New Teasers Show Song Hye Kyo as a Feisty Doctor Flirting with Song Joong Ki in Descendants of the Sun

It’s still hard to fully believe that Descendants of the Sun is right around the corner, premiering in mid-February on KBS Wed-Thurs, taking over from The Merchant: Gaekju 2015I’m still super excited even if the first teasers weren’t what I expected, at least nothing looked terrible or awkward right off the bat. Song Joong Ki remains the number one reason for my excitement, and thankfully in the latest teasers his leading Song Hye Kyo looks slightly less wooden and blank than in the first teasers.

I also realized that half of the problem is her line readings, her dialogue readings just sound dull to me in spots when she sounds like she’s reading from a page in a clipped tone. When she’s in an animated scene then it comes off more fluid and alive. She is very pretty though, and I’m sure the drama will do its best to frame the leads in as pretty as visual as possible, especially when arrayed against the backdrop of an expensive and expansive location shoot.


Previews for Descendants of the Sun:


New Teasers Show Song Hye Kyo as a Feisty Doctor Flirting with Song Joong Ki in Descendants of the Sun — 24 Comments

  1. I agree on your opinions on SHG. She’s pretty, there’s no doubt about that. But I never found her as a strong actress. She’s okay to decent. And that clip is still boring and quite disappointed. I prefer the teasers of the second leads. I’ll probably peek in recaps just for the second leads and their story. I really like SJK but the teasers shown of him and SHG aren’t that great and engaging. I just hope I’m prove wrong when the drama is actually air. For now, I’m not holding any expectations at all.

  2. I’m not terribly excited, only a bit lol. Thing is, my excitement is due to the fact that it’s Song Joong-ki’s comeback project. Having Kim Ji Won is a bonus. The second pairing actually interests me more(I like it angsty but not too angsty heh). But this teaser is better than the other ones(with these two). JK’s character still seems like a jerk(the cellphone scene was kinda cool but still jerky). But at least he seems flirty haha. And HK’s char(from this teaser) gives me hope. Make her a candy and I’m (most likely) out.

  3. I wished Song Hye Gyo would do more comedic roles over serious ones. She was great in Full House, but her recent dramas does not satisfy me because of her robotic expressions.

  4. People always put Song Hye Kyo down, every single damn time. Every teaser post. I am not even her fan but I am so sicked reading same negative comments. And personally, the Song Joong Ki that you guys worship so much, is not that good to me. He is overrated as hell. Their acting is not much different, they are on same level to me. Song Joongki haven’t land much lead roles so far, so his acting range is not that big, far from versatile.

    • I’m not a fan of either of these two actors (Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo), but I have to say, there’s bound to be people like that on every post—people who do not particularly enjoy an actor’s/actress’ acting as much as others. Not every single comment will be a “positive” one. So, there’s no need to get worked up about it. Just have to go with the fact that everyone will have a different opinion. 🙂

    • lol I’m a fan of both of them and I don’t understand why she got bashed so much in these teasers and he’s praised to high heaven even though their level of acting demonstrated in these videos is the same to me. SHK clearly can act. People must forget that she outacted and outshone their beloved oppa Jo In Sung in That winter.

    • I love Joong Ki not bc he always being a lead role. He is the one actor that shine even in the small roles. Try check his less scene in TWDR and you can see what I mean. He’s not popular overnight but he put much effort to be in his place now. There’s many actors that overrated more than him.

    • SHK is overhated and SJK overrated.

      Their acting level is about the same.They both do better in roles which are suitable for their style. It isn’t so much that SJK hasn’t landed in many lead roles although the numbers show you are not wrong either. He does not have the range nor the versatility. I don’t see any difference between him in Nice Guy and this one.

    • Well the thing about SJK is that he was barely making a break through before he went to the military that is the reason he didn’t land many leading roles, because he was barely getting recognized. He did act in some movies there is Penny Pinchers and a Werewolf Boy. In fact a lot of people were waiting for his return and by people I mean people who wanted to cast him in movies and shows and in the end he choose this show. Don’t comment and bring an actor down if you don’t know the whole story.

