Ji Sung Reunites with Secret Love Leading Lady Hwang Jung Eum for Kill Me Heal Me

Color me mightily surprised, all in a good way I guess. Things were looking so dire on the production of MBC‘s Kill Me Heal Me, aka the drama that can’t lock down leads if its life depended on it. I figured there was nowhere to go but up and at this point even getting a lead (any lead) was cause for celebration. Ji Sung was rumored to be in talks a few days ago and I was waiting to hear more before writing about it. You know, in case he also bailed and made it a triple out at bat for MBC.

Now the casting news for KMHM has suddenly taken a turn for the promising with confirmation that Ji Sung will be taking the lead and reuniting with his KBS drama Secret Love costar Hwang Jung Eum. Neither actors are particular faves of mine but both are solid veterans who as needed can act their socks off and deliver intense convincing performances. I passed on the overdosing on melo Secret Love but the drama was a rare ratings win for KBS last year and handily beat Heirs and other same time slot dramas when it aired.

I really like this casting (not love but it’ll do), but you know what really kills me (pardon the pun)? The fact that when Hyun Bin first turned down KMHM, the production denied that he was even offered the role and claimed that the male lead character was always intended for an actor in his twenties. Hyun Bin is 32 years old, but get this, Ji Sung is 37 years old! A whole five years older than Binnie! I’m pointing this out to emphasize what a crock of shit the KMHM production has been throughout this whole casting debacle, apparently since the very beginning, so it’s no wonder leads have been giving it the hand left and right.

I would have loved to see Lee Seung Gi in the role even as I was concerned he might not have the full array of acting chops to pull off a character with 7 different personalities. I thought he at least had enough potential to give it a shot, but no certainty it will work. Plus his leading lady was going to be Lim Ji Yeon and that’s so much no from me. Ji Sung, and really all of his near age male lead actors, is really a better choice in the long run. I don’t think either Ji Sung or Hwang Jung Eum, with their acting experience and resume, will need much ramp up time to dive into filming. KMHM premieres in early January after Mr. Back wraps up. Go knock ’em dead, you two troopers who stepped in to save MBC’s hide.


Ji Sung Reunites with Secret Love Leading Lady Hwang Jung Eum for Kill Me Heal Me — 59 Comments

  1. I’m happy. Both actors were great in Secret and I enjoyed (much to my surprise!). HJE really surprised me with her fine acting and there were a few great gems in that series when I thought she was incredible.

  2. Well, I am glad MBC goes with veterans, and ones with solid resumes to boot. This cast certainly looks much better than the one for Blood over at KBS.

  3. Okay, I like it. Secret was such a mess, but I loved it. Last time they went against a big drama they beat it so maybe it will happen this time too. Stranger things have happened.

    I would have liked to see LSG do it just to shut people up who refuse to believe he’s capable (let’s be real, not all 7 personalities will show up that often so I still don’t think it’s going to be THAT difficult), but Lim Ji Yeon is just so underwhelming. Too bad Hwang Jung Eum wasn’t cast instead first.

    • Too bad Hwang Jung Eum wasn’t cast instead first.

      I think they would gladly chose her if she showed even remote interest in KMHM. But I don’t think they offered to her before, simpy b’coz they didn’t think she would consider any new project so soon after did 40 eps drama. I also don’t think they considered JS, as they initially wanted 20s actor to portray the male lead. But near deadline, they finally got some cues that they need big names and popular pair to cover for bad press they had.

  4. Oh Secret, my unwavering love! HJE, beating her head on the wall, calmly, with not even one tear while her heart was disintegrating, and JS placing his hand between the wall and her head. Goosebumps!

    Not much was sad between that unlikely couple and yet the intensity was burning the screen.

    Hope to be amazed by their chemistry and acting one more time.

    • I loved that scene too!
      I started watching that show cos everyone was raving about it but I was thinking ‘oh I don’t think I’ll like it much’ and I ended up loving it.

      • My favourite scene was when he pushed her to breaking point and she freaks out in the middle of the road. Wonderful acting from both of them.

  5. I love secret …. it was one of those drama that i wasn’t expecting much but go blown away by these two actors. They really deserved praise for their acting …so i’m happy for this casting.

    • Wonderful actor and actress. I first saw Ji Sung’s acting after accidentally watching New Heart while trying to search for another drama. Saw him again on Kill Me Heal Me with Hwang Jun-Eum, an amazingly beautiful lady who is such a natural actress. Simply love seeing both of them. Ji Sung’s portrayal of the 7 multiple personalities in KMHM were simply awesome. HJE was excellent in portraying his personal physician. Park Seo-Joon was good in his role too. I began to follow both their dramas and came across Secret Love. I would love to watch all dramas featuring both JS and HJE as the lead actor and actress. This is the first time that I am posting my comments because I would like to offer my congratulations to JS and HJE for such fine acting. I never was able to identify favorite actors or actresses but my choice now is clear ?Kudos to you both.

  6. Uuuuh ..shock shock! Not their fan, but they’re really great in Secret. No doubt about them, but hope the story is good. Please MBC, do not waste this amazing casts. Didn’t plan to watch this before, but maybe because of JS-HJE, I will give it a try :))

  7. This is awesome. Secret was one of those crack shows where the attraction was based solely on the actors. I just wanted them both to be happy with each other in the end.

    And TGIFridays! Everywhere! LOL

      • Time is the problem, mostly, and finding something nobody else is doing. It would have been cool if I had started Bad Guys when it began. Bonus- only 1 episode a week!
        Maybe that’ll be the criteria moving forward, hmmm…

        Anything out there people are watching but nobody is recapping that I am missing?

      • Mr. Back? Birth of the Beauty? They are fluffy romcoms, maybe not your cup of tea.

