Rainie Yang Shines at Media Event and in New Stills for Upcoming Mini TW-drama

Rainie Yang continues the trend of TW-actresses getting prettier and prettier with age. Following in the footsteps of Ruby Lin, Chen Qiao En, Ariel Lin, and many more, the Taiwanese actress contingent all shed their late teens baby chub and went on to sleek glitz and glamour with effortless charm. Rainie had long hair for a decade before chopping it five years ago to do Drunken to Love You. She kept it super short for the next five year and is only recently growing it out.

One would think the growing pains of super short locks would trip up Rainie but nope, she’s even pulling that off with pretty aplomb. From wavy mussed styles to a single messy low bun as seen here at a recent Extra gum brand event, Rainie makes the in-between phase look like my best hair day. Love her to pieces, and her recent one episode drama for the Rock Records in Love Anthology with Chris Wu was excellent, paving the way for her upcoming short drama series with newbie actor Yan Yu Lin, with new drama stills below showing signs of chemistry.


Rainie Yang Shines at Media Event and in New Stills for Upcoming Mini TW-drama — 8 Comments

  1. So happy to see Rainie back on the screen! While these one episodes/short series is great, I really hope we get a full drama soon. If I’m not mistaken, her last TW drama was Drunken To Love You right? It’s been too long … but those stills look great! And truthfully, I think Rainie has chemistry with all her co-stars so it’s always fun to see who her male lead is next! Can’t wait to her with Yan Yu Lin!

    • Some good suggestion Devil beside you, why why love, drunken to love you, there are more but I can’t remember all but these are my fav enjoy watching.

  2. I loved her since Meteor Garden and Meteor Rain and never missed her dramas eversince. She’s my number one favorite Taiwanese actress. So beautiful like a china doll.

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