Yoon Kyun Sang Makes a Memorable Impression as Lee Jong Seok’s Hyung in Pinocchio

Whoever cast relative unknown Yoon Kyun Sang as Lee Jong Seok‘s hyung in Pinocchio really hit a jackpot. It’s not just their plausible resemblance as brothers, Lee Jong Seok is already very tall but he’s suddenly got two even taller supporting male actors in Pinocchio, both Yoon Kyun Sang and Kim Young Kwang are even taller than him. In the case of Yoon Kyun Sang, it works masterfully since he’s the hyung and the way Lee Jong Seok looks up at him breaks my heart.

I thought Yoon Kyun Sang was familiar when he showed up as adult Jae Myung in Pinocchio, and a quick search confirmed that I saw him over two years ago as a part of Lee Min Ho‘s Woodalchi team in Faith. He’s been gone from the screen for two years before coming back to acting this year so maybe he was doing his army service in the interim. His performance thus far in Pinocchio has been nothing short of revelatory. This is the breakout type role and in a great drama with lots of buzz, I think this young man is certainly going places after Pinocchio.

He’s not quite scene stealing since the leads are fabulous, but every time he’s onscreen I’m riveted by his turn-on-a-dime warmth and then instantaneous scary intensity. He’s definitely making an impression everywhere based on the viewer feedback. Poor hyung! His role isn’t as buzzy as when Choi Jin Hyuk broke out with a supporting role in Gu Family Book, but for an actor with just two acting projects before Pinocchio he’s certainly put himself on the map for good.


Yoon Kyun Sang Makes a Memorable Impression as Lee Jong Seok’s Hyung in Pinocchio — 32 Comments

  1. I love him! His performance is stellar! It’s like the role was written for him. You can just see the pain and betrayal in his eyes whenever he comes on screen. We see a man who’s been broken and yet is struggling to survive thinking he’s all alone in this big world. I just want to hug him every time I see his scenes. Very moving and convincing role so far. Can’t wait to see more of him!

  2. Just can’t wait for them to reunite for good (with Hyung knowing that Ki Myung is alive), except when that happens, we would probably be needing some serious Kleenex 🙁

  3. I really love him as jae myung and indeed he has some similarities with lee jong suk. In fact, I feel like he’s the second male lead instead of bum jo. I want him to have loveline too. Read somewhere that he might have loveline with yoorae. I really hope that it’s true. Please give him a happy ending , scriptwriter nim.

  4. I certainly like him as jae myung. Boy just breaks my heart each time he shows up. I’m nervous to see what happens to his character. Yoon Kyun Sang is doing a wonderful job and has definitely made an impression on me. I hope to see more of him in the series and in the future.

  5. He really does nail the character. Vulnerable, pained, loyal and a little scary too. Definitely going to be one to watch, would love to seem him in a happier role!

    • “would love to see him in a happier role”

      Me too! I can’t wait to see him as a romantic lead, playing a sweet, doting guy. He’ll reduce my heart to a puddle of goo for sure!

  6. I’m happy you posted this~ Yoon Kyun Sang definitely deserves a shout-out. He’s got a lot of range and a very expressive face, which is a great combo in an actor (His warmth feels extra warm, his sadness extra sad, and his rage extra scary.) Pinocchio’s casting director also deserves a shout-out because the show is so well cast~ choosing YKS (not to be confused with Yoon Kye Sang, another exceptionally versatile actor) to play Jae Myung was a brilliant move.

  7. Love him, too. I didn’t connect him to the cute Woldachi kid in Faith.

    He was a way in the background player in Gapdong. I guess he picked up the skill of playing a sympathetic murderer from that experience. Though as loved a Lee Joon was as the psychopath, Hyung may be redeemable. I hope, anyway.

  8. he is already gaining buzz already as of now.check netizenbuzz to see for yourself.if they dont kill his character off quickly,then i guess he will be the second choi jin hyuk.with the buzz this drama is getting,he will definately be the second choi jin hyuk..

  9. I didn’t remember that he was in Faith but now that you point it out I do remember him as one of the Waldachi kids. He is doing a fantastic job & he has shown a wide range thorough his character in Pinocchio. I hope this role gives him more opprtunities.

  10. Wow – so he was the youngest Woodalchi! I miss the Woodalchi from Faith. They were so funny 🙂 Thanks for the heads up.

  11. I also love him! He can be sweet, warm and tragic, but he can also be scary and vengeful. Because the drama itself is pretty good with good performance throughout, it’s a bit hard to be a scene stealer. But I’ll be looking forward to seeing him more!