        Someone said that Tears of Heaven was great but I couldn’t find English subs.

  8. Wow, this is a surprising turn of events. I know repeat pairings have been popular lately, but Secret was just a year ago! Hwang Jung Eum has done Endless Love since then, but for Ji Sung, that is two dramas with HJE in a row!

    Not that I’m complaining, because I love both of them individually, and they were amazing together in Secret. And I guess it isn’t that surprising that KBS would try to draw on that success when they’ve been having a bad year.

    Now I’m really going to have to check out KMHM. At least we don’t have to worry about the acting or the chemistry, so let’s just hope the writer and production give them good material to work with.

  9. This is the OTP that I can get behind. Now, I’m interested in watching the drama, unless it’s a melo? Is it? Hope it’s has some comedy, along the lines of It’s Okay That’s Love and not pure melo.

    • It’s a romcom. I wanted to see her in one after her last two dramas required so much crying. I seriously didn’t want to watch this, but the OTP is making me question it.

  10. wow Hwang Jung Eum surely love acting… she seem like she never want to rest at all..
    I surely tune this in just to see this couple, love them in Secret.

  11. Well, what do you know? After so many weird casting problems they finally give me my Ji Sung oppa and Jung Eum unni? Now I’ll have to watch. (Sigh.)

  12. So there we have it. I guess I will at least be tuning in now. I loved Secret too but because of the these two. It was strangely addicting. Of course, Ji Sung in a rom com is a must see for me. Interesting turn of events MBC. Of course we all know that KMHM production co is full of a lot of crap when it reports stuff. I hope this drama is good. Tough competition in that time slot. I think kdramas really need a revival!

  13. Didn’t think this drama could be saved but they not only ressurected it but secured two great actors with great chemistry. Great, now I have to watch it.

  14. Arent they, the fourth pair who have been confirmed for this drama.I am not going to believe unless i see the script reading pics or filming news with them for this drama. they are a good pair whom i loved them in secret.

  15. I also liked Secret even if usually melo scares me and Ji Sung is one of my favorites. I hope the story doesn’t crash and burn.

  16. Ooooooh their chemistry is off the charts! Nice !!

    As much as I love their onscreen coupling I can’t help wishing they could find another leading lady for Ji Sung, if only so it wouldn’t feel like I’m watching the same drama.

  17. OMG OMG OMG ! Is this for real? HJE and JS reunited again, so soon!? Oh thanks Drama God.

    I believe this is the fastest recurring main co-stars in K Drama, am I right?

    Wow, MBC pulled a speedy but effective move, pulled a beloved fresh pairing for a drama that have to start production quickly. I already interested in the plot before, but now with this casting, sealed the deal for me.

      • Yeah SYJ-KNG met again faster but weren’t the 2 projects they met were a series and a movie? Not 2 series, right? While JS and HJE met both in series. It’s esp. unique for JS since he now has 2 consecutive dramas with HJE, a very rare occurence. HJE had Endless Love already between Secret and KMHM.

  18. It is a pleasant surprise for me. I, too, feel that the leads have amazing acting skills to play this drama. I almost going to drop the drama since the storyline does not attract me to it (after Hyun Bin did not cast as the lead) but it seems like I am going to stay tune to watch it.

  19. exactly what i needed.after watching Secret,protect the boss and kim soroo,i became a fan of ji sung.ji sung is a very good actor.he can even potray 10 different character.as for hwang ja geum,i dont really like her acting although,i loved secret but i wasnt impressed with her acting there.we will have to wait and see.hope she impress me..

  20. I am so excited for this reunion. The biggest plus for me is that Park Seo Joon is also in this drama. It will be my new drama crack for sure!!!

  21. Talk about a last minute save. A drama that looked destined for a meltdown is now suddenly a serious contender going up against Hyun Bin. The craziness of Korean tv. What would Anthony do?

  22. Omo, omo, omo… this changes everything!
    Their characters in Secret were crazy but boy were they mesmerizing and smexy!

    Now I will definitely check this and I’m also curious about their rapport in a rom-com. I think they can both pull it well as I saw Ji Sung in Protect the Boss and Hwang Jung Eum guesting in first episodes of Potato Star… now, will they still be smexy as well? :–) Let’s see in one month :–)

  23. YEEEEEEES!! I cant believe it.. i open koalas blog and my eyes focus on this news and i literally froze!!! I freakin loved Secret.. cant believe they reunite agaiinnnnnn!!!!

  24. I don’t watch melodrama that squeeze your tears out, but I love secret…. Great acting on both actors… Weren’t going to watch this for the weird plot but will check it out for them….

  25. Secret Love rated better than the Heirs and all we hear about is Heirs and its actors? I don’t understand ratings and the star system.

    • Younger actors and actresses, products of the star system itself, easy money for their agencies…do I need to say more?? The most annoying thing is that some of those young actors can actually act, but since the profit lies anywhere but the real acting they choose the easy way. Therefore acting is the ticket for a longer career and smaller fan base of teenagers!

      • I see! Teens do make a lot of noise but I find the review/recap sites also cover the same dramas with the same actors. Maybe hits are more with hyped up stars. But it seems it is no clue to actual ratings and is not very useful in deciding on which drama to watch.

  26. Hwang Jung Eum is my favourite female Korean actress. I loved the fact that her and Ji acted together twice performing, whole heartedly. With Secret one of the scenes I loved was on the stair well where he confronts her attempting to strangle her but then holds on to her when detectives try to pull her away from him.
    Then Kill me Heal me when she purchases gifts for each personality then saying good bye. Lots of tears.
    Yah; Gwaenchanh-a;Fantastic to both of you.
    I hope you both will remain good friends. FIGHTING.

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