Moon Chae Won Considering SBS Revenge Drama Goodbye Mr. Black

There is finally official movement on Moon Chae Won making a drama return and it’s sure to make her fans happy. As for whether she’s making the right choice if she does accept, that’s something hard to guess at this point because the project she’s considering has very little details to go on. K-news is reporting that Moon Chae Won is in talks with SBS for its December airing drama Goodbye Mr. Black, a wronged man seeking revenge thriller melodrama that is adapted from an old school manhwa of the same name.

The setting of the original manhwa goes from England to Australia and back as the male lead is betrayed by his best friend and the woman he loves and ends up exiled in Australia. He makes his way back to England years later seeking revenge for the betrayal. The manhwa was based on The Count of Monte Cristo so the similarities are intentional. The drama adaptation will reportedly be set in the present time but tackling the same set up and story elements. Moon Chae Won’s agency confirmed that she got the script and is seriously considering it, while SBS is more optimistic and says the negotiations are at the final stage.

Currently SBS has Goodbye Mr. Black schedule for December in the Wed-Thurs time slot, meaning it will air after the corpse mystery drama The VIllage, which will take over for the just started airing Yongpal. I find it pretty cute that Moon Chae Won’s last three dramas were all male-lead centric in the drama title: The Princess’s Man, Nice Guy, and Good Doctor. All three were also solid hits so she’s batting three-for-three in her last three drama being popular with both the viewers and the critics.

But then again, her last three dramas all airing on KBS while this will make her first return to SBS since It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl. But Moon Chae Won got her start on SBS with Mackarel Run, Painter of the Wind, and Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy so she’s quite familiar with the network as well.  I find Moon Chae Won excellent in melodramas and still have the warm and fuzzies thinking of her performance in revenge drama Nice Guy. Too bad Song Joong Ki is already taken for Descendants of the Sun otherwise their reunion would be one of those can’t miss things. Hopefully she gets an awesome leading man if she does accept this drama.


Moon Chae Won Considering SBS Revenge Drama Goodbye Mr. Black — 25 Comments

  1. I saw the original manhwa a blue moon ago and I remember the female lead being in her teens while the male lead is in his 30s… I think I would have preferred a newcomer like Yoon So Hee or Chae Soo Bin for this one even though Moon Chae Won is one of my faves.

  2. I would very much prefer to see them reunite in some lighter rom-com rather than watching them getting all angsty and sad and revengeful in another melodrama.

  3. I hope she gets a good co-star… if she accepts the role of course.

    Writer is the one of Missing You and I Can Hear Your Heart… which weren’t really good. :/ So I’m not so excited about that.

  4. If she agree to take this offer, then I can only pray that she will get a great male lead and please God, the writer better do a wonder with the writing.

  5. I love Moon Chae Won. I have never seen her do wrong (even though I cannot stand Good Doctor). She is always perfection! But the male lead will make or break this one. They better cast this right! There are few things I love more than a good revenge drama, but a bad one can be a joke. And a bad one with a poorly cast male lead, abysmal. Fingers crossed! Cautiously optimistic IF MCW takes this role.

  6. Based on her agency’s statement, she also just received 2 movie offers along with bunch of other scripts in which she didn’t accept. She is leaning towards drama at this moment. I’m not sure what interest her with this male centric drama as if she accept this, it will be the 4th in the row (but again, that’s something unique of her). But I will put a trust on her hoping that the writing looks as good as what it seems on the paper and they won’t mess it up.

    • That’s true though. I would love to see her in a drama which is female-centered rather than male-centered. That and the fact that this drama will have a weak writer is making me less excited about it. The premise is interesting and with a good writer MCW could play a interesting female lead but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

      So now I’m torn between the wish to see MCW back on the small screen soon or for her to reject it and wait for a better drama with a better writer.

      • i don’t get this statement. aren’t the majority of kdramas male centered anyway? & even if it was a storyline with a premise that was more about the female, one of the driving plot lines always ultimately becomes “which guy will she pic omgggg.” it’s one of the unfortunate things about kdramas IMO.

        even if the drama is made out to revolve around the female, a huge fraction of the drama will still be about which male lead the female will end up with (for example, most recently school 2015. the “love triangle” took up such a huge and unnecesary part of the plot like wtf). & this isn’t the case when it comes to dramas that revolve around males–usually the female lead just becomes an ornament (for instance, triangle.)

        anyway, the point i’m trying to make is most kdramas center around the male leads anyway. that hasn’t stopped moon chae won from outshining her male lead though. i’m speaking about her performance in princess man and how she was able to beat park shi hoo’s character in both strength and exerted great presence (even better than park shi hoo did, imo) to her audience.

      • I agree with you, Kayla. In The Princess Man MCW’s character was awesome and much better than PSH’s character.

        I think you may have misunderstood me or I didn’t make myself clear. What I want is a drama with a writer you can make the female character shine or even beat the male character. Usually drama writers care a lot more about the male character. Even in NG which I love to bits and pieces Eun Gi in the second half is much more mainstream than she was in the first half. Towards the end she gets better but the amnesia plot didn’t do anything good and is a vanilla kdrama trope.

        In this drama – if MCW picks it – the female character could be badass but I’m not sure if the writer can pull it off.

        Hope that clears things up for you. 🙂

        P.S.: For example Angry Mom was a female-centered drama.

      • This is exactly how I feel. didn’t really like any of the writer previous works + it’s too male-centred. I wish to see her in something better.

  7. It be nice seeing her again in a drama and she does revengeful melos well. But being a male centered drama (according to what little we know of it), would she take this role without knowing who the male lead is? That seems like it’d be an important part of the drama. I can only see her doing that if the script is really, really good. So we’ll see.

  8. Beside the solid writing and directing, this drama should have very strong male lead and villain. That’s all.

  9. so far, among the best project that MCW was in is “Princess Man”. that drama was my introduced her to me. Nice Guy also good, but i preferred Princess Man more.

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