Suzy Drapes Herself in Didier Dubot Jewelry in Elegant 1st Look Pictorial

The relative lull of the last few months will soon heat back up for Suzy once upcoming KBS drama Uncontrollably Fond with Kim Woo Bin airs this June. It’s so weird still to witness the extent of her popularity in Korea, moreso than talent alone merits, but then I like her so much that the expected blow back also seems out of proportion. Maybe the only calm thing around her is how low key dating fellow superstar Lee Min Ho turned out, it’s almost like their respective fan bases are just pretending it’s not happening and continuing with the strong sole support. I’ve rarely seen Suzy look bad in CFs or pictorials, unlike her chopping acting forays, but 1st Look is fast becoming my fave for how the magazine captures Suzy above and beyond her usual healthy youthful assets. The magazine did the breathtaking hanbok photo shoot with her last year and now presents a jewelry modeling pictorial that showcases her appeal wonderfully.


Suzy Drapes Herself in Didier Dubot Jewelry in Elegant 1st Look Pictorial — 33 Comments

    • Had to drop Gu Family Book after ep 4, just could not put up with her ‘acting’. Fair or not, there are actresses out there with comparable acting abilities but getting far more criticism.

    • Agreed. She is beautiful and cute, but I cannot tolerate her “acting.” I mean I am going to skip out on a Kim Woo Bin drama because of her. If it were a comedy maybe I could stomach it, but a melo starring Suzy, ugh.

      • Lol, I don’t even find Suzy beautiful, she looks ugly for a Korean actress on international beauty standard, but I understand this blog page has a bias on her. She just becomes pretty on all these pictorials that undergoes editorial expertise of photos to look good, but on screen and in normal circumstance, she doesn’t stand out and struck me at all as a Korean actress! Just saying!

    • when it comes to Korea, looks* and a well-managed image are all she needs.

      * conforming to the very narrow local beauty standard

  1. She is still dating LMH? I think it has been more than a year already. They’re really into each other. Maybe they will get married soon.

    • I actually don’t think they are still dating. I think their age difference is too much. I think they probably are just keeping quiet about it to protect their images (Suzy can’t be seen as someone who dates casually and LMH can’t be seen as a player).

  2. Not just her but other artist working with 1st Look has been looking really good. It’s lime they have a new creative head or something.

    I saw her movie and didn’t think she did bad in it. She was convinvung for the majority if it. But the shoehorned love story was a big let down.

  3. It’s good that their fans continue the solo support. It gets messy when you try to bring two big fandoms together and try ‘supporting’ each other. It only leads to fights in future. I’ve been there once.

  4. am not sure they are really dating i follow lee min ho account and also his fan account to see his latest news this guy never mentioned her once in my own view they are not dating at all even lmh interview in the Philliplnes when he was asked about his dating style he answered in such a way that one can really see that is not into a relationship now.

    • They are dating. They admitted to it. He side came out first. Every few months there are news of their break up and they come out to confirm they are still dating. Both just don’t like to flaunt their relationship.

    • Agree with you envy, I think it was just media play on their dating story, I suspect Suzy’s management is a good friend of LMH and they want to create buzz to market her in acting field, as she was found to be less effective in the acting department. So it’s really just all about hype and business for this two!

  5. They are still going strong.
    Carin insider said That Suzy Choose a couple design just for Lee min ho and it’s confirmed, That is the official Carin weibo.and Minho always use That sunglasses anyway

  6. She is yesterdays new in Korea tbh, she is still popular but has been pushed back by girls like Hyeri ,Seolhyun and Tzuyu. It’s obvious why they put her in a drama with hot ‘it ‘ guys like Kim Soo Hyun,Lee Seunggi and Kim Woo Bin, she doesn’t have enough talent and star power to carry drama on her own. She also doesn’t have strong fanbase like Yoona or PSH where she can flop and still get million other opportunities due to her international popularity.

    • She was paired with Kim So hyun before he became the it guy. Kim Woo Bin is not an ‘it’ guy yet. Lee Seumg Gi is a stable guy but he has long since pass the ‘it’ guy status. She still gets jobs because she’s stil sells high.
      Hyeri, Seolhyun and Tzuyu are much smaller in scale compared, currently there is just a lot of noise around them, they’ve yet to elevate themselves to be recognise by the general public. Hyeri is almost there, she just needs another big hit.

      If you ask any Korean about them, the chances are they will likely recognise Suzy over the other three.

      No comment about Yoona and PSH, been there, tried explaining about the profit an internation fan could bring compared to a local fan, got burn marks to show for it. Vicious.

      • Nah, i like Suzy but while two-three year back she was EVERYWHERE in Korea, you can go around streets of Seoul now and miss her face easily. While you literally can`t escape Hyeris or Seolhyuns posters everywhere. I’m not saying they are more popular than Suzy but she is not the IT girl anymore.

      • No, she’s passed her peak. Even if seolhyun, hyeri, and hani have yet to reach where she was two years ago, they are diluting the popularity factor between female idols. a lot of the cf deals or acting jobs suzy would have been in contention for two or three years ago are now being offered to seolhyun, hani, hyeri, and newer idols like twice.

  7. why would LMH dump suzy. the guy is not an idiot. she a keeper. ony down side to her is her acting sux. only way he dump her. if PSH let his little bro get between her leg.

    • That is rude. Do not bring Park Shin Hye in this, from her action , you can conclude, she does not even consider LMH as a friend. PSH is very respectful of LMH public relationship.
      They were costar in the past. Do not try to tarnish her image.

      • How did PSH get in this? She has been nothing but polite and supportive of LMH and his relationship. We don’t know whether Suzy and PSH are friendly or not but such comments by a Suzy fan only makes me sad. I am just a kid but I like both ladies. Suzy isn’t very good in acting but I enjoy her singing act. PSH is good in acting and getting better. So please Suzy fans don’t say things that might reflect back on Suzy. Life in the entertainment field is hard and cruel and fans shouldn’t make it worse.

  8. @tyn123 her local fans must be many that her movie is the best flop ever,lol
    It seems Suzy fans are bashing shinhye too just like how they are bashing seolhyun,in summary;
    Her career life-bash seolhyun
    Her dating life-bash shinhye.
    Such a pathetic fandom,don’t worry my seol.will soon crush you guys

  9. Kim woo bin is not an hit guy,his movie is always successful and he carry his movie to be an hit,so you are now saying he is not an hit guy and also Lee seung gi is an hit guy before he stare in gufamily book,kim soo hyun only get d spotlight through dream high but that is not the drama that make him an hit guy

  10. So many negative comments,sorry to Suzy fans if this hurt you;the reason why Suzy fade from Korea like this is because she is Korea(local)market or good,that is also what will happen to the set of hani,seolhyun and hyeri because they are local goods too,the moment Korea taste change they fade away.
    But let’s be realistic, she really stay on top for up to 4yrs,that is a goal though but I doubt those 3 could hardly stay on top for more than 3yrs which means she still defeat them.Hope she get marry to lmh cause I think he owns her heart seeing how she quickly discards their breakup rumour.
    Also Suzy fans,please stop this continuing bashing of seolhyun,it is affecting your fandom and it may create hate for Suzy,Suzy reign is gone!it is seolhyun reign now,just accept it and keep on supporting suzy

  11. What I do not understand , why bash Shin Hye or related her with LMH? If they so confident about Suzy relationship with LMH, stick with it and move on. Or they sure Suzy is just a replacement?(just curious ).

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