SNSD’s Yuri in Talks to Join Park Shi Hoo in OCN Drama Neighborhood Hero

Someone’s gotta do it, right? Act opposite Park Shi Hoo in upcoming OCN drama Neighborhood Hero, that is. Yoon Eun Hye already took the charge in being Park Shi Hoo’s first K-ent leading lady since his rape scandal two years ago when they did the Chinese-Korean movie After Love together. This might make it easier for fans of SNSD‘s Yuri now that she’s in talks to be the leading lady of Neighborhood Hero.

I hope she accepts, partly to get casting finalized and out of the way, but mostly so that I can safely pass on this drama if it stars two leads I have trouble watching onscreen. I will have a hard time not seeing Park Shi Hoo’s personal life layered over his onscreen acting, whereas I know I have a hard time watching Yuri act because she’s been beyond horrible in the past with drama Fashion King and movie No Breathing. I so don’t want a round three acting date with her.

In the drama, Park Shi Hoo’s character is a former special agent trained in all the covert abilities who leaves the job to run a little shop in a small neighborhood. He ends up training a neighborhood boy to fight local crime. Yuri is in talks to play the leading lady, a woman who likes adventure and has traveled the work undertaking dangerous top secret missions. Aside from casting disgraced Park Shi Hoo as a hero character, making girly Yuri into a secret agent lady is such hilariously unbelievable casting. Wonder what’s gotten into PD Kwak Jung Hwan, this drama calls for really gritty and low key acting talent like the cast he assembled for Conspiracy in the Court.


SNSD’s Yuri in Talks to Join Park Shi Hoo in OCN Drama Neighborhood Hero — 36 Comments

    • This might be like a “The Producers”, i.e. create a drama so set up to fail, any non-failure will be a surprise win.

      Cause while else will they cast Park Shi Hoo in a drama titled – “Neighborhood Hero”, coming off the kind of scandal he had and then choose Yuri as the actress, knowing the acting controversies she has.

      • Yeah, he’s either trolling us, he’s given up on life, or he has no control over casting.

      • At least Producer still has KSH,CTH, GHJ and IU to attract the viewers. But this, PSH ? He’s far far away from them !!!

    • @Thomas&Lisa. I think he means the American musical. It’s about people making a play so bad that it becomes a hit. Ever heard of “springtime for Hitler” before? That’s where that comes from.

  1. This is actually good when I think about it. I was on the fence about whether I would watch this, and now I’m not. Here’s why.

    Reasons I wanted to watch: OCN! Plot sounded interesting and great PD and despite his many issues Park Shi Hoo is a good actor that I used to like watching.

    Reasons I didn’t want to watch: Park Shi Hoo and all the icky feelings I’ll have watching him even if I try to be objective.

    Well, if Yuri is the leading lady, then that gives me an easy out – NO WAY IN HECK am I watching her lead anything! Decision made. Thanks!

    • I’m glad they are casting another established performer (I won’t call her an actress) with a strong management group behind her – PSH won’t dare try anything with her. And he would probably act with Beelzebub himself if it would get him back on Korean network television.

    • Park Shi Hoo was never adjudicated to be a rapist. As a person familiar with both sides of the “rape” crime (my nephew was accused of rape and but never charged) I say, Be careful accusing people of crimes they were not found to have committed.

      • He “had sex” with a woman too drunk to consent – that´s rape.

        Literally hundreds of thousands of rapists are never charged or even convicted for their crimes – that doesn´t mean they are any less guilty. More than anything else it means we are living in a society that mocks and punishes the victims whereas the perpetrators more often than not get off scot-free.

        We all know the rape statistics so I won´t bore you with numbers, but I want to give you advice as well: Don´t EVER put the word “rape” in quotation marks if you aren´t quoting someone!

    • Are you sure that she was deadly drunk? Never crossed your mind that she could have been simply acting? As korean trainee actress to act drunk is basic becouse almost in every drama we see young women drunk on streets, someone at unknown men’s mercy. She said to her friend B that she will show to police her best acting to convince them what victim she is. B advised her that first she has to release her story in media and then to fill the complaint at police and she did so. We saw in many kdramas that if media has an ascendent of information towards police and depicts someone as victim and someone as guilty in public eyes even before investigation to start then the premises of an impartial and objective investigation of the case are dead.
      You think that your comments are a way to fight against rape? Do it in your country by deeds, otherwise your discourse is steril.

      • I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the colourful ‘possible’ scenarios this guy’s fans can come up with to defend their oppa.
        Yes, of course her being drunk and unconscious could have been an act – BUT why the hell would PSH have ‘sex’ with her afterwards then??

        You cannot be seriously basing your argument on what you ‘ve seen in a drama (you could have just named “Pinocchio” by the was..)?! Well then, if the media taught me anything it’s that rich men will get away with anything.

