It’s Lee Jun Ki Vampire vs Lee Soo Hyuk Vampire in Scholar Who Walks the Night

It’s yet early to render a verdict on Scholar Who Walks the Night, but it’s not too early to start fangirling over the hot guys in this drama. I may have a soft spot for acting-challenged Changmin, who could surprise me so who knows, but I definitely am excited to see Lee Jun Ki and Lee Soo Hyuk‘s vampire vs. vampire showdown. It’s easy to start off in camp Jun Ki, he’s one of my favorite K-actors not to mention playing the super good guy in this drama even if he’s an undead bloodsucking vampire. That doesn’t mean I can’t straddle camp Soo Hyuk later if he wows me as the evil baddie vampire he was always destined to play after a dress rehearsal in Vampire Idol. Both guys have been posting vampire selfie pics on their SNS accounts, giving us good looks at their styling (yangban vs wavy perm) and intensity (blood stained lips vs glowing red eyes). So which smexy vamp has your early vote?


It’s Lee Jun Ki Vampire vs Lee Soo Hyuk Vampire in Scholar Who Walks the Night — 15 Comments

  1. OMG Joon Gi looks like a girl with his hair down in the second to the last photo. I guess the lipstick doesn’t help considering he’s always had a pretty face for a man. But can’t wait until the drama starts. ^O^

  2. In LSH’s picture, instead of looking macho as the bad vamp, he looks like a helpless cute vamp , its those eyes lol….jun ki….his second picture, lol anyone notice the girls in the back? Lol

  3. LOL…LJK in the last selfie just looks like a stay-up all nighter who did not get enough sleep…I wouldn’t have told he’s gonna be a vampire with those red eyes.

  4. I will go for glowing red eyes but both vampires are hot! Vampires aren’t my thing but, for LJK, I will watch this.

  5. aslkdkanmasnm i cant even
    what is with lsh’s hair dammit?!
    i feel like it gets worse every time i see it.
    *off to cry in a corner*

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