Song Joong Ki is Wistful and Melancholy in New Bazaar China Pictorial

The Song Joong Ki pictorial parade continues unabated and this latest one comes courtesy of Bazaar China. He’s gorgeous in these pictures, no doubt, but there’s a bathtub one that is just like a bathtub one from his other recent pictorial, and therein shades in some of my worry that he’s becoming overexposed and prone to repeating himself inadvertently. He’s so beloved in China right now, and C-ent is especially big on piling on when a star is hot and that usually means too much of a good thing. I want Song Joong Ki to stay forever popular but due to his continuing good work product, not because he’s in so many CFs that people get saturated with his face. He does have a fabulous face, and this Bazaar spread captures a soft thoughtful melancholy tinge to it, like he’s pondering why he’s so popular and worried that he’ll burn out too quickly. Never fret Joong Ki, I’ll always be there for your talent!


Song Joong Ki is Wistful and Melancholy in New Bazaar China Pictorial — 16 Comments

  1. Song Joong Ki has one of the most beautiful faces in the world; just as Sung Si Kyung has one of the most beautiful voices in the world. Korea…be proud!

  2. Why do all these east asian male stars look so feminine?

    well I am probably asking the question which has been asked like billion times before lol

    • I guess that may be the reason why I’m now drawn to Korean men more than guys in the US. Americans eat too much meat by just looking at the physique. LOL

  3. How many people tilted their head to look at the first red sweater one? I did XD
    SJk will always be a cutie <3

  4. Koala, I don’t think your worries are unfounded. SJK did look very tired in some of his activities such as fan meetings and press conference. He didn’t look as energetic and playful as he used to be in 2012 when he also got a lot of media attention and did a lot of interviews back then. I feel that his agency is milking him and also taking advantage of his sky-rocketing popularity to support whatever and whoever in the agency. For example, Park Bo Gum literally appeared in almost each of his fan meetings in S. Korea and China. His agency may be doing so to boost PBG’s popularity. Not saying this isn’t right since I like PBG A LOT. But SJK looked very tired on many occasions.

    • I agree. I feel like he’s lost the spark he had at the time of Nice Guy. I hope he takes care of himself, and returns with another great project.

  5. He looks so unlike his DotS character. I love him in anything, but this softer, pretty look makes me forget that he ever played a convincing manly army captain.

  6. Well he’s gotta do it now or never i guess. He has 2 months to do cfs, fanmeets, magz photoshoots and interviews and by the end of July he’ll slim down and shave his head and shoot battleship island which apparently will take time until the end of the year. I just hope he’s happy doing all that and stay healthy.

  7. I hope he’ll choose a more challenging project now. Playing a soldier was merely a warm-up – and a boring one as well. The real work is starting now! 😀

    • Have you watched his dramas and movie other than DotS? I consider him a very versatile actor based on his past projects since he always chose very different genres to build up his resume. That’s why writers love to work with him. Those dramas and movie are both successful in viewer ratings and also critically acclaimed as well. Kim Soo Hyun actually took SJK as his role model and studied his acting as a young Joseon king in Deep Rooted Tree, according to an interview with KSH about The Moon Embracing the Sun. DotS is just one step to boost his popularity that is also highly desired and appreciated by any acting talents. His real work has started 8 years ago since his venture into acting career, not just starting now. My opinions based on information following SJK’s news, interviews, and fan meetings etc. for years.

      • Agree with your comment! I think writers do love him because he is one talented guy and visually appealing. He is such a huggable bear in Werewolf Boy and despite the cold character in Nice Guy, viewers all rooted for him. DotS made him an A lister and Hallyu megastar.

      • Calm down! What’s wrong with you? lol

        I love SJK! And I’ve seen his past projects. I just think DotS did nothing to challenge him as an actor. He did a good job like he always does. But I want him to choose projects that do more than just boost his popularity.

        I think DotS despite boosting his popularity was a weak project to choose after coming back from military service. I wanted him to choose something intense and good.

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