Shin Mina and Kim Woo Bin Confirm Relationship After Dispatch Outs Their Secret Dates

I went to sleep and woke up to a K-ent with a brand new top star couple confirmed. I’m more than happy to have missed the standard hullabaloo from dating rumor reveal to checking with the agency to confirmation/denial, but apparently this new couple copped to the still young relationship quite readily. Current K-ent It Boy Kim Woo Bin and actress-model-goddess Shin Mina are dating, y’all! The two met earlier this year working together as Giordano brand models, with mutual interest that was acted upon and they started dating about two months ago.

Dispatch snapped them on the usual late night car driving into condo parking lot types of rendezvouses, and much like the fancy cars used by Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seok in their Dispatch spread last month, what caught my eye was Kim Woo Bin’s sleek black Porsche. The age difference is 5 years between the couple, with Shin Mina being the noona in the relationship while Kim Woo Bin towers over her in the height department. Congrats to the new couple, and an extra thanks for confirming so quickly so the public can gush over their collective hotness.

I think both have a significant other preference (a type, that is) that is clearly evident looking at their previous relationships, with Shin Mina’s model effortless ease much like Kim Woo Bin’s ex-girlfriend Yoo Ji Ahn, while Shina Mina totally likes the exact visual look from her men going from Big Bang’s TOP to Kim Woo Bin. One always wonders how acting stars find love in their hectic lives with so much make believe romance onscreen or in print, but most of the time it’s the same way non-famous people find love – meet someone who is your type, spend time together, decide to date. The only difference is being rich and fabulous, heh.

In addition to the Dispatch outing, another reason why Kim Woo Bin and Shin Mina admitted their relationship so quickly was that Women’s Sense also released an article on their secret dates, having snapped Kim Woo Bin’s car parked in Shin Mina’s condo parking lot for 6 days straight. LOL, they certainly are into spending time together.


Shin Mina and Kim Woo Bin Confirm Relationship After Dispatch Outs Their Secret Dates — 45 Comments

  1. I’m so happy for them and there doesn’t seem to be any bad press around the announcement. 🙂

    Also giggling at the fact that you posted that other Woobin news before this one! I thought you just didn’t find this pair news worthy XD

  2. It’s a bit surprising to me actually, because I was under the impression that KWB was on a relationship w/ a non-celebrity before.

    Now that you’ve mentioned it Koala, does anyone else feel like KWB and TOP are like somehow facisimile of each other? I swear I always tend to think one for the other. Case in point I was watching KWB’s movie Twenty and somehow TOP’s movie Nineteen popped into my subconscious. Likewise, while watching TOP’s Tazza 2 movie, I’m somehow reminded of KWB’s Chinggu 2. It’s not like they are getting casted on similar roles or their movies are somehow the same. But damn do I always feel like they’re related.

    • I think Kim Woobin is more dinosaur-looking than TOP somehow? TOP has a similar facial structure but is more typically handsome, while Kim Woo Bin’s eyes have a much more sharp and piercing feel and his cheekbones/jawline are a bit stronger.

  3. haha didn’t he say she was his ideal type back in 2013?

    This was even before Heirs, and now look at him actually dating her! They are a really spectacularly gorgeous couple too,

  4. Yay!! I love them both! Funny, thing is that knetz were also talking about she has a type (dinosaur face, lol) and I was thinking the same thing as well, she like men with alien like beauty and younger…totally my kinda men,lol

  5. Its nice to know they’re enjoying full, well-rounded lives outside of their careers. Cheers to the gorgeous couple!

  6. It was really unexpected .They are very cute, I think they are very good together. Enjoy your moments of dating before resuming your respective schedules,anyway congratulations !!

  7. I think they know better than to deny anything by Dispatch.. They look gorgeous together! And the height difference is cute too. I wonder how good is their on screen chemistry, only because I’m a fan of both of them and it would be awesome to have them in a drama…

  8. Gosh I would admit to squealing when I heard the news. She is gorgeous and they look spectacular together. But 6 days straight? Wow what a piece of news to habe been found out.

  9. 6 days? Damn! Now I know why he hasn’t been doing any dramas. Boy is too busy with other more enjoyable activities…

  10. I personally somehow find these two people have one thing in common: weird facial feature, though they might have gorgeous bodies.
    No offence to the couple but if I were KWB’s fan, I would cry a river for not wanting him to date a woman who is much this older than him no matter who she was in the showbiz.

    • if guys can date younger girls, women definitely can date younger guys. it’s 10 years difference. just 5.

    • I’m KWB fan and so happy for them what’s the problem for being older than him ? she’s pretty and have the best smile

      • Yes I Will be happy even Shin min ah 10 years older than him i don’t think it’s problem at all i hope all the happiens and for you

    • this is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone saying Shin Mina of all people, has “weird facial features”.

      and yeah, what’s the problem if she’s older? They’re both well past the age of consent and it’s only a 5 year age gap.

      • KWB must be lucky to have fans like you. By being well past the age of consent, pretty sure you would be happy if she was 10 years or more older than him ? I am not against your opinion,though. I am just happy that I am not his fan.

  11. wow 6 day in her house. KWB is one lucky guy. he must have bang sexy Shin mina at lease a few time. if he stay that long.

    • it’s their personal choice whether they want to go public with their relationship or not. It’s their life and they have all the right to choose. How is it so hard to understand. Nothing good comes out of public dating actually

    • Then whattt ?
      So they are admitting what is the point ????
      I feel this personal issue anyway either denying or confirming it won’t change our lives I feel great when both deny it is a simple message don’t interrupt our lives bcz it doesn’t concern you anyway .

  12. Shin Min ah was seen at Big Bang concert in Hong Kong.
    It means KWB and Shin are not yet in their 2 months.
    I hope they will last longer. Longer than her ex-bf Top.

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