Kim Yoo Jung is Lovely and Low-key for Samsonite Red Winter 2016 Campaign


Kim Yoo Jung has got that enviable combination of god-given good looks and an abundance of talent to propel her acting career for the long haul. She also seems to have a good head on her shoulders, in her role selection she’s been smart and savvy such as with Angry Mom this year, not to mention her personal life seems to be really low key with no teen angst that can be seen. I wished Angry Mom did more with her onscreen sorta romance with Baro‘s character, I don’t mind cute high school romance for growing teen actresses since it’s not pushing the envelope in any way. Kim Yoo Jung’s the model for the Samsonite Red accessories line in Korea and the label released two new teaser stills for the winter campaign. I’m drooling over Kim Yoo Jung’s perfect makeup and crazy lush hair more than the backpack and purse, but at least she gets people checking out the product even as an afterthought.


Kim Yoo Jung is Lovely and Low-key for Samsonite Red Winter 2016 Campaign — 11 Comments

    • Nobody can lose Samsonite Red. they a different concept where they change models every year. Kim Woo Bin was just in line after Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho. someone else is also waiting for him after 12-months and the same goes to Kim Yoo Jung who replaced Jisoo that YG girl.

  1. She’s unquestionably talented and gorgeous, but worryingly thin recently. I hope she doesn’t compromise her health to stay skinny, she’s only 16 after all.

    I was actually glad Angry Mom didn’t emphasise her and Baro’s love line too much – he looked way too old for her and even for the characters it didn’t make sense that she’d start liking him that easily after he was such a bully.

  2. Can’t wait until her gen grows up–her, Yeo Jin-gu, Kim So-hyun, Kim Sae-ron, Seo Shin-ae, Kim Hyang-gi…there are some great talents coming up.

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