Hot Namjas for the Holidays: New Photo Spreads from Song Seung Heon and Cha Seung Won

I have no problem with the current trend for flower boys in Asian entertainment. It’s not just in K-ent, the audience in Greater China has been giggling over all the Little Fresh Meat (小鲜肉) which makes me wonder if there is a collective case of cougars running amok. I like plenty of fresh-faced pretty flower boys but that’s because I balance out my diet with hunky manly namja ahjusshis aplenty. A Koala needs a balanced diet, yo! The holiday season is starting in the US with Thanksgiving and I’m particular thankful for a happy healthy family and everyone I love.

Since I’m so full of thanks, I’ve got excess to be thankful for my favorite handsome older Korean actors continuing to age beautifully and gifting me with brand new photo spreads as early presents. Song Seung Heon has been active in in China the last few months filming a movie with Crystal Liu and followed that up with a brand new formal attire photo spread for L’Official Hommes China. Cha Seung Won did his own holiday gent spread for Elle Korea as part of a greater YG family outing. Both guys are so ridiculously smooth I just want to spread them like butter on crackers.


Hot Namjas for the Holidays: New Photo Spreads from Song Seung Heon and Cha Seung Won — 14 Comments

  1. Back in the City Hall craze, I had found images of Cha Seung Won modeling wedding suits, a white one in particular. Alas, must have been gone with my previous laptop. Too bad, for one could have compared his posture then and now.
    As for SSH, got nothing to say about that cr&&p.

    • Addendum – I omitted to mention that said images had been taken in his much younger years and he was already channeling that distinctive masculine vibe.

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