Second Teaser for Descendants of the Sun Showcases Flirting with Leads Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki

The second teaser for Descendants of the Sun is here, hot on the heels of the first teaser a few days earlier. The most that can be said is that the theme is consistent – once again the audience is treated to a random scene between leads Song Joong Ki as a soldier and Song Hye Kyo as a doctor, this time in the environs of a medical facility rather than the picturesque ruins of a old civilization. It just doesn’t work for me, I have to fall for them as a couple within the narrative buildup of the story because Song Hye Kyo never sells me on her romantic connection with a costar in a vacuum. She’s too cold and aloof, albeit beautiful and trying her darndest to connect with Song Joong Ki, but the scenes don’t resonate without context so the production is doing the highly anticipated drama no favors just choosing these scenes as the first teasers. With that said, good golly is Song Joong Ki hella sexy! *fans myself*

Second teaser for Descendants of the Sun:

Song Joong Ki: A doctor can’t have a boyfriend, right, because too busy…..

Song Hye Kyo: A soldier can’t have a girlfriend, right, because too difficult…..

Song Joong Ki: Who knows?……


Second Teaser for Descendants of the Sun Showcases Flirting with Leads Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki — 35 Comments

  1. These teasers are totally harmless and I can’t say they’re wrong or right for releasing them, I just find it odd that they would choose those scenes instead of showing off their war torn sets, explosions, and whatever else they have, considering it’s a war drama after all.

    • As usual, everything else apart from the romance takes the backseat. Or maybe just hiding their best cards? But, hey, it’s just a teaser so who knows right?(pun not intended lol).

      I don’t mind though. Usually, kdramas trying(or sometimes are really) to be original or creative end up relying on the usual tropes after some eps. But it would be a real waste of all the budget if romance just takes the limelight, right? And this is so weird coming from me(even when I try to deny it, I’m a sucker for romance). I’ll still watch no matter what anyway. For the love of Song Joong Ki! 😀

  2. They need to show us things in teasers on which they have spent such a big budget. Like some good explosive war scenes, foreign locations. Maybe they will in next teasers.

    • Me neither.What is her hook? I don’t get why is she so much renowned apart from the face factor? While ha ji won actually acts lot better,and her popularity is worth it,or gong hyo jin.But song hye kyo is somewhat not that much impressive in giving expressions.Her face does not even move.I cannot relate to her character,even if she’s the one hurting..for example in ‘that winter the wind blows.’

  3. It feels like they are trying to create an atmosphere like Oh My Venus did. So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah might have just created the best couple in Kdrama, they are so convincing with their incredible chemistry and mature lovestory.
    But here I feel nothing except SJK. He could romance a wall, which he actually might have to do.

    • It was always like that, I’ve never saw him with someone who is able to give the same performance\aura? as him in any of his Dramas\movies, except the “Wolf boy movie” but that movie was strange and everyone had his own world anyway.

      But generally speaking, for me anything with SJK means we are going to see a fascinating world where there is no one exists\or matters other than him. He is fascinating in his own world and I don’t know if that is considered as a good thing to have as an actor or a bad thing!
      anyway from the start I was determine to see his performance and expect nothing else.

    • Eh, being written by KES, it will be a nice surprise if it has a ‘mature’ love story. I’ll probably tune in. Lol at the wall comment.

    • Hi there… Thank you making me laugh so hard with the romancing a wall comment. but damn, that wall is one lucky wall… I’d probably even wish I was that wall..

      Also, why do I feel like Song Hye Kyo would be wonderful as the b*tchy second lead/protagonist?

  4. Song Hye Kyo looks like his mother (these are the vibes she gives off). Why couldnt they cast Moon Chae Won? Or Park Bo Young? :(. I feel like Song Joong Ki is the only one giving his most. SHK just doesnt work for me.

  5. Song Joong Ki eyes are screaming love but Song Hye Ko looks like she’s back playing a blind girl.. Such a shame 🙁 Applause for Song Joong Ki though for having that much of confidence in him playing his cooky character beside Song Hye Ko who is his senior by years. Joongki feeelss ;;;;;;

    by the way, i feel like going back to those Doctor Stranger days when Lee Jong Suk was dying to connect with Jin Se Yeon but she just could not connect with him. Another same thing would be both male wonderful performance in the middle ridiculous script

  6. I agree with the comment hye kyo does look like his mother.don’t know if it’s becos of her hair,but she does look old for joong ki and kim ji won are the only reason why I’ll be checking this out.the teasers looks so boring

  7. Not a fan of Song Hye Kyo but Song Joong Ki is overrated. He showed promise in SKKS and was likeable, still is but he can’t pull off every role. Many loved him in Nice Guy but I thought he was bland. He is good at playing nice guys but give him a role requiring edginess or badass, he cannot deliver convincingly. At least, not yet. Let’s see if Kim Eun Sook creates another jerk male lead and what Joong Ki will do with it. Lee Min Ho’s Kim Tan was such a piece of work. Creep.

    Song Hye Kyo was never a good actress to me but Song Joong Ki is not great either. He’s a flower boy and she’s beautiful. Good looking pair, acting meh.

    • Agree with SJK in Nice Guy. When the scenes required him to be intense he just turned out weak. Even MCW outperformed him. But otherwise he did great.

    • That’s just your personal preference. SJK is one of the young K actors along with veteran actors such as Jang Hyuk who I consider are able to depict nuance of subtle emotions. For me, his interpretation of the hero in Nice Guy is JUST RIGHT, not excessive nor underwhelming. Also he’s won kudos from pro drama critics thanks to Nice Guy and The Werewolf Boy. I guess we must have very different taste about acting. To your contrary, I consider his role in SKKS, though likable, nothing really stood out. SKKS wasn’t a serious drama for a serious actor to shine. I watched SKKS for entertainment purpose only.

  8. I knew to not expect much from this writer, but man I can stare at Song Joong Ki for a life time. It doesn’t really matter who the girl is, as he has enough prettiness to sustain the entire show!

  9. Gezz at people here who already judge song hye kyo acting. Pls at least wait until you see 4 episodes before critic. Praise song jong ki to the moon but critic his partner like she is worthless to be acting beside him. At least be grateful not an idol be his partner.

    • Ikr I don’t really c anifing wrong wid da chemistry der .nd song hye is jux awesome cmon!!!……nd also sayin she luks lyk his mother!!! Really? Song joong ki is 30 he’s not a child. Song hye kyo is 34 dats jux 4 yrs older ppl!!

    • I observe usually drama viewers are usually more critical of celebrities with pretty faces, demanding more proof of acting skills. It’s mostly based on prejudice, or to put it more nicely, personal preference. I’m not a fan of SHG. I watched some of her dramas. I think she’s decent actress. In particular, in That Winter The Wind Blows, she kept me stay through the end of the series bcos I was so disappointed at my fave Jo-In Sung’s performance in the drama. But to my surprise, the heroine saved TWTWB for me. LOL

  10. I really try to like SHK in this drama because it’s SJK’s comeback drama and he deserves a proper leading lady. I know they casted SHK mainly because she is so popular and this drama needs to rock so KBS won’t fail by spending so much money on it. But I don’t feel anything from her. I mean c’mon SHK SJK is looking at you like he wants to eat you but all you can do is staring blandly at him? :/

    I will wait until they release proper trailers because these short scenes do a lot for SJK but nothing for SHK.

  11. My man is such a flirty in these teasers. So that’s all he’s learned during his military training days. LOL.. So much looking forward to the drama, I hope this one with my man in it will rekindle my interest in K dramas again. SJK go!

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