Han Ji Min Wanders the Hills of Switzerland for Elle Korea Magazine

The highly ambitious Hyde, Jekyll and I has turned out a huge bust for SBS, still waiting for a big domestic ratings hit in the Wed-Thurs time slot a year out from the last hit You From Another Star. Leads Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min got lots of buzz for pairing up to do the drama but the end result was blah for me. Still most of the attention (good and bad) remains focused on Binnie since this is his first drama in four year since Secret Garden and he’s also playing the flashier character as the male lead with dual personalities, and in that way Han Ji Min’s involvement feels both less pressure and less potential for being as memorable.

Even though her Ha Na has completely rubbed me the wrong way in this drama, and I am quite underwhelmed with her acting, I don’t feel inclined to write her off as truly hopeless or terrible. She was adorable in Rooftop Prince with spunk and chemistry aplenty so that’s the drama I’ll choose to keep in my mind whenever I think of her. The latest photos from her early winter picturesque spread in Elle Korea snapped in Switzerland is a great visual reminder of just how pretty Han Ji Min is. I wish the drama would get rid of her red hair, it’s not working along with the wardrobe, time for a makeover for Ha Na along with all those script rewrites.


Han Ji Min Wanders the Hills of Switzerland for Elle Korea Magazine — 30 Comments

  1. She looks beautiful. I like enough that I’m not too hard on her performance. She’s a hit or miss. Guess it is that sometimes she doesn’t have alot of chemistry with her costars. Not everyone can be like Ha Ji Won, who happens to jelly with everyone; even Lee Seung Gi.

    I don’t get these photo shoots. They go to all these far away countries but the background is nothing spectacular that screams Switzerland. They can find these background in Japan or Korea.

    • I thought the same thing – what did they do to make Switzerland look so ugly? I am not sure if it is a filter or post-processing, but they leached all the green out.
      I have to say that she’s a miss for me every time – she’s the reason I gave up on Rooftop Prince – so I prefer her photoshoots.

      • Switzerland looks like that at the end of Winter after the snow melt. If the sun is not shining and it is still cold, the grass is not so green. The green grass pictures you know from the tourist brochures etc. are taken in late spring or early summer.

      • @anonymous Oh I see, I didn’t realize that it only took one person for good chemistry. My mistake. I prefer to give each star credit for their success in a role, and not foolishly give the credit to someone else. I find it disrespectful to the other artist when they work so hard to nail a role.

  2. My lovely Jimin is always beautiful. Thought her red hair looks good on her and for Hana. She looks like doll in Hajina. I not too critical on her as Hana, and I start to feel her warmth and importance in the story.

  3. She’s one of those lucky actresses who just gets by for being pretty and for having that innocent look, so she barely gets critiqued for her dull acting and viewers tend to make more excuses and overrate her gor her performance. This is the only site I’ve seen that critiqued her…totally surprising!

    Even in her photoshoots is the same thing, the same dead eye expression, in every picture. Nothing is new, she’ s merely resting on her pretty laurels.

    • this is the exact problem i have with han hyo joo. both of them always get passes with their acting even though their acting is seriously really bad. granted han hyo joo does have that chemistry factor with her but my god, in dong yi, whenever she delivered her lines, i thought she looked like she was blind cause that was the way she was acting. really cringe worthy

  4. Sheeveneven in the pics she has the same expression in all of them..ok she is undeniably pretty but come on experiment a little with your image and mainly your acting..

  5. i’ve never really been a fan of hers.as much as i’ve always loved the dramas she’s been in,i’ve never finished them.dont know why,but she always come out dull on-screen

  6. As much as I wanted Yoon Eun Hye and Hyun Bin to star in a series together, I’m really happy that it’s not in this project whether or not it was offered to her. Because I’m pretty sure that there will be people who are gonna find a way to blame this drama’s failure on her.

  7. I liked HJM the best in Yi San. I know her character there was the goody candy type in the Joseon era but at least her character had some good ideas in the drama (esp in the first half). RTP was just ok for me to be honest. She’s really beautiful too and I like her photoshoots.

    • HJW may not be the typical korean beauty but she ‘s an A list actress and what she has is more potent than just facial beauty, she has charisma and presence.Not an amazing body? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Just look at her legs.Their is no comparison between them.HJM is shorter.

      • That’s what makes her stands out. She is not your “typical” Korean beauty. Yup! “Charisma and presence” and her inner beauty is what I love most about her. Acting chop? Let’s not even go there, because she can deliver and a versatile A-list K-actress. <3

      • Oh come ;)) you obviously can find whoever in Korean Showbiz prettier than HJW, leg, arm, or even face but those things prove nothing, coz she has her own charm that no one has ;)) n HJM i think she is beautiful n so do anyone, but there’s nothing but beauty n nice body ;))) so with me they are just the same others, there’s nothing special

      • HJW has a fit and toned body which is not the typical female actress figure which makes her standout. And why google it if majority have said it. Plus, her legs has been part of the lyrics in “So Hot” by wonder girls.

    • Neh! Ha Ji Won is a Natural beauty, the more you look at her the more she becomes prettier. (of course beauty is in the eyes of the beholder) When she acts, she doesn’t need to talk her eyes convey and expresses it wonderfully. As far as height, I think HJW is taller and even if HJM is short she knows how to carry herself anyway she’s cute. Body wise? The thing is with HJW she is sexy, however, she doesn’t wear revealing clothes that will accentuate her sexiness. Aside from her exotic beauty. What I do love about her is her attitude.

      • I love seeing HJW in a pair of tight jeans. Aside from her sexy legs this girl has some bootylicious to boot. 😉

      • @moneymo: oh here we love an actress with her acting skills not a model ;))) if you like beautiful legs go find models :3 there’re so many choices for you

  8. I love Han Ji Min’s voice. Probably my favorite K actress voice. Low, warm and soothing. Which is why I loved her in Padam padam but dislike her in shrill roles.
    I wish she would do a radio show.

  9. Why do they go to beautiful countries and take shots that are so generic? They could have done this on any mountain in Korea. Waste of time and money.

  10. Well, Well ..,Well.!!! I clap ur writing skill for bashing the actress and notice all around the world who u dont like.
    (blogger). Haters gonna Hate. That’s all I can say. Beauty is the beholder is may be true. The actress u mention around is I will never see beauty or talented. Those type of actress is so many in the hollywood. She can beat them?? I really wonder. If she cant be like them.., Dont bark around ur actress is only talented. At least Han ji Min has Asian beauty. Urs Ha ji won seem Toy boy on me .

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