2016 Drama Casting Rumors for Lee Min Ho, Joo Won, Lee Jong Seok, and Jang Geun Seok

I love K-drama casting rumors and speculations, so much fun to muse over the possibilities, and also to wonder what happened if it didn’t pan out. Were the rumors off, or did something behind the scenes scuttle the signing. A leaked compilation of upcoming dramas and in discussion leads is making the rounds and generating lots of buzz. No way to know it’s veracity until the newspapers later reporting on official casting offers, but those who like getting early dibs ought to be interested in checking this out.

The four photogenic male leads above are reportedly all coming back with dramas in late 2015/early 2016 so here goes: Lee Min Ho may be in talks for the revived drama adaptation of webtoon Let’s Have Dinner Together (Will You Have Dinner With Me); upcoming 50-episode MBC long drama Tyrant is reportedly courting Joo Won, Lee Jong Seok is considering a C-drama next, and Jang Geun Seok may stick with Japan in his drama return by doing a web drama called Boyfriend. Whew, this is a lot to digest even on possibility alone.

Joo Won aside, since he just finished Yongpal, the other three guys are due for a drama land comeback, especially Jang Geuk Seok who has been missing from television the longest. These casting possibilities are also quite plausible – Lee Min Ho doing a rom-com feels like the safest choice before he enlists in the military, Joo Won doing an intense period long drama is a big challenge in his growing resume, Lee Jong Seok may strike while the China iron is hot and follow many of his colleagues over there to do a C-drama, and it was always a long shot for Jang Geun Seok to do a K-drama since he’s still not as loved domestically as he is in Japan.


2016 Drama Casting Rumors for Lee Min Ho, Joo Won, Lee Jong Seok, and Jang Geun Seok — 47 Comments

  1. I think JGS is definitely coming back to dramas/movies in Korea. He has been reading scripts recently and I doubt it’s just for a web drama. Most likely he’d want to do something Korean too before enlisting; which he started by holding a concert in Seoul recently. I’m really only excited for LMH and his return and I hope they are both cast in good dramas.

  2. Omo my jang geun suk !! The hell he’ll do a web drama …no way just wait and see kola he’ll come back strong .. i miss him so much
    I dont really care about the 4 others kkkk

    • I think Lee Minho and the k-drama(Will You Have Dinner With Me) could work. And Joo Won is currently in the middle of filming a C-drama, but if it doesn’t clash with his schedule, I can see him doing ‘Tyrant’ right before going to the military. But, yeah, I agree with Rand that I doubt Jang Geun Suk would do a web drama. I think Jang Geun Suk is still ‘big enough’ to get a k-drama lead role. For some reason, it seems doubtful that LJS will do a C-drama, because he’s hot enough in korea and he’s not going to the military anytime soon where he needs the extra income.

  3. Jang Geun Seok should stay away from role that portray him as a vain, pretty face. Korean love a humble man and he need to act in drama that showcase his acting skills. I love his older dramas and movies, but not a fan of his last drama.

  4. I wonder where you get this news from.Joo Won has in fact,started filming Chinese drama already.Not sure he will do the MBC drama or not.Not in anytime soon.He might come back to K-land by early 2016 through..

    • Just by the title itself “Tyrant” there is a big possibility that Joo Won might consider it, besides he likes to challenge different roles…btw, Ojakgyo Brothers has 48 episodes

  5. yes, new of miss koalas is only rumor, joo won never choose 50ep drama.
    i prefer reading in dramabeans, soompi… and writer of Will you have dinner with me Go yoon hee drop it and write contract marriaged

    • Uh…Koala prefaced this post by saying this was all rumor, so take it for what it’s worth. Why do you have to bring dramabeans, who waits until everything is inked, or soompi, that focuses on fan reactions, into this discussion? Every site brings something a little different to the table, so I think we are lucky to have the variety of sites that we do for drama news. Koala is being honest about rumors, so perhaps you should be honest about your biases as well. I just don’t get the smear posts about koala lately.

      • I agree about the dissing comments lately.
        Don’t read her posts just to leave negative comments or just take a CHILL PILL

  6. joo won already doing intense period drama bridal mask/ gaksital, i like him but for tyrant i think it need older actor, my choice will be joo jin mo

  7. Well i hope the news about joo won not true. 50 ep. drama is too long and he needs to rest after the tiring yongpal and he filmed a film not too long ago. if it ever will happen i hope he’ll get a normal female lead, not noona and not some rookie actress who is pretty (ahm gaksital).
    about lee jong suk. i thought he’ll probably do page turner? it will be waste if he dissappear to china..
    JGS really needs a korean comeback and yeah better to be some complicated role which gain the netizens love.
    lastly. LMH..i wouldn’t object to him doing a light rom-com. he didn’t do a one for ages (i don’t consider heirs) and personal taste was very nice one.

