The Charming Cast of Weekend Drama My Daughter Geum Sa Wol Spark in First Teaser

There’s a new weekend drama just around the corner that I’m planning to check out. My Daughter Geum Sa Wol premieres on September 5th on MBC following the conclusion of Flower of the Queen this weekend. I actually check out more weekend dramas than I write about, mostly because I end up running away screaming after just one episode. But on the rare instances that a weekend drama is right up my alley, the most recent being What’s With My Family last year, then I settle in for a comfortable long haul ride.

My Daughter Geum Sa Wol puts rising leading lady Baek Jin Hee front and center as the titular Geum Sa Wol, with Yoon Hyun Min finally getting his leading man screen time, and Park Se Young and Do Sang Woo rounding out the main cast. I like the cast and am curious to see if the screenwriter can repeat the success of her last drama Come! Jang Bori. The synopsis for Geum Sa Wol is rather vague, something about building a dream house and maybe some revenge thrown in, but it’s supposed to be uplifting and follows the leading lady on achieving her dreams. I can handle that, as long as there is no makjang bait and switch, of course. The teaser preview is actually quite cute so check it out.

My Daughter Geum Sa Wol:


The Charming Cast of Weekend Drama My Daughter Geum Sa Wol Spark in First Teaser — 12 Comments

  1. first time i wacthed baek jinhee in i summon you gold and i quite like her from there but i never watched her other dramas.but from the teaser she is definitely different from her character in i summon you gold.big fan of weekend drama.definitely gonna watch this

    • you shud watch all her 2014 dramas i.e Empress Ki, Triangle and Pride & Prejudice. Basically 2014 was her shining year.

      Her character in Empress Ki, actually was a major impact to her career.

  2. A weekender :-o? Never!!! *takes a deep breath* I will try anything for Yoon Hyun Min and this teaser does look adorable.

  3. I will check this one out. I’ve been waiting for Park Seyoung to try different roles and she seems to enjoy being bad in the teaser. Can’t wait!

  4. I like Baek Jin Hee, she’s quite talented and good at making even Candy characters seem strong and have presence. Hope this does well for her, MBC must like her a lot since this is like her 4th drama with them in 2 years!

  5. I like Baek Jin-hee. A decent actress imo. I still don’t get why she picked this over Six Flying Dragons, but I guess headlining your own 50-episode weekend drama is better than playing a supporting role in a blockbuster sageuk. If this turns out well (as in ratings wise) like Jang Bori, she’ll be the next MBC darling (aka Oh Yeon-seo), not that she isn’t right now. She’s one of the better 90-er actresses so all the best to her. The teasers are not that great though, but I’ll still check out this drama.

  6. I’m more curious about the second leads here. I’ve always liked Sangwoo in his projects…and I hope he gets the girl…either Jinhee or Seyoung…he needs to get the girl…hahaha…I see chemistry…

  7. for now, im already watching All About My Mom and I Have A Lover for weekend drama. This one also is in the list. lol so many drama to watch at the same time

  8. Oh yay, this looks great! I loved Jang Bori and I like all the actors here. I haven’t watched any dramas since I Remember You ended, it’ll be nice to have this and Twenty Again to watch.

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