Yoon Kyun Sang and Lee Jong Seok in Adorable Goofing Around Pictures from Pinocchio Days

I recently came across never seen before behind-the-scenes stills from the 2014-2015 K-drama Pinocchio, still one of my favorite K-dramas in recent years, and felt compelled to share for those like-minded folks. These pics feature male lead Lee Jong Seok goofing around with supporting actor Yoon Kyun Sang, with the former remaining super popular even after Pinocchio while the latter went from unknown to established second male lead territory. They played brothers in the drama and it’s a bromance that was memorable even beyond the slew of beloved drama bromaces over the ages. The conflict and angst was real and their affection chemistry was off-the-charts. Even though Lee Jong Seok was the bigger name actor, Yoon Kyun Sang sold his big brotherly aura perfectly.  Up next for Lee Jong Seok is the MBC drama W while Yoon Kyun Sang continues his SBS collaboration with upcoming drama Doctors.


Yoon Kyun Sang and Lee Jong Seok in Adorable Goofing Around Pictures from Pinocchio Days — 13 Comments

  1. I really liked their chemistry with each other. Somehow I feel LJS has a very good chemistry with his male co-stars, from yoon sang hyun in Secret Garden, to kim woo bin, seo in guk and yoon kyun sang.

  2. Pinocchio was one of the best dramas for me too, I love LJS’s melo acting. BTW It seems they are really friends, YKS even went to visit LJS when he was filming his chinese drama in China.

    • Yep adding this to the collection of stupid faces they make: https://www.instagram.com/p/BD19nzTm4eH/?hl=en

      They were already friends before Pinocchio. Jongsuk and Kyungsang were in that crappy movie No Breathing together, but Kyungsang was more of an extra with no lines so maybe people don’t remember him in it. Look at how far he’s gotten.

      • They are dorable in those pictures 😀
        I liked No Breathing, the only problem was Yuri’s character, that film without her whould have been very good.

  3. I think Pinocchio helped its supporting actors to get more luck in their next projects, LYB & KYK landed main roles while YKS rose to the position where he is now.

  4. Remember the memorial picture of the two brothers shown in the drama that LJS was crying over after Yoon’s character went to jail? It was shot together with this one. So even funnier and cuter if you think about the context.

  5. Oh my God, I am re-watching Pinocchio right this minute and already on episode 11 when I saw this post; what a treat!

  6. Is it just me or they even look a little alike? Both are tall with similar features and monolids… . This pic was probably from the scene where they take a family photo before hyung goes to jail, they really had amazing chemistry as brothers.

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