  8. JGS, he could have quite a good career in Japan if he’s just learn to speak the language. He still has a fanbase there.
    I’m not sure when he can return to dramaland in Korea after his “scandal” and maybe he’ll just enlist instead.
    Whatever he does I hope he would get a more meaty role.

  9. I will look forward to Joo Won and Lee Min-Ho’s decisions. Will you Have dinner with me sounds excellent choice for Lee Min-Ho. Love Joo Won (esp. when he will not have KTH next to him); And I can pretty much wish that Jang Geun-Sak stick with Japanese drama and not bother us with more horrid Kdrama. I will never watch a drama because Lee Jong Seok is in it. But I will watch it despite of the fact he is in it, if I like the story and other cast members.

    • Why the hating? Jang Keun Suk will do a Korean drama when he decides. He can play any role perfectly. So why not to watch if you “like the story and the other cast members”?

    • “Bother us” – You mean don’t bother you, because I sure as heck am not bothered by JGS and want him in my screen as an actor as much as possible. As the comments section here suggests, I am not the only one. You don’t have to bother yourself if you don’t feel like watching an actor’s drama. But you can”wish” for sure. Not that it will be granted of course because he has made it official that he will go back to acting and very likely in a kdrama too.

  10. Thank u koala for sharing us these possibilities, I really really love casting rumors since we will be informed about any final casting news everywhere else, I will be so much grateful if u write these kinds of post more often, as for the actors I look forward for jo woon and Lee jongsuk, especially LJS even it will be a chinese one which can be a wise choice for extending his popularity in China without any changes in his status in Korea.

  11. I never really have fun with these so called speculations because they’re so ridiculously inaccurate in this site. But I’m looking forward to their comebacks either way. Very surprised (read: shocked) if LMH will accept ‘Dinner’. Its been in the making for so long and I doubt he’d care to do it when he probably has a lot of offers. Then again he did Faith so….

  12. I clicked on this article mainly because of JKS and I can’t wait to see him back in Korean dramaland. Hopefully, he could land a good drama to show his acting skills and not just his aegyo. He was good in BV and Itaewon Case movie. Goodluck JKS!

  13. Wow…after having 24 concerts in Japan, Korea and China this year..and 4 more upcoming in Japan, Jang Keun Suk also directing and teaching as professor in his university…and need to start on drama..salute this hardworking young man..already a property tycoon and can retire comfortably but still work to entertain his eels…what to ask for as eel myself, anything he does.. we will support

  14. I thought JW will get enlisted soon, but he already in the middle of filming c-drama. He is great, but i hope an older actor in a tyrant. I hope he can at least rest a bit before enlistment.

  15. Going out on a ridiculously huge limb here but I don’t think Lee Min Ho will serve in the military. (Admittedly, I have no factual basis for this opinion except for some of the national promotional activities he’s done and his current standing in Korea’s entertainment industry to make this statement.) Or at least not serve in the traditional fashion. I suspect President Park will figure out some way to keep him in a promotional role that insulates from having to do boot camp. I know there a Korean version of the U.S.O and I feel he’ll get an even more elevated status then that. Playing devil’s advocate again myself though; does it really matter how he serves his country as long as he serves?

  16. I wont Lee Min Ho go back to Drama again with Love story.
    that mean I need him play any drama that full of love because he is so beautiful and perfect hand some so in story of drama that Lee Min Ho action should be the same (The Heir, City Hunter…)Because this man (LMH) he have a lot of Lady love him, feeling with him so I hope the nex drama that he choose should the kind of love story.
    I waiting the new project of lee min ho long time ago. miss u so much Min Ho

  17. Please Joo Won, do the 50 episode “Tyrant” kdrama, if its not too much of me asking you. I will, like the rest of your fans worldwide, be appeased by your absence in Military Service (long time is 2 years) with watching you on the small screen during your absence till your return.
    I watched Gaksital and Ojakgyu Brothers almost 10 times each already…seriously!
    I keep re-watching your dramas again and again….you are truly a brillliant and excellent actor!!!

  18. good, hop on min ho👍👍👍👍👍👍😎😎😎😎😎

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