SNSD Member Sunny Reportedly Dating Seo In Guk

This is wholly unsurprising, other than the swift denials of both agencies. According to breaking news by Sports Seoul, another member of the top girl’s group SNSD is off the market, making me wonder if SM Entertainment shouldn’t be considering a name change from Girl’s Generation to Taken Ladies Era or something like that. Cute perky Sunny is reportedly dating singer-actor Seo In Guk, which is good news for them if true, but will surely break shipper hearts if any are still hoping he’s actually into Answer Me 1997 costar Jung Eun Ji. At least he does like idol girls, if that’s any consolation.

The connection reportedly developed thanks to fellow SNSD member Yuri, who is good friends with Sunny and also got to know Seo In Guk after filming the youth swimming movie No Breathing with him. She introduced the two and the rest happened naturally, with rumors of this new couple gaining steam after Sunny was spotted at a Seoul hospital multiple times last month tending to an injured Seo In Guk who was there for treatment. Right after news broke, both stars agencies swiftly denied the relationship and claim the two are merely good friends. Take the dating rumor and denial with however much grain of salt you personally accord to each side. 

I think this dating rumors is true, or hope it’s true since Sunny has been talking about how sad she feels to be alone now that so many of her SNSD members are in public relationships. The tally of confirmed dating SNSD members remains the same: Yoona is dating Lee Seung Gi, Sooyoung is dating Jung Kyung Ho, Tiffany is dating 2PM member Nichkhun, Taeyeon is dating fellow SM agency EXO member Baekhyun, and Yuri is dating professional baseball player Oh Seung Hwan. Join the club, Sunny! Don’t let SM hold you back. Get some Seo In Guk loving if that’s really true and you’re being forced to deny it.


SNSD Member Sunny Reportedly Dating Seo In Guk — 38 Comments

  1. It’s only natural for these women to date. I mean, come on, they’re getting near their 30s if I’m correct.

      • 5 @89? Well that makes them 26! Anywhere else so yes they should be looking for a good relationships, instead of just a casually dating relationship. Just Saying. But by no means is the time kicking for them. They ALL look like they’re in their very early 20’s!

    • Uh, not really. She can post whatever she wants on her blog as long as she finds it relevant to her interest. I know she does a lot of drama recaps/updates, but wouldn’t you want to read about other things as well? I don’t mind at all. Thanks Koala for keeping us posted!

    • And a big thank you to Ms Koala for keeping us updated on the latest K-dramas, C-dramas, K-actors, C-actors’ news, rumours etc. especially for those of us who can’t read Korean or Chinese. Your site brightens up my day!

  2. Well if it’s not true, I’m still happy for both that they can be good friends to each other. 🙂

    Any “normal” dating news is good news for me! Hope their “friendship” blooms into sweet love. hehehe~ Just don’t beat each other up, don’t cheat, and don’t do other freaky stuff (like sexting others and insisting it’s a joke or something). 😐 Just date and be happy, you kids!

    • If SIG could have ever done things like the ones you’ve mentioned in your post I would have said I’d seen EVERYTHING in life…lol! This boy is so…boyish and that’s his charm; one talented (and sexy, I might add) young man -not a philander ahjussi nor a violant celebrity, at least I hope so!

  3. Sunny’s my favorite female idol and if I were a guy, I’d want to marry her. Just date SIG, Sunny! He’s awesome too.

  4. Most of my favorite SNSD’S girls are taken, and some by my favorite actors too! How lovely! Enjoy your relationships, it’s great to be in love.

      • Lee Seung Gi is a great catch but in terms of looks and personality, I pick Jung Kyung Ho. I’m jealous of Soo Young, I think Soo Young is the prettiest out of all of the members.

        Seo In Guk dating Sunny is quite a surprised. Congrats if it’s true.

    • true that, i already said that in yuri dating post but JKH is a really great catch and sooyung deserves him and of course he deserves her. beautiful couple. after them i would choose seung gi-yoona couple.

    • I wonder the reason why you think Sooyoung got the best pick? Is it because he’s a talented actor? Jung Kyung Ho is one of my favorite k-actors around, in fact. But he’s one of those few where my love for him is solely concentrated in his acting projects, and no more beyond that. I’ve seen him in probably almost all his interviews and variety appearances, and he’s giving off a very strange personality, Idk why. He doesn’t seem to be trying so hard for variety just like other actors, but the vibe he gives off is so closed and vague it’s really hard to get a read of him.

      Anyway, I’m just wondering, no ill meaning attached. 🙂

      • maybe bec he played Doctor Son aka the sexiest male character in dramas ever written and gracing my screen in Cruel City IMO xD (its a jokes bec you dont choose u’r BF based on his/her drama chars or acting abilily xD)

        awww finally SIG dating rumor, if its true, i’m happy and congrats for them, and if its just a friendship, well life proofs that a true love can blooming after a friendship 🙂

      • He’s kind of weird and has said some strange thing at times (and admitted he has a temper) and caused Sooyoung a lot of trouble with the his unnecessary comments. yeah, he’s a good actor, but I wouldn’t date him lol

  5. At first it was Girls Generation, now it’s Dating Generation, pretty soon it’s going to be Married Generation.

  6. Has anyone been keeping track of how long these couples have been together since news broke?

    Who thinks these relationships are on their way to marriage?

    • Jung Kyung Ho and Soo Young apparently has been dating since early 2013, so that’s about 2 years plus. They’ve had their share of breakup rumors too, but Kyung Ho said it’s not true, when asked during a Falling For Innocence filming (April). Although, Idk why my gut tells me they’re done and just keeping it under the wraps, but then again, I don’t know (and I don’t really care, haha). Then Seunggi-Yoona couple since late 2013 (4th quarter). Nichkhun-Tiffany were relatively new too, but, I think they’ve been together since 2010 or so (as far as couple evidences go). Who knows what’s true though, lol. The rest are fairly new.

      If Hwang Jung Eum and her boyfriend broke up after 9 years, who’s saying too. Then there’s Park Soo Jin getting married after 3 months of relationship. I personally wish Seunggi-Yoona stay together until marriage, just because Seunggi is my bias and Yoona seems to be a nice girl, so I wish them happiness 🙂

    • Sooyoung – at least 3 years.
      Yoona – 2 years
      Yuri – Seems pretty new, but probably a least a year
      Taeyeon – a years or so
      Tiffany – on and off for yeeeaaars.

      I could see Yuri getting married. Her BF even mentioned getting married. Sooyoung I think will want to work on her career, but she’s probably the next one imo. LSG/Yoona maaaybe if they survive his MS. The rest, no way lol

  7. well that’s a weird match but congrats to them. yeah i was one of the people who shipped him and eunji hehe.

  8. Well good one! SM is gonna marry off these girls sooner or later. I really don’t know what these girls can do after their idol life is over and it seems the time is approaching really fast. Kpop fans may remain attached to some male idol groups such as Shinhwa even when they were at their 30s, but not girl idol groups imo. Besides SM idols rely most on their looks not music talents. So if they don’t find 2nd career such as acting, then marriage and family will be the best/only choice. Career wise, the smartest one is Jessica who exited out early and started her own business.

  9. Opps, No offense- not even pretty! Would rather see him date Jang Nara although with 6 yrs aged gap still best candidate for In Guk. His mother is 7 yrs older than his Dad… so aged is not an issue on his family!

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