Empress Ki and Giant Screenwriter Helms Next MBC Mon-Tues Drama Tyrant

This is fantastic drama news, which still needs to be taken with a caveat at this point since it’s so far out on the horizon. MBC has brought Empress Ki screenwriter Jang Young Chul back after a three year hiatus and he will be helming the next Mon-Tues long drama series for the network after the currently airing 50-episode makjang Glamorous Temptation ends its run in early Spring of 2016. I did not like Jang Young Chul’s Empress Ki, despite the ratings and awards for that drama as he did take home the MBC screenwriter drama award that year, but I loved his earlier works like Giant and History of the Salaryman. MBC has paired up writer Jang with the veteran MBC PD who helmed Legendary Witch and Hundred Year Inheritance, both weekend dramas but got decent enough ratings. The new drama is tentatively titled Tyrant and will be male lead based.


With screenwriter Jang’s MO, there will definitely be revenge of some sort involved with Tyrant, and hopefully the male lead will be likable enough the don the mantle of such a heavy descriptive moniker. Tyrant is not a sageuk but instead more along the lines of Giant – it’s starts in 1997 after the IMF crisis and chronicles the story of a man with desire to success who weathers all challenges to win in both love and career.


Empress Ki and Giant Screenwriter Helms Next MBC Mon-Tues Drama Tyrant — 25 Comments

  1. Thanks for the post! That’s the writing team I’ve been missing. So it’ll be just Jang, writing alone without his wife? I love their work, esp. when they team with PD Yoo In-sik.

  2. I did actually loved EK although the 10 last episodes were not so good unlike the other episodes which were really interesting. didn’t watch Giant and Salaryman but i heard many good reviews about both dramas so they are on my to watch list.

    I wonder if the new drama id going to be long? apart from EK and other old saeguks i tend not to watch long dramas with 30+ episodes (that’s why i didn’t start giant yet but funny enough i watched its competitor at the same time slot Dong Yi 5 years ago). if it’s a male centric i hope so much it will be older actor and not an idol or 20 something actor. someone like Jung woo sung or Jang dong gun will be great.

  3. Idk sounds like a LMH bread and butter tho.. everything that has anything to do with Tyrant, Arrogant chaebols, arrogant vigilante, arrogant ganagsta and he could even play a dictator of fictional land

  4. What? That period makjang mess was from the screenwriter of History of Salaryman? Jang Young Chul should defintely stick to contemporary dramas and preferable reunite with PD Yoo In-shik.

  5. I really enjoy HoS and IoM. I wish he comeback to SBS one day. But I know MBC will give him more episodes and I think he like it.

  6. he was good in revenge drama queen of the game plus he was really good looking in that drama, my favorit line in my love eundong is ” don’t sleep with your husband tonigh”

  7. he was good in revenge drama queen of the game plus he was really good looking in that drama, my favorit line in my love eundong is ” don’t sleep with your husband tonight

  8. Wait! I would love to see my charismatic Ajhussi Lee Bum Soo to be cast as the main lead again. This guy is 1000s better than many young stars as a real actor. Even as a villain in LAST, he steals the show. LOL…

    • Yeah I agree.. They should cast Lee Bum Soo.
      He can play charismatic hero or evil villain.. Easy..
      I’d really love to see him back with Jung Ryeo Won too. Haha

  9. Jesus Christ ??
    I want my Giant couple back with this writer, but.. yeah… I forever can’t have nice things that I want T_T

  10. Empress Ki is a one of those shows where I know the story makes no sense (the pregnancy time lines and the last 1/3 urgh) but everything else made it such a compelling watch. 51 eps in a week…..
    History of the Salaryman started out good but dragged at the end too.

  11. OMG, Please offer the lead role to Oppa Joo Jin Mo !!! base on the description above, his character is perfect for this role… he got CHARISMA and VERY VERY GOOD ACTING SKILLS.. – fan of Wang Yoo

  12. Any senior actors will do, please no younger actors. Joo Jin Mo or Lee Bum Soo will be a great choice. Jang Hyuk and Joo Sang Wook are both in a drama at the moment, otherwise they will join among the great choices. When mention Empress Ki, I remember about our Tal Tal, where he is now? Jin Yi Han is such a good actor which so underrated. I guess he can be a sexy and charismatic villain, and i will be dancing if Joo Jin Mo and Jin Yi Han reunite in this drama.

  13. Thank you for the info. Think both Joo Jin Mo or Lee Bum Soo will be great candidates. Especially, Joo Jin Mo will be a perfect fit for the lead. He has killer stares for a tyrant!

  14. I will always pray that Kang Ji Hwan and Yooneunhye will get this drama as a leading actor and leading acctress because I love both of them they have very good chemistry and Kang Ji Hwan is best actors because his skills in acting is very amazing.I wish my dreams come true

  15. yah I will always pray too that Kang Ji Hwan will get this drama.Kang Ji Hwan needs to come back as soon as possible and I wish he will get this drama and he will be as leading actors. I do really really like his skill in acting in Incarnation Of Money.His skill in acting is very amazing and great.I wish my drean come true.GBU Jihwanssi Fighting

  16. Hi Ockoala

    I just saw that Lee Sueng Gi is rumored to be cast in this drama, have you heard anything about this, or can you see if you see anything.


    • Hey, she talked about it before (just search puppy’s tag), she talked about him rumored with Yoo Seung Ho for either Empress Ki writer’s drama or Michelin Star.
      I hope he takes the role, I know people will go “he’s not that good, he won’t pull it well” like they did before King 2 hearts, but I’m sure those people are the same who blame his acting on his ‘type-cast’. Give the guy a chance, I’m sure he’s much better now.

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