Nam Joo Hyuk in Talks to Pile On the Flower Boy Cast of Moon Lovers

The flower boy cast of upcoming K-drama Moon Lovers is growing at an exponential rate it seems. Within two weeks we’ve got the casting out five out of six main lead princes, and from the looks of it this might be a lock unless someone drops out before the cameras roll. The latest name to join the K-drama adaptation of popular C-novel Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling with Each Step) is rising actor Nam Joo Hyuk, who no one can accuse of being underrated.

He’s getting way more flack for being overexposed thanks to three dramas within this year, starting with Who Are You: School 2015, followed by Glamorous Temptation, and he’s currently filming Cheese in the Trap as well. I find him rather cute in a lunkhead way and his acting is pretty stiff but doesn’t annoy me. The caveat is that he’s barely serviceable in modern dramas, I’m not sure if he’s got any potential to up his game once thrown into a sageuk. On the upside, at least he’s got the physique and face to add to the Moon Lovers pretty boy quotient.

If Nam Joo Hyuk joins the cast of Moon Lovers, he won’t even be the potential worst actor of the bunch. EXO‘s Baekhyun with his even more limited acting experience is already my pick for being the sore thumb, while Hong Jong Hyun gets to straddle the middle range, and on the experienced side there will be Kang Ha Neul and Lee Jun Ki. It’s crazy that there is so much news on top of news when it comes to casting the male actors in this high profile drama, but nary a real hint about who the critical role of the female lead will be. If it turns out to be someone who is super high profile like Park Shin Hye or Yoon Eun Hye imma going to have a good laugh first as the drama might end up bigger than its britches before a single reel of film has been shot.


Nam Joo Hyuk in Talks to Pile On the Flower Boy Cast of Moon Lovers — 28 Comments

  1. I have to admit that this casting is a mess. And I can’t imagine these dudes in Goryeo hair style besides Lee Jun Ki. I’m feeling bad for the experienced actors who have to carry this drama.

  2. YEH needs a good script for her comeback.. her latest drama was such a mess. sorry. LJK in saeguk again.. emm.. since i watched the Mandarin version… i cant help but compare the actors… i really wish they cast a MATURE actor. well LJK is mature enough but… names like Go Soo or Joo Jin Mo will be great portraying 4th prince.

    well.. so many flower boys.. hope it will turn good.. sometimes, big names doesnt ensure a success drama.. goodluck!

    • Go Soo is going to do a weekend drama with Jin Se Yeon. Joo Jin Mo will look great in Goryeo costume but will he want to do another Goryeo sageuk after Empress Ki?

      • GoSoo with… omo… woaaahh.. i thought it was a movie but drama? aigooo… emm…

        who knows hehe.. emm.. or perhaps jisung? haha.. since he played 7 characters in KMHM, perhaps, he will rock 4th prince character too…
        Jo In Sung? emm.. he’s kinda ‘cute’ in my eyes.. 🙂

  3. Watching flower boy next door now and Kim Ji Hoon there reminded me of 13th prince.

    Wish Yoon Shi Yoon and Jung II-woo can be in. They are flower boys who can act.

    • Agree. Why cast all these newbies? Kim Ji Hoon, Yoon Shi Yoon and Jung Il-Woo would have been more suitable. If they think that LJK and KHN are enough to carry the drama, think again. I was looking forward to these two leading the drama, until the rest of the flower boys were cast.

      I have a strong feeling the the female lead will be a rookie actress, or an idol… 🙁

      • I adore Kim Ji Hoon, and would be over the moon if they cast him. What is he doing recently anyway?

        Yoon Shi Yoon is still in the army, but Jung Il Woo should be available?

  4. They’re gonna have to find an actress with chemistry with a lot of people. Not everyone has this factor so it’ll be difficult to find one who can actually act, has great chemistry with everyone (esp the men since there are a lot), and is a Hallyu star.

    More than finding out the female lead, I’m more curious of how many princes there will be.

    Hopefully, the writer can actually deliver for this drama too, especially with how high profile it is already and will be.

    • No, although i kinda like her the korean public pretty much hate her now. But then again they also hated song hye kyo but she still managed to land descendants of the sun role.

  5. I am not as concern about who they cast to play the other princes. Finding the right female lead is the most crucial.

    Moon Chae Won would be my first choice, but since she is busy, I would love to see Go Ara or Ryu Hye Young as Rouxi.

  6. I don’t want PSH recipe role is high risk failed drama.
    Remake, casting bad and writers

    While competing with Suzy and woobin with great writer

  7. i have a feeling they have problem in locking female lead. well even lee jun ki is still considering… people said they’ll go for an actress with high rated dramas and neither PSH nor YEH constantly have had high rated dramas in the past. if the rating queen is true, then they might go for older established actress

  8. I hope that shin hye won’t be in this drama which will concentrate on the Male leads and ignore the original story as a fan I wish her to choose something new refresh away from remakes .

  9. Why does no one talk about the fact that the writer they got is barely mediocre, and has not done anything worthwhile in about 10 years. This production is heading to same disaster as the remake of In Time with You. Only here – they are not even scouting wonderful cast (as did The Time we Were Not In Love) – aside from Lee Joon Gi and Kang Ha-Neul. This production is going to fall on it’s head so badly

  10. I honestly really love BBJX, but I cannot bring myself to like the recent news on the princes in the Korean remake. If they cast an idol actress, I’m out.

    • Totally agree with you.

      As a diehard BBJX fan, sorry, I just can’t agree with this cast. Seems like this Korean remake just want to use BBJX’s fame in China to make profits there, instead of truly adapting the novel. Very disappointed with the castings of these young idols.

  11. Overrated schlocky director, writer is a big question mark, actors are mostly meh. I’ll only watch this if they adopted the same queue hairstyle as the original BBJX guys! ?

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