Pandora Presents the Beauty of Taiwan Through the Exquisite “Follow Me” Photography Series

I cover entertainment, mostly dramas of course, from various East Asian countries and one of the by products is spurring my desire to visit those countries. I’ve been many times but it never ceases to entice the wanderlust in me, and one of my fave country to visit is the picturesque island of Taiwan. Last month jewelry brand Pandora paired up with famed photographer and blogger Murad and his wife Nataly to expand their chronicled pictorial series “Follow Me”, which Murad shoots his wife from behind as they visit various countries. Pandora invited the couple to Taiwan and followed them on an 8 day whirlwind tour around the island, culminating in the picture collection called “A Journey of Love” featuring Nataly against the backdrop of some of Taiwan’s most famous sites while wearing Pandora jewelry. It’s exquisite beyond below, starting with the sunrise over famous Nantou County’s Sun Moon Lake above Wen Wu Temple.

Taipei 101

Sunrise on Alishan

Alishan Tea Fields

Fo Guang Temple

Pingdong Donggang King Welcoming Festival

Toroko National Park in Hualian County


Alishan Railroad

Murad and Nataly at the photo exhibit


Pandora Presents the Beauty of Taiwan Through the Exquisite “Follow Me” Photography Series — 16 Comments

  1. The pics look soooo fake with a heavy Photoshop dose to insert the wife and hubby into a different background. The lightning/contrast vary way too much to be real so I feel cheated.

  2. i thought they were fabulous. So magical and such a great idea. Photoshop didnt even cross my mind. Now I’m just confused. 😛

  3. i think the pictures would look exceptionally gorgeous if they didn’t look really fake. It just looks really stiff and the photoshop is obvious so it takes away from the wow factor.

  4. They didnt even consider the angle of the pictures. In some of them, she looks like she is floating above the ground. I like all the dresses she wears though

  5. the lighting and the angles are all wrongs, its obvious these photoshop were done by amateur. captured his wife with green backgrounds and paste into the pics .

  6. Most of the photos do look photoshopped, but I still think they are all gorgeous. Taiwan looks stunning. I like her dresses and the jewelry.

  7. To me, it looks odd. I have been to many of the places although not all and I find that the same pose just makes it really distracting. Still beautiful but just something is off.

  8. The island I visited is much more magnificent than these CFs, specifically east coast and south coast around Kenting National Park.

  9. It would have been more beautiful and natural without the heavy photoshopped. Not impressive that they decided to photoshop all of the photos and I think it really took away the beauty of Taiwan since the photoshop is very distracting.

    Great concept but terrible execution.

  10. Ive seen their pictures before. They are real, meaning they shoot on location,but are heavily heavily saturated by photoshop. It’s not my personal taste but I think it gives it a fairy tale aesthetic, like she’s a princess. They’re whimsical and I love all her dresses. Gimmee!

  11. Uggh, really dislike the photoshopping effects as it makes it look fake.

    If she wasn’t in it, I think I’d enjoy the photoshopped effects on the actual photo, but as it, she kind of sticks out like a weird sore thumb….

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