Kim Go Eun in Talks to Join Gong Yoo in Kim Eun Sook’s Upcoming Fantasy Drama Demon

This is faaaaaantastic casting news for what is K-ent’s most anticipated upcoming drama, that of uber successful screenwriter Kim Eun Sook‘s first cable drama Demon on tvN. Having locked up Gong Yoo as her male lead, something she’s been trying for years now, now Kim Eun Sook has her eyes set on talented movie-drama actress Kim Go Eun as the female lead.

Kim Go Eun was a relative unknown to the drama viewers but had been making a splash in many Korean movies before her television debut with Cheese in the Trap in early 2016. tvN is likely striking while the iron is hot with her since her performance in Cheese was widely lauded as one of the best aspects of that drama. Demon is currently slated to premiere in November on tvN’s most watched Fri-Sat time slot.

In addition to the news that Kim Go Eun was in talks for the female lead, there is also news that PD Lee Eung Bok is returning to reunite with Kim Eun Sook to direct Demon. He directed her Descendants of the Sun and before that directed Discovery of Love and Secret on KBS. I’m thrilled with him at the helm, his ability to succeed at the directorial aspects of all three dramas, IMO, of completely different genres, makes me anticipate how he will bring to life Kim Eun Sook’s first stab at total fantasy with Demon. Gong Yoo is playing a demon who wants to become human while Kim Go Eun would be the female lead who is a bringer of souls to the underworld who has lost her memory, and the two end up cohabiting.


Kim Go Eun in Talks to Join Gong Yoo in Kim Eun Sook’s Upcoming Fantasy Drama Demon — 36 Comments

    • I know – just because she’s not “classically” beautiful! At least she doesn’t look interchangeable with the next starlet and, ahem, can act!

      • I think she’s beautiful, she reminds me of Gong hyo Jin (who also used to get hate for for “ugly ” but won people over with her acting ) they both have this charm to them that makes them so beautiful, natural, talented ladies ! But people are acting like Kimgoeun cleaned her toilet with a washcloth and shoved it down their mothers throat -_- ,the hate isn’t justified

      • I’m so happy when people shower her with praise when Cheese aired. But after her interview people back to hating her look.

      • The previous female leads of KES’ dramas? People shouldn’t have expected another top star given this is cable though and they are already paying Gong Yoo.

  1. She was already confirmed apparently and knetz are ripping her to shreds! I don’t think I saw one positive comment in that comment section. Will the writer change her mind? Song Hye Kyo got a few negative comments too when she was cast in DOTS, but SHK is a huge star, while KGE is still starting. I have a feeling this casting drama will be more entertaining that the drama itself lol

      • They want someone more beautiful and with more star power, possibly older, but their main problem is that she’s less attractive than previous actresses that played the lead in Kim Eun Sook’s dramas.

      • I think even if Kim Go Eun get cast in anything other than this, she will still get so many hate.

  2. She’s not beautiful enough? This just goes to prove the skewed values in entertainment. What should matter is that she is an incredibly talented actress, with charm and personality and her own unique look. Instead, everybody wants her to look the same as every other freaking “star” in Korea. If Meryl Streep was Korean I think she’d be stuck playing the waitress on the main couple’s first date.

  3. She’s not bad, but I can get the complaints about her given the typical KES female lead. They are all huge stars and known to be seriously beautiful, while this girl really isn’t.

    • Honestly, ppl just have different aesthetic values. For me, not all the female leads in KES’ dramas are beautiful. I don’t think Ha Hi Won is SERIOUSLY beautiful (plus she’s suspicious of having PS done). Kim Sun A is charming but not considered beautiful in my eyes. I have another example whose looks are totally not my cup of tea. I don’t want to say the same since a swarm of rabid fans would tackle me with their dirty mouthing. In my eyes, KGE owns no inferior looks to these actresses. Ppl who can’t act with star power (i.e. more popular or well-known) suck multiple times more than those who have acting chops but look average.

  4. Love love her! In all the 3 movies I have seen her so far, she is always intense! Not afraid to be gritty and dirty. Wonder if she will play a totally different role this time. About how she looks, she actually resemble Suzy, forgot the title, but in that movie she made where she was also made to look unglamorous. If KGE is styled like an idol, we will see her differently……. But people see her mostly in her movies where she is natural, more like real life. I’ll look forward to watching this , both actors mostly of the big screen .

  5. Go Kim Go Eun! Go! Knetz needs to stay pressed. I love Park Has Jin, but really? Hating her over an interview just because she didn’t speak up for him is a bit much. So all the praises she got during the show before just disappeared. They didn’t care about her appearance then. *eyeroll*
    Anyway she won’t really get quality with this writer, but at least star power they say she’s lacking lol They quickly forgot about SHK tax scandal, didn’t they? So she’ll be fine.

    • SHK is a huge top star and the first person cast in DotS, and a big reason SJK even took the role says him. They could make petty comments about her age or tax scandal, but nothing else. Stop comparing the two. The comments about KGE’s looks are unnecessary, but the rest they aren’t wrong about.

      • Mmm I’m not trying to pit them against each other or say they have the same star power. You don’t need to school me on SHK star power. My point was mostly on knetizens changing their opinions on a whim. KGE has been getting hate for a long time now even in articles about her being on vacation with another actor. I just used SHK as an example in terms of their fickleness. I guess I should have used someone else *shrugs*

  6. I don’t like this writer, her dramas were too cheesy and childish lol, I’m a huge fan of Song Joong Ki and I still hasn’t continue Dots starting from ep. 3, it’s just too cheesy I keep cringing

  7. KES needs to have one drama that fails, maybe this one will be the one. She is the absolute darling of Asia. However, her dramas are really cheesy. That’s her style and it seems the women of Asia can’t get enough of her writing style (I can understand because her dramas makes your idol churn out cheesy lines which he would never say in real-life). It really doesn’t matter who the lead actress is.

  8. Too funny when people complaints about plastic surgery to make actress/actor physically beautiful, but yet they also complaints when they see ugly face even with talent on screen or stage…I feel like to get rid of these people! Cheers for Kim Go Eun!!!

  9. This would be a great pairing. Loved her in Cheese in the Trap. I think they would be fantastic! I hope it happens. She is a great actress and well I love him, the combination would be marvelous. 🙂

    • Why should cast YEH., just because she was coupled with GYin cofee prince?, it was way in the past.

      The truth is YEH won’t do a positive feedbaack… Not after the plagiarism issue.

      I am much prefer KGE than YEH

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