Written and Video Preview for Pinocchio Episode 9

Right now I’m at the can’t get enough of Pinocchio stage in my drama watching. Sure the day may come that I’ll be weary of this particular OTP, such as when the story drags or the romance fizzles out, but for now it can do no wrong for me and the same goes for leads Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye. This drama has hit a home run in all-around casting of all the characters, from the major to the supporting, and like all stories the leads do take up the bulk of the screentime so they need to go above and beyond.

Dal Po and In Ha deliver the above and beyond for me, whether individually with their own career and personal growth arcs, and definitely together when plumbing the first love turned adult real romance landmine. Throw in the fauxcest and this romance has all the hallmarks of my favorite K-drama kinks. SBS released new OTP stills Monday morning showing the two now sweethearts spending some alone time on the roof, their go-to place for contemplation or cheering up. They radiate warmth through the chilly weather, that’s for sure!

The drama also released a series of BTS shots of the two leads filming all the scenes we’ve recently watched in the drama, from the hospital scene to the hallway hug to the snowy kiss. Their chemistry is best described as honest and comfortable, lacking the sexual tension but suffused with genuine affection working together. I couldn’t be happier with what they are delivering once the cameras roll, the tenderness of love with neither can stop, as well as their ease behind the scenes showing how much they enjoy filming with each other.

Written preview for episode 9:

In Ha and Bum Jo do an exclusive interview on Jae Myung for saving the middle school student in the snowy road. In Ha conducts the interview with the injured Jae Myung, who finds out more about In Ha as Cha Ok’s daughter during the course of the interview. Dal Po sees this scene and starts to become afraid for the safety of In Ha. He pleads with her not to have any more interactions with his hyung, but even though he repeated asks that of her……

Preview for episode 9:


Written and Video Preview for Pinocchio Episode 9 — 14 Comments

  1. Andwae!!!!! Goodness, in ha with hyung… Trouble!!!!!!!!! I hope not…. Please not in ha (although that gonna be a good plotwist.)

  2. what if hyung also like in ha?
    i mean in ha become the person that will drive him out of his revenge…
    and this when he know about in ha more…
    and then love between a woman and two brothers…
    lol i’m creating drama out of my mind

    • I love your idea… more conflict between hyung and Dalpo.. and this time.

      And love it more if In Ha could bring the light to hyung, that adds the conflict… kekkekek..

      we could wish right 😉

    • Wasn’t he supposed to have a love line with Yoo Rae? I read that in one of the character description. Miss Koala, do you know something about that?

  3. i hope hyung wont fall in love with in ha.. enough with 2 men, i’m so envious right now, lmao..
    but seriously, i hope there wont be another party involving in dalpo-inha love story. and about the hyung, i just hope, he will be inha’s best friend?! who knows.. hehe..

  4. Well i just hope that hyung sees how different is in ha from her mom and that would make him hesitate to use her and instead come to be her friend.

  5. Why don’t dalpo just go and admit to his hyung that he’s ha myung? He should be concern abt his hyung injuries too right.. =.=

    • Because when emotions overwhelm somebody, it is difficult for him to find out the truth. Dal Po decided to find out if he is capable to become a true reporter or not after his conversation with Gyo Dong (see Episode 7).

  6. Miss Koala, will you be recapping healer? I’m waiting for your comment before I jump into the drama:) Do you think it’s a good drama? Thanks!

  7. You know what, i think her mom is also a pinocchio. Look at her hand pressing a pen everytime she is making a mean or bad decision. What say you?

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