K-drama Blood Sends Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun to Romania for Vampire Location Shoots

So who’s ready for the headlining one-two punch of Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun for the upcoming KBS drama Blood? To say I’m so not is an understatement. I don’t even think potentially hate-watching this drama will be all that fun either, the snark level seems so low the jokes may just write itself. Like this one – the two leads of Blood were spotted at the airport this week departing Korea headed for Romania to do location shoots for the vampire medical drama. Why so literal with the mystical backstory, KBS? Romania must therefore = vampires?

There’s also the string of epic fail K-dramas that did splashy expensive location shoots in Eastern Europe, such as IRIS 2 and Dr. Stranger both filming in Budapest, Hungary. Those are not dramas any upcoming drama should want to be associated with. Thanks to the news media that camped out at the airport so that I can see Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun spliced together just for a taste of what’s to come. Staying warm and comfy is fine but she looks like she’s auditioning for the Central Park homeless bird lady role in Home Alone 2 while he forever has a Zoolander face on even when he’s not supposed to be on!

I don’t see Ji Jin Hee headed to Romania with these two so either he’s blessedly avoided the location shoot or he’s headed there on another flight.


K-drama Blood Sends Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun to Romania for Vampire Location Shoots — 51 Comments

  1. What is with her skin?
    A light skin look is one thing, but she look unhealty, sick and unnatural. Is she actually a real vampire? 😉

    • I think natural vampire look errr skin is what they, not just GHS, are going for.. and gotta say for the part the producers are spot on for that casting!!!

  2. lol that bowl haircut though. HAHAHAHA. 😀
    And damn, GHS looks like a hobo in that outfit. Or… is that a trend for the winter?

    • Tsk3x.. i am pitying on you all GHS haters. Do u think u r all perfect to get the freedom to judge people easily? r u pretty than GHS? R U more talented than GHS? DO U THINK BEING AN ACTOR OR ACTRESS IS AN EASY JOB? huh. Maybe u have knowledge but no wisdom. Pity on u..

  3. There’s a striking resemblance between Goo and Minah of Girl’s Day in some of those photos, though the latter is usually better dressed. This drama and it’s news is literally sucking the life out of me (no pun intended), but everything about it is lackluster to say the least. Maybe a picture or still of Ji Jin Hee will give some life to this drama….

  4. Are they both already in character? so pale, pasty and sullen…though I guess Goo Hye Sun would also have to be playing the role of hobo grandma going by her clothes

  5. His Zoolander face. LOL So true. I wish he could learn about facial expressions and how to make them. They’re kinda important for an actor.

  6. well that drama i won’t be watching for sure..two of them don’t appeal to me in any way. too bad for ji jin hee that he will have to babysit this drama..

  7. ugh!! what is gu hye sun wearing!she never were anything that impress me,be it an Award show or an event.seriously,she should learn from yoon eun hye.gu hye sun always dress like an ajumma…

    • Dont stupidly judge people easily. She dresa up like that because she wants to be more comfortable. Whats so wrong about her dress up?! As long as she is comfortable i think thats okay. Just because she in an actress doesnt mean we can control her dress up!! Do u think u r pretty enough?

  8. Don’t understand why KBS interested to take filming in very far away countries. Nodame cantabile also filmed in europe if I’m not wrong and also failed drama. Goo Hye Sun looks pale as always. I like to see white and clear skin but she looks like being sick especially with outfit like that LOL.

    • That’s a thick layer of too light makeup. You can tell that it does not match by looking at her neck and chest. This trend of really pale, white skin is really gross. It makes everyone sporting it look like a walking corpse instead of pretty.

      • Cultural differences!(sigh)If I looked like that, in my country people would have been wondered whether I was sick…since, almost everyone, looks like that in korean dramas I got used to it and I have stopped talking about the weird colour. But you are right, different neck colour, probably, indicates heavy make-up or something else more radical like fillers or botox or any other new thing they come up to carry on this bizarre sense of “beauty”. Thank God I live in an other country of the world, because I wouldn’t have been able to fit in these standards!

      • This people doesn’t really know what they are saying but anyway GHS has s natural white and flawless complexion..I love it when haters are trying to put her down but all they can say is about her complexion and the way she dress..

