is ok to wear shorts and she just walking that short distance from the drop off point to departure hall.

  3. I think she looks great, esp in the photo from news0 with her crossing the street. It looks like it could be in a magazine.

    I could do without the purse, but overall I like, even if it’s not the warmest outfit for the ocassion.

  4. Lol. An ugly mismatched outfit which doesn’t belong to the right season won’t become perfect just cause unni wears it. >.> I just hope she won’t catch a cold.

  5. Agree with the lack of leg covering given the season, but the jacket and glasses are a hit for me! In fact, I have the glasses! 🙂

  6. The only thing that really bothered me was her “missing” leg in the first photo. Haha. The angle of the photo hid her left leg.

  7. Geez…leave her alone. She just want to wear what is comfortable for her. She is just being herself and not promoting any clothing line. Her attire is decent enough for me. I liked it. Who cares what other people say or think. YEH figthing. You rock girl!

    • I never get this “airport fashion” thing going on. It’s an airport, not the red carpet. Sure they are celebrities, but on long intercontinental flights, or even shorter ones of a few hours, most people want to dress comfortably when they’re going to be stuck on the plane for a few hours. Don’t get the overreaction when someone’s not dressed up to the nines for a flight.

    • Why bother with the clothes,she looks great anyway..maybe lastminute decisiOn to wear because of changed weather,I experienced that when II was in Dubai going to U.K. Its good brought coat similar to YEH’Coat.she looks comfy and cool anyway in her outfit.chill for yoour comment.

  8. I think she really looks cute and I love that Burberry down coat, with her sunglasses. She still looks chic and fashion icon to me. The weather in HK is hot that is why she chose wearing casual and comfy.

  9. LOLLLLLLLLLL….. WHAT ? I ACTUALLY LIKE WHAT SHE’S WEARING… IT’S SO CUTE… SHE’S SO CUTE…. I can’t see why it’s something what-the-heck-is-she-wearing

  10. She looks beautiful lol,most girls would wear short pants with a jacket to protect their body outside and take it off conveniently indoors.

  11. Hmm, I don’t think it’s perfect or cute or ugly, it’s just an outfit. Maybe it’s what made her fashion senses feel good again or maybe she thought I’m going to be comfortable and wear whatever helps with that because flying sucks.

    It’s sort of amazing that these kcelebs can’t even wear whatever to the airport without making a headline, hardcore stuff.

  12. LOL! This style I see alot at my girl high school when the weather cold in morning than sunny in the afternoon, nothing new for me but I want her Burberry coat. She looks cute and comfy on the plane that matter!

  13. She’s sensible enough to make sure her upper body is well covered up and not the other way around keke besides, it’s not like she’s been under the harsh and cold weather for such a long period of time sporting that kind of airport fashion…. It’s better to have the winter jacket on than lose it and have the winter pants on instead but surely, it’s best to have both to really keep warm… YEH and her surprises, she’s unpredictably like that…

  14. Actually she rocks the sunglasses! And I think the whole ensamble looks fashionable on her, although I could never wear shorts without stockings in the winter xD

  15. She is a trendsetter and not a copycat when it comes to fashion….I actually like it as she prettily showed her own persona. Love the Burberry coat.

  16. Maybe she is tired of fans running her life, and is now ready to do what she wishes? Brave girl, after all she didn’t get to where she is….without a little help from her fans. Time will tell if this career decision she has made is the right one for her. So in her next drama the lead actor, treats his wife like dirt, then thinks it over and repents, after she dies? How convenient for his character. LOL

  17. It’s her right to wear whatever she feels comfortable with. Who cares!!!if it’s not so fashionable at all. SHE is YOON HYE YOON , even the name itself can bring typhoon.

    Those people who are thinking that it’s not pretty then they need to see a psychiatrist. She don’t need to wear extravagant clothes when she have it all. Those people who are thinking negatively about it are LOSERS!
    If they post something bad about her they are very much insecure. Okay!

  18. Actually i like her get up…even the coat over the short shorts stll look good on her…she is the type who can just pull off anything…coat for the cold weather in korea and short shorts for hongkong..

  19. Why make a big deal,she just wore something that made her comfortable,she was happy and greeted everybody with a sweet smile.so..what’s the problem? She looks great with a big heart for charities that is more important,multi-talented actress,who is hhumble,doing good deeds for others thats more important to God.y

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