Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won in Cine21 Promoting Rom-com Movie Love Forecast

Those in Korea the mood for a cheery energetic rom-com will have a choice in Love Forecast (Today’s Love) premiering next week on January 15th. It’ll be a nice way to warm up the cold weather for couples heading to the theater, I’m already getting cute and sweet vibes from the previews and posters. Leads Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won have been earnestly hitting up all the promotional circuits to tout their movie, and their couples spread in Cine21 Magazine is especially a feast for the eyes.

I love the red background color, adding a burst of strong color to offset the couple’s beaming smiles in alternate pics. I definitely buy their chemistry as good friends in that portion of the movie story, but it’s wait-and-see whether they will convincingly sell the transition to eventual romantic lovers. The production recently released a spoilery still of the two kissing, a juicy treat no doubt but not enough visual sizzle in that shot alone. I demand lots more where that came from for my “research” purposes.


Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won in Cine21 Promoting Rom-com Movie Love Forecast — 15 Comments

  1. Judging by the interaction during promotions and RM… I think they can sell the romance for sure lol. They are pretty touchy feely towards each other already. He’s probably more comfortable with her than any of his other leading ladies so far from what I’ve seen.

    • they totaly sold it on rm to the point people doubting wether they are really together for real. the recent photoshoots, bts and spoilers have me hooked up. hope koala will do a post on them too.

  2. they look good together.so,this movie will be going against Lee min ho’s movie on the same day.romance vs action packed movie

  3. wow, Moon Chae Won looks beautiful – like a doll. (but not a plastic surgery doll, just a really beautiful girl who was born that way)

  4. after watching them together in RM i suddenly hope that they’re really dating. It’s too bad LSG is not single *I’m sorry Yoona fans*
    MCW is very beautiful. I’m a girl but I can’t help fall in love with her smile.
    Definitely will waiting for this movie to come.

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