  9. They’re coming to Romania? I’d be more excited about that if this wasn’t about vampires. I’ll watch it just for the scenes shot here 😀
    ps:love that zoolander comment :))

  10. Woohoo romania! The country of vlad dracula. Amazing place to shoot. I’m actually felt excited by it xD
    Anyway, i wonder.. isn’t it weird to see asian vampire in romania? lololol.. (somehow can’t imagine it).
    Goo hye sun tho, never like her. How i wish they choose different girl, esp the younger one. :p

  11. I don’t know why some people are so concerned what GHS wears when she does not even models any clothing and not because she is an actress she has to wear those expensive clothes like what your biases wear..GHS does not buy expensive clothes bags or jewelries..she may look an ahjumma to you people here or a bag lady but at least she is still very pretty and natural without trying.. yes ockoala just an FYI accdg to the fans from Romania who are posting in soompi Blood threAd they really have a place there where Dracula was from and by the way we are not asking you to watch Blood and you will be better off not watching it ..
    I’m really impressed by people’s comments good for you guys you already know the storyline of Blood .. Isn’t it Funny how you guys act and talk like perfect individuals .. I’m curious how you dressed up and your accomplishments in life are.. Are you prettier than GHS or more intelligent or more talented Hehehe

  12. As someone who was born with extremely pale skin I fail to understand why anyone would actually want to look that white. Gu Hye Sun looks ridiculous, her neck is two shades darker than her face.

    • That is her preference just think of yourself how you prefer your skin to be what then you will understand how hard is it.. and besides I guess you haven’t read her interviews and for sure you don’t care so that is also the reason why you don’t understand her..such an easy question

  13. Dracula story, had its legacy to Transylvania, center of Romania! All ppl around the world when searching vampires and mistery comes to Transylvania for adventures. There are lots of Hollywood movie filmed here also!!!
    I bet the K actors if they come to Romania they will feel so welcome and for sure they will come back with other projects here 🙂 it is far from Korea but the ppl you meet are so heartwarming that you wouldnt want to go back home! I tell you from experience!
    Regarding the pale skin, this is acctualy the concept of vampires: persons with white skin and lets say “red”eyes!

  14. For you haters- GHS does not have to prove herself to anybody but herself . She doesn’t confirm to what’s in to please the netizen or the ignoramus. She doesn’t wear clothes that is being paid to commercialize . She is her own person . she is not like those korean actress that dresses that leaves nothing to the imagination or be in a drama or film and take off her clothes to get high ratings .She is an actress that you will be proud to have as a daughter, a sister or a daughter in law . I support her because of the person that she is .

  15. This post is quite stupid no offence to you. But the comments here are worst and quite honest racist, as a black woman i have to deal with the pressure of not being too pretty or beautiful enough and being called ugly for the colour of my skin, it took a lot of support and encouragement to finally overcome my insecurities and truth be told it wasn’t easy. So forgive me but when i see comments like this that puts down someone for being who they are for having the skin tone given to them by God it botherline bothers and offends me. Please for Christ sake grow the fuck up she is white her skin is white, that is who she is how she was born she cant change that instead of putting someone down for being bold enough to be comfortable with thier skin, we should instead thrive to motivate and encourage them. I thought i was alone but i guessed am not. Please koalasplayground be above this shit. I love your blog but sometimes the shit you write and allow are quite alarming. Have a nice day.

  16. Do not underestimate the actors. They were chosen because the producers, along with other staff, found them suitable for their roles. I can agree with you only if you have a strong background in film production or cast selection.
    Moreover, they are also humans. Seeing your comments may cause them to feel down. Just imagine yourself in their places. Do you think you will feel fine? Obviously not. I just hope they will prove you wrong. Let them show their talents first on the drama before you post your senseless comments that only hurt feelings. By the way, God bless you haters.

  17. From my opinion, skin colour are not a big issue when it comes to “beautiful” topic.. the important is “the face” and clean.. if your face are beautiful, I don’t care what colour of your skin anymore, you are still beautiful! example like Michael Jackson, he is dark skin before and he look handsome, not because of his skin make him look handsome, but he was born naturally handsome.. Then after MJ skin become extremely white, he stay still look handsome..Not because of the skin but his face super cute and handsome..

  18. I notice that most asian prefer to have white skin..because white skin look pretty with them, even some of them don’t have white skin naturally but they try harder to get fair skin at least, since they have a small body figure and small round face compare to western people, white are match them more..actually its not that pretty they wanted to,but they want to look cute, young, fresh and sweet teenager or childish innocent look alike..this is their standard of beauty.. unlike most of western that they prefer to look sexy, hot, mature..just like Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox..

  19. I also don’t like the dress that Ku Hye Sun wearing, with that outfit, she look older like an aunt..I feel upset that she totally ignore her appearance, since she is public figure..Because I’m a big fans of her…But this style are expected based on her personality, that she is simple person..she love black, white, and grey colour..she only wear anything simple and comfort..she feel comfort for being herself..and also maybe she in a rush time so no time to prepare and she just grab anything are comfort to wear.. Same to Ahn Jae Hyun, he feel comfort with that hairstyle feel light and free..

  20. I’ve seen nothing wrong with ku’s dressing besides it looks like the weather over there was so cold.
    I really wonder why you haters bother yourselves so much when you know very well these people are busy getting their money and going on with their lives but you haters are busy hating and commenting unnessarily… grow up please. FYI celebs like Ku don’t bother bout ur hateful comments I guess she’s said so in one of her previous interviews.

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