The Time I Loved You Holds Fashionable Press Conference and Releases Rom-com Feel 5-minute Preview

After a highly scrutinized casting and development process, the K-adaptation of In Time With You finally arrives this weekend to meet the public. Will it tank on arrival? Even with A-lister Ha Ji Won headlining, nothing is guaranteed these days and a haphazard story or directing could send audiences scurrying. On the upside view, maybe it’ll be a refreshing breath of cuteness that hooks the weekend crowd and deliver a much needed ratings boost for beleaguered SBS for that time slot.

The cast attended a color-coordinated press conference that featured some of the best collective outfits I’ve seen from any drama press conference. Chic and professional with a side of cheeky, the way the leads Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook chose to be black and white, respectively, while matching with their own second leads Yoon Kyun Sang and Choo Soo Hyun. I love the cast camaraderie at the event, and the way Lee Jin Wook is already staring at Ha Ji Won bodes well for onscreen chemistry. Check out more press con pics below before diving into the long 5-minute drama preview.

While I loved the fashionable press conference, I didn’t quite love the long preview. The most obvious feedback to finally getting a long look at this drama is how different in every way it is from the original In Time With You. That’s been hinted at ever since the drama was in the pre-production phase but having confirmation in the long preview really helps settle the expectation heading in. It’s not going to be ITWY with just a Korean cast, I think it’s better to consider it a standalone drama at this point that happens to borrow story set up elements from ITWY.

Long 5-minute preview for The Time I Loved You:


The Time I Loved You Holds Fashionable Press Conference and Releases Rom-com Feel 5-minute Preview — 25 Comments

  1. Even more than the drama, I’m excited to see how the ratings turn out. It’s a shit time slot, but then The Producers had a weird time slot too and see how well that show did. If that has KSH, this has HJW. Should’ve aired the same time, the competition would have been sp entertaining hehe.

    • They will face two dramas that already settled and have pretty good ratings in both days where Producers against variety show (Three Meals). I think Producer’s time slot had benefit for providing better ratings compare to this drama.

    • The depressing fact is that you can only call The Producers a ratings success because tv ratings, as a general phenomenon, are now in the shitters. The Producers averaged 12.5% – a number that two or three years ago would have qualified it as an unmitigated flop considering its attached star power. Remember how just last year You’re All Surrounded, which averaged 12%, was seen as Lee Seung Ki’s first real ratings failure?

      Ha Ji Won is perhaps the most commercially successful actress in Korea. Her dramas have all been ratings wins. Empress Ki was a monster hit with an average rating of 21.9% (and a peak share of 29%). It’s a rather interesting question if even she will fail to attract a large number of viewers in this day and age.

      My guess is that SBS execs are trembling with anticipation right now!

  2. Wow this would actually be the first time that I’m actually looking forward to this drama. I do recognize some scenes from the original drama, like the opening scene with the sneakers and the scene with nick in the storage. I’m also loving the incorporation of korean culture, making everything seem more natural. It doesn’t seem they deviated too far away from the original, as the characterizations remained the same, given what I could understand from my very limited Korean. I also definitely prefer this second female lead over the original.

  3. After watching her playing badass female character, I feel weird watching Ha Jiwon acting all girly with the aegyos. It makes me cringe a little. Lee Jinwook seems swoon worthy though, although in some scenes, his hair is a little too slick, it makes him look like he is going to a club

  4. I love Ha Ji Won. She always present herself well and really classy. I think both HJW and LJW are good actors but somehow is it just me or what that I feel the acting seems so animated especially for the high school scenes. Not loving the overloaded cuteness, would love it if the acting is more natural because they are supposed to be high schoolers and not children.

    • And you fail miserably trying not to be a retarded lowlife because obviously you are one! lol.. You’re just jealous that your fave plastic surgery celeb is a BIG FLOP! No dead or living Asian actress can ever beat THE GREAT HA JI WON! Deal With It Live With It! Watch this drama become a hit! Bye LOSER!

      • “No dead or living Asian actress can ever beat THE GREAT HA JI WON!”

        really? no DEAD or LIVING ASIAN ACTRESS can ever beat her???
        If I’m ha ji won, I’ll get embarrassed having a fan like you =___=’
        if you gonna fight for your fav.actresss, at least be reasonable and write something logically… 🙂
        Hjw is good actress, one of most charismatic on screen among korean female artist, but…. even in South Korea only, she is not the the greatest one, let’s not compare her to other actresses from other country….

      • Off the top of my head, I can count about fifty-sixty living Korean actresses better than Ha Ji-Won in every aspect, star power included. If you add other Asian countries, possibly a hundred. If you add dead people, in the thousands. Girl got little range, sketchy technique, horribly uneven choice of projects, and little chemistry with her co-leads. She’s got metric loads of screen presence and is easy on the eyes, I guess.

        Losing the battle of harebrained cheerleading is hardly something to lose sleep over.

  5. I think this is the first time I’ve seen so much skinship at a press conference for a k-drama. Maybe it’s because the actors are old enough to not care about dating scandals? I am pleasantly surprised though.

    • right? and the way LJW is staring at HJW and holding her..haha maybe he already likes her. they look really good together.

      since everybody talked about his role in INR2 i started watching and i really like him there, he seems fit to the role of the long time friend / lover who secretly loves the lead .

  6. Ha Ji Won looks gorgeous and classy as always. I am super excited and can not wait to see this drama! All I can say is… Man, these two look good together!

  7. LOL what is this?? The supposed korean You Qing and Da Ren? Hmmm well the preview is not that far fetched. This is what happened when korean make adaptation. The female lead have lost the beta-female persona but instead got more cutesy. Well it’s not bad seeing Ha Ji Won do one. But I think I’ll go as Koala suggested, regard this as a standalone drama rather than adaptation of ITWY coz it’s give off really different vibe. One thing we can surely expect though. The explosive chemistry between HJW and Lee Jin Wook. I mean put these two next to each other, what could gone wrong.

  8. i hope the rating will doing well. i mostly watch a drama with good rating. sigh. but sometimes, i watched dramas with poor rating (such as Healer). since this drama is adapted from my fave ITWY with my fave eonni and oppa are in it, i do hope this one will be good enough in storyline and rating!

    Ha Ji Won in real life is such a cutey and girly. I watched her reality show with her eonni and yups, she acted that way. Also when she appeared in Running Man years ago.. she also acted cute. i think it’s her real personality. She’s not a badass female. CL already took the title, lols. kidding

  9. Oh no, she’s gonna be all cutesy. x__x I was hoping she’d retain You Qing’s kickass personality but seems like they’ll water down her character with the typical K-drama cutesy-ness. Ugh.

    • i guess it depends on what each of us considers as handsome/beautiful/ugly. in my books, Yoon Kyun Sang is handsome and i truly love his eyes. great in acting too (Pinocchio).

  10. HJW looks really beautiful, young n appealing. Excited to see the drama with my two girls. Have been watching kdrama for years and like most of it generally. HJW is the only korean actress I really admire and supports.

  11. HJW is definitely one of the top actress for me in Korea and she is very professional at what she does. I just love the fact that she’s always cheery and lively. She looks really good with LJW, I can’t wait for their explosive chemistry!

  12. The lack of mention over Lee Jin Wook’s shoes has me surprised. Dude, you don’t wear [insert a Greek goddess of war’s name here] tennis shoes to a press con. Like evaaaa.
    Yoon Kyun Sang needs to hire another coordi ASAP, what with his hairstyle and fugly color suit. Atta, giant-boy!

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