Angry Mom Holds Script Reading and Reveals Adorable Drama Logo

It’s super assuring to see the upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama Angry Mom start filming already with over a month left in predecessor drama Kill Me Heal Me‘s run. Both leads Kim Hee Sun and Ji Hyun Woo are returning to MBC after a long hiatus and mixed success in their previous recent works on other networks. Their last dramas were on KBS and Ji Hyun Woo did the abject and total crap Lovers of Music (Trot Lovers) while Kim Hee Sun found a solid outing with the weekend drama Wonderful Days. The former left me disappointed with Ji Hyun Woo while Kim Hee Sun was a pleasant surprise in playing a feisty local country girl character.

Angry Mom will tap into the very thing that makes both leads shine – Ji Hyun Woo plays a noble, upstanding high school teacher, kinda like Boong Do if he had a modern day job, while Kim Hee Sun is a former Busan high school delinquent leader turned teen mom dropout turned prim and proper housewife. The bullying of her daughter playing by Kim Yoo Jung leads her to go undercover back to high school as a student to put a stop to it, thereby working with Ji Hyun Woo’s teacher character who is also discovering the dark side not just of student bullying but also school district corruption.

Kim Hee Sun is holding up the drama script and I am so madly in love with the illustration of a her character wearing a school uniform top, skirt, and track bottoms while holding a knife and a frying pan in either hand. You go Angry Mom, go kick some butt!


Angry Mom Holds Script Reading and Reveals Adorable Drama Logo — 16 Comments

  1. Omg that logo is amazing!!!!!

    I really hope this show will be good bc it has a great premise; it’s all down to the execution though. I don’t trust MBC but they occasionally knock out good shows (Miss Korea, The Queen’s Classroom).

    Ji Hyun Woo really needs to redeem himself after Trot Lovers – it was a terrible show and he was bad in it too, so over the top and ridiculous.

  2. Oh thank the heavens that JHW is looking like Kim Boongdo again. Trot Lovers was lacking in many departments, but I have to admit that for shallow, shallow me, it was the ugly hair and sallow complexion that made watching unbearable. Please be good, drama.

  3. “Housewife”? She’s married? Damn! I thought she was a single Mum. I really don’t like love triangles involving married couples, this is quite a disappointment.

    • I was thinking the same. If they plan to overshadow the premise with affair drivel, it’s not something I’d be happy to see.

      How nice would it be if she were either single or then only work with the teacher as a vigilante duo and friend? Yes, men and women can be friends, Dramaland. You’re shocked, I know.

      But this… If she’s married and the romance remains, nah.

    • Yeah. So she’s married and Ji falls for her? I’m still having a hard time with the morality of the student-teacher ordeal, so throwing marriage into this may cause me to pass.

      Kim Hee Sun looks great but definitely not a high schooler.

      • She’s going back as her “proper” age with the excuse that she’s finishing high school.

        The only secret is that she has a daughter in the same class/school.

    • Maybe the better term is “homemaker”? I get the impression she’s singlehandedly raising her daughter, & the term for that was “house-wife” instead of more accurate homemaker

  4. I am sorry but the frying pan and a knife does not make me think of a nice wifey chopping stuff. The cartoon mum looks like she is really to rumble.

    Look at the expression. ” Come on, make my day!”.

    Hah! I’d buy a t shirt like that with that logo.

  5. Hi, why only me don’t feel awkward if Kim Hee Sun disguise as a high school student? LOOK-UP! at her photo with her cutest face holding the script-book. The ‘Angry Mom’ logo looks exactly like her face. I love her since ‘Faith’, my wonderful healer and definitely want to watch this cutest drama because of her.

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