Yoo Seung Ho Holds Fanmeeting in Japan and Starts Filming The Joseon Magician

I probably stare at Yoo Seung Ho more than most people so I can tell that he’s matured in the last two years while serving in the military away from the public limelight. Like other child actors and actresses who have grown up before viewers eyes, such as Park Shin Hye and Moon Geun Young, Yoo Seung Ho basically looks like he did in his debut performance in The Way Home¬†except for growing up into an adult with the exact same set of facial features. I love that about this batch of now-grown child actors who have nurtured their talent and avoided the nip/tucks that would hinder their ability to use their facial muscles to act properly. Who cares if looks aren’t perfect or whatever is the current trendy ideal in Korea.

Yoo Seung Ho has been prepping to film the fantasy sageuk movie The Joseon Magician with Go Ara and Jo Yoon Hee but in the meantime has been making good on his promises to pay his fans a visit in places where he’s remained quite popular. He was in Japan earlier this month for a fanmeeting looking ever so handsome and charming as always. God I’m so happy to have him back!



Yoo Seung Ho Holds Fanmeeting in Japan and Starts Filming The Joseon Magician — 19 Comments

    • this movie started filming last month. He also gets other movie offers and will be back to school again this fall, so we wont see him in drama anytime soon. TJM will release this year, so at least we can see him.

  1. I was never a fan of his but oh boy he grew into a man! I like his hair like this when he doesn’t cover his forehead. I say the same about all actors lol. He is so smart to get army off his back now.

    • Army really set males into becoming more mature. He looks manly and handsome when his forehead is exposed but he has that flower boy visual with his hair covering his forehead like most idols. So i like him in both.

      Enlisting early and gaining a shield for whtever is coming to his way is really a smart move. He really got a huge career ahead. Just one hit movie or drama and he will be loved by everyone.

  2. I want him to act with Kim Yoo Jung! She has stated she wants to do a romantic drama with him, so I am waiting eagerly for this pairing.

  3. His eye smile is killing me, he’s so cute when he smiles and handsome when he doesn’t.

    I hope he comes back to small screen soon. There are lots of actors enlisting in the army this year, I m looking forward to see YSH and Song JongKi on dramaland. Kim YooJung also states that she wants to work with Yoo SeungHo since her last work with him was bck in 2004.

  4. The way he holds himself is definitely different from pre-army days. And his facial expressions show a wealth of experience that wasnt there before. I too concur he has matured from his experience in the army.

  5. I am glad I am not the only one to stare at his face a lot.
    I just love how he has matured, but, still has the really happy an relaxed smile like a kid.

  6. Wow! Although he still has the same baby-like facial features he somehow doesn’t look like a child anymore. You can see some experience on his face.

  7. He looks good. Never was a fan, because he is just too young for me, but he def gained something in those two years.

    Am I the only one thinking of funerals seeing the pattern on the arm of his jacket?

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