  5. I do agree with koala that SHK looks natural in a more animated role. But I also think she has been receiving too much criticisms. I do think she is decent in all her roles so far.

  6. Couldn’t agree more koala. I never like her acting except in full house. She should consider to do rom com in her future project

  7. Let me just remind everyone. In her last drama (TWTWB), she won Daesang in Apan Star Awards & Top Excellence Actress in SBS Drama awards. She was also nominated as Best Actress in Baeksang & KDA. She was the 2nd Most recognized actress of 2013 next to Lee Bo Young & was given good reviews for her performance so I think her acting skills greatly improved compare to her previous works.

    • I agree. I think people simply don’t like her and use her acting as a way to bash her. I personally think she is a pretty good actress compared to a lot of other actress out there. i thought she did a very good job in portraying the main character in twtwb. The main character is suppose to be cold and lonely and she was able to convince the audience just that. So much that they think she is aloof and cold in real life. I also thought she has good chemistry with jo in sung and hyun bin. My only criticism with her is her kissing scene, it doesn’t seem natural with the exception of worlds within,which we later found out that she and hyun bin has feelings for each other while filming worlds within

  8. Why does everyone fight over who’s better in the comments? Just because you like something doesn’t mean others are not allowed to disagree with you and vice versa. People will always have different opinions. Get over yourselves already!

    • Please get overyourself. No one says that you are not allowed to disagree. You have every right to disagree with the positive comments about SHK but others also have every right to disagree with your negative comments about SHK.

  9. How I love my man Joonki getting so flirty with SHK. LOL….This is the only one K drama that remains to keep me excited from now on. I give all the rest of my love to C dramas and entertainment now. Hopefully DotS won’t put out my remaining passion for K dramas.

  10. Wow that one trailer is tonally so different than the 2nd one… O.o First looks like a rom-com and then it’s back to being a action(?)drama.

    All the drama going on in the comments section is so hilarious. People calm down! As always everyone is allowed to have their own opinions. Some will like SHK, others will dislike her. Some will like SJK, others will dislike him. What’s wrong with that? You can’t force people to say “yeah SHK is SO good in this trailer” when that’s not what they see. Same goes for the people who say SJK isn’t good.

    I’m a fan of SJK, yes, and I’m looking forward to his comeback drama but I’m not impressed either with his acting so far. I guess we have to wait and see what’s going to happen. 🙂

  11. Long time addicting Chines films, and discover Korean good acting from round table conversations, That Winter The Wind Blows: Song Hye Kyo, Jo In Sung, Kim Bum, Eungji. The people(serious viewers), they’re right, her acting keep the viewers love to watch her other dramas. And I searching all her old dramas or movies. It’s worth time to watch her films.

    It could be different opinions but after watching Song Hye Kyo’s dramas, movies then choosing Korean actress Song Hye Kyo who helping staying with Korean dramas. Why? Because have been watched many other Korean actresses’ acting before discovering actress Song Hye Kyo. Song Hye Kyo’s good acting!

    Because watching her old drama(2000-now) then beleiving that Korean actress Song Hye Kyo who’s one of the Korean actress helping Korean screen’s still ALIVE=still watching Korean films. Absolutely, different opinion but the true, must be accepted!

  12. Searching news/website, Korean actors&actress, specially Song Hye Kyo then seeing this forum.
    Having a confusing……, is this opinion forum or haters? Yes, of courser, we could talk anything……..we want about Korean dramas. But the true, ALWAYS be trued, must accepted it!

  13. Discovering actor Song Joong Ki before actress Song Hye Kyo.
    Both are good acting.
    Different opinions about actor Song Joong Ki but laughing about comments: Song Jong Ki is overrated! It’s so funny! These comments bring to a though: viewers who’re supporting other actor=put SJK, down. Am wrong, sorry! But the true will always the true, MUST accepted it!

  14. Descendant Of The Sun, #1 Korean drama that the viewers waiting for 2016, poll=32.2%. It’s desever to be hit drama.
    Very exciting about Korean drama Descendant Of The Sun!

  15. Just bcuz both of them have that beautiful and handsome plastic sugery face didn’t mean that they can live happily ever after #GoToHell
    I hope that fucking ass hole women will read this comment.

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