  12. I searched for him on the net and was really surprised that he only had two recent projects which were gapdong and faith. I am happy that the drama found him for this role because he is really owning ki jae myung’s character right now and he looks a lot like lee jong suk.And he deserves whatever good projects that will come after pinocchio.
    I just really hope he gets his happy ending even if its not much. If he would get a love line with yoo rae that would be a riot! 🙂

  13. Hottie hyung gave me second lead syndrome! His facial expressions screamed the pain his character was feeling even though he does not have a lot of lines in each episode! I sincerely hope PDs cast him in more complex roles and leading roles in upcoming dramas! He has the talent to pull it off!

  14. His acting is awesome! He is also one of the reasons why I love Pinocchio. He actually had a role in Lee Jong Suk’s movie No Breathing. He is one of the sunbae swimmers in the school who tried to bully Lee Jong Suk. Talking about that, Nam Da Reum (young Dalpo in pinocchio) also played young Woo Sang ( Lee Jong Suk’s character is No Breathing). haha

  15. Honestly Kim Young Kwang role is good but his not giving justice, but here the hyung standout even he only got 8 mins. Screen time per episode, like Min Joon Guk.

  16. His role has not much screeen time but he makes a really strong impression. My heart breaks when I look at him, he has so much pain in his eyes.

    also Koala you said he had a late debut and 2 year gap in projects….did he already do military service? There was only like 18 months between Faith ending and Gapdongi

  17. HYUNG!!! I’ll be honest, he’s the most interesting character in the drama for me and the reason I keep coming back for more (granted I have a tendency to fall for the side/little characters). It amazes me how he can be so kind and earnest in one scene and scary as heck in the next. I too took a stop back when he threw DP against the tree. I hope after this project we see a lot more of him in other dramas (please let him stay and work his way to leading roles).

  18. You guys should see him act in the music video “Curious” by What Women Want featuring Jung Yup. I was so happy when I finally saw him in a drama:’).

  19. I misread his name as Yoon Kye-sang, and was puzzled when the face didn’t match up to the name! Haven’t seen him in anything, but it’s nice that he’s making his presence felt despite limited screentime.

  20. Honestly what i feel is that, its not his acting that stands out.. But the way, the character has been created makes an impact on ppl who are watching the drama. You can’t help but feel bad for him. His character is too pitiful. Kudos to the writer for that. And that apart, i find him to be the most attractive one among the guys. Guess, he’s my type. 😀

  21. https://www.facebook.com/yunkyunsang
    Guys, can you like this page and help me spread it? I’m totally starstrucked by his charisma seeing him for the first time and now I just can’t get over it especially that he got a role in Pinocchio. With my growing interest with him, I’ve decided to make a page and I really hope that you guys will support me. Thank you guys. Please help our Ki Jae Myung be known to others as well.

  22. Yoon Kyun Sang is the only reason why I still follow Pinocchio. I love LJS, but I can let go of a drama if this one sucks *doctor stranger.* YKS is amazing, I cried rivers and felt great compassion for his character, this is how good he is of an actor. The writers should give him more lines and imo, he is the second lead role in this drama. I can’t even recall the other actor’s name. I’m still very unhappy with the writers of the drama.
    I want to see him more in dramaland :D. He is just amazing.

  23. Yoon kyun sang
    love him very much
    I really like his role together with lee jong seok, they both really look good as siblings…
    Looks like the role was written for yoon kyun sang, to be lee jong seok’s brother…
    I agree that lee jong seok already very tall, and they got yoon kyun sang as his hyung
    wawwwww…. it’s really make drama become more excited I can feel hyung’s feeling when I watch him.. he did his role very well… I hope he will play as lead actor soon… :)))))

  24. Ahh, i definitely lost focus because i see his smile, kindness and he is also become a wise hyung. His act is so gorgeous, and looked so nature. I also want see him has love line on that drama. But unfortunately, he hasn’t love line and happy ending. I just want see his big smile in the end of drama after he out from jail. Huhuhu

  25. Ahh, i definitely lost focus because i see his smile, kindness and he is also become a wise hyung. His act is so gorgeous, and looked so nature. I also want see him has love line on that drama. But unfortunately, he hasn’t love line and happy ending. I just want see his big smile in the end of drama after he out from jail. Huhuhu

  26. i prefer see yoon kyun sang rather than
    lee jong suk.
    his acting is awesome .. when i was watching pinochio i just wanted see his face, and smile.

  27. What a beautiful young man!! Watching Six Flying Dragons — he’s absolutely charming — love that smile!!

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