        No thank you, I’d rather do both and keep on criticizing rapists and the people who wholeheartedly support them.

  2. any actress that cast with this rapist is going to get lot of hate.
    just like how yoo eun hye get hate for being in the movie with this rapist.

      • Even until now YEH and PSH China-Korea movie, After Love still not fix its release date yet. Its scheduled to premiered on May 2015 then delayed to August then September and the latest news is for October.

      • Nope, that’s not the case. First, she have to finish her post graduate school on June and making a short movie titled “Red Eye” which is nominated on BIFF 2015. And she also has some other activities & businesses she has to attend besides acting. More over I think she’s more careful in picking any acting project (drama) now after been letting down by her previous projects.

        Anyway, about this “guilt by association” thingy, I still don’t get it. Why she have to endure all the hate just because she’s acted opposite the “disgrace” PSH ?? Yes she acted opposite him but that doesn’t mean she support his action (regardless he’s guilty or not). I find that the way of Korean thinking some time are laughable
        No wonder she’s enjoying in taking project outside Korea more…

  3. Just go to Naver and Nate, almost suggest Yuri to reject this drama because of PSH is in it just like YEH before.

    I believe SONE will against it too. Yoon ah and Jang geun suk drama is just flop, can you imagine what will happen if Yuri acts with this man who had big possibility to be a rapist ??

  4. You haters said the same about YEH and look what “bad things” happened to her after she acted in movie with Park Si Hoo, she is now on China market at tv show “Muse dress” and she makes good money and in Korea she will be director of film festival, poor she.
    The movie will be released soon or later don’t worry for nothing.
    t&l you are such big hypocrite, you are convinced that he is a rapist but you are to coward to say it straight and use “big possibility”, bul…it.

    • What ??? PSH delulu and retard fans is coming again…YEH doesn’t need the jerk PSH to helps her to gets success in China and Japan !!!

      YEH had already famous there a long long time before PSH had casted his 1st ever leading man in Family Honor.LOL

      Was PSH China movie ” Scent ” hit BO in Mainland ? NOOO
      How about his FM in China ? Sold out ? NOOO…too many empty seats

      Then why is it only YEH who immediately gets another big project from China, not PSH ? Even Rain had already starred in hit Chinese drama after his China movie was released.

      PSH is not as big as LMH, KSH or even Lee kwang soo in China, no need to be arrogant here.

      • How do you know that empty seats? did you go ?Why do you put everything into it big nose ? stay away from Parksihoo

      • @ilknur, Just go to Baidu and other fans blogs, there’s many reports about the attandeces and photos from his China FM. PSH was re-schedulled it again, right ? Its supposed to be last year but postponed to February this year. Yet its still not full.

      • PSH is very popular in China and Japan.I participated in the activity until his china.Tickets are limited.I found to my Chinese friends.There are false reports about PSH.I’ve been in China and Japan.Many fans from the airport.You can hate him.But you can not lie about it.We followed him.Take photos loading site.You are still talking nonsense about him.And you’re directing people wrong.When you’re making a comment if psh news.Why are you doing reviews for someone you love:/PSH is back.It is no longer digest.Now stop lying.You learn on the internet.I witnessed with my own eyes.Ok…Tom is a liar Nations.

      • I laugh at what you wrote:D You slept up here.You’re sick.A few months later you say bad series:D Even you’ll watch out of curiosity.Then you made her acting so bad review.You’re going to make bad comments only:D Tatlım sen çok kıskançsın.PSH emin ol çok popüler.Acıyorum ben sana.


        Where is PSH yoorobuen ? Even a new comer like LKS and LJS are there now..

        Just because PSH is on the top of many online voting sites, his delulu fans thought he’s very very popular there. Basically its just his fans who are still crazy enough to vote his name day and night in any kinds of voting sites ! Even his Weibo followers are just about 1+ millions, but his fans feel like he is a strong contender to chase LMH or KSH.

        Be aware, with massive Korean actors/actresses are entering China market now, maybe the producers will forget to cast PSH in their next projects.LOL

        Even his leading lady in his previous China movie is not top actress like the C-actresses who act alongside Hyun bin, Song seung hun, Rain, Kwon sang woo or Lee jun ki.

        He should be grateful that someone who is a caliber like YEH wants to acts with him. For his delulu fans, don’t forget to give credit to her if After Love hit the jackpot. By YEH is appearing in Muse, public in China maybe interested to see her movie !!!

        About his China FM, its his China fans who said in Baidu and other fans blogs. I love PSH ? I’m still sober and not as delusional as any of you.

  5. Lord. Why, Yuri? I actually like her, but still wouldn’t touch it. I know someone has to do it, in theory, but it would be awesome if no one did.

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