K-netizen Poll Selects Lee Seung Gi Over Lee Min Ho and Joo Won as Longest Lasting K-star

The K-netizens have spoken in the latest poll conducted of over 15,000 fans, asking which male ’87er was most likely to be a top star the longest. I’ve said long ago that the ’87 class was one of the most talent and popularity packed so it’s the perfect group to do an assessment. Coming in number 1 in votes is Lee Seung Gi, a win even more incredible considering that he’s been out of the limelight for months having started his military service earlier in 2016.

After Seung Gi comes SBS Daesang winner Joo Won with the second most votes and then its recent Hallyu superstar Lee Min Ho. Kim Soo Hyun is not an ’87er so don’t even wonder why his name is nowhere to be found. It’s funny how votes capture a moment in time, three years earlier and Joo Won would not be in the top 3, and now Lee Seung Gi has built up an even more diverse group of successful projects across three mediums of dramas, variety, and singing. Lee Min Ho’s popularity overseas is no joke but he doesn’t have the same level within Korea even if it’s still very impressive how well known he is.


In addition to the top three of Lee Seung Gi, Lee Min Ho, and Joo Won, other notable 87ers are Jung Il Woo, Junsu of JYJ, Ahn Jae Hyun, Ji Chang Wook, Jang Geun Seok, and T.O.P.


K-netizen Poll Selects Lee Seung Gi Over Lee Min Ho and Joo Won as Longest Lasting K-star — 118 Comments

      • Oh please as a fan of LSG, don’t drag him in this. I don’t want LMH fans to turn to his antis.

      • I could say the same thing the other way around.

        But both are pretty bland. I will probably never get LSG’s appeal. At least LMH is good looking.

      • @Tyn123, LOL..I held back myself from saying that lest fans want to cut my throat again. But you spelled out for me anyway.

        But LSG seems to have a very good reputation in S. Korea. Ppl call him national bro something like that. No surprise he ranked so high in the poll. I agree with a commenter’s point: Poll is just opinions.

        I don’t think the poll stands for any substantial meaning in terms of the career prospects of these 87er. LMH will continue to be very active in the industry and even expand his platform. I don’t see his popularity coming down any time soon even my man SJK is stealing his limelight for the time being.

  1. LSG rise even when hiatus. It’s more important to being so love by youre own people than outside, yesssss my king.

  2. Congratz lsg tho for me lmh will be having a long lasting career expect he steps away from acting. LMH is more of a global star than a korea star and i agree with you koala his over seas popularity is no joke and in my country it is lee min ho then others even those who don’t watch kdrama know him.
    And again lsg is already doing his military but lmh and joo won will be out of the spotlight for 2years,i don’t know much about joo won but with lmh fanbase he will be alright after military.

  3. The fact that JW is in top 3 makes me proud.When LSG,LMH and even the rest of 87ers are already debutted and already famous,he was still doing musicals and no one knew him at all.

  4. LSG has been around forever, since he was a teen, and has been doing well, so it’s not surprising. Even once he’s past the age of being a trendy drama lead, he could do well singing or in variety.

  5. LSG is very hardworking, and I do admire that he can sing, host, act and even join Variety shows +++ he’s known to have a very good personality. LMH is in deed very famous outside Korea. Definitely a hallyu star. Hopefully Joo Won’s future projects will be good too~

  6. I’m not particularly shocked, I was in Korea recently and tbh, I didn’t see LMH in a lot of places when I definitely expected that. Neither LSG, but that’s besides the point I suppose. Its good to see that he’s still very much in people’s minds despite serving in the army. I used to be a huge fan back in his SI days, and while he’s not the best, he is definitely decent and has lots of room for improvement. As for KSH, I think his name would’ve been an automatic inclusion had he been an 87er. He was literally everywhere in Korea and his popularity there is most likely the equivalent of LMH’s popularity outside it.

  7. Personally LMH’s acting is ok but not that great compared to LSG. Hope he comes back in 2018 with good dramas then.

    • The truth is LMH way superior actor then LSG. I don’t believe in popularity but just pleasing the watching eye. LMH is just way more explosive and captiviting hence his the better actor of the two

      • Well, LSG is better singer…so there.

        And I don’t think either is that much better acting. LMH is not on some higher level than anyone else, though he is good as well. Fans really do fight over everything though.

  8. The 1987 line is daebak,i see them all having great careers in the future as long as they don’t commit a crime or do things that will ruin their career.
    Fighting to my bias lmh,i pray he keeps growing from strength to strength.

  9. LMH may not be my favorite actor but out of the three listed. I personally only like him.
    As for the rest, I also like JIW and JCW.

  10. Acting-wise Joo Won is first among those three, Lee Min Ho is basically a guy who plays the same character over and over again, and Lee Seung Gi is decent tho

    • LMH has more different roles and never do the same things on row. I honestly don’t believe popularity and think it’s artificial overall. But I truely believe pleasieng the watching eye. The rest is myth. LMH is one of the greatest talents in recent times thats what he is in reality. taking nothing way from Joo Won I think his good actor and everything he just dosen’t anything on LMH. Who has reached a level where he can even make simple roles iconic thats credit to his acting

  11. @nadilla which character does lmh play over and over again even boys over flowers is different frm the heirs the similarity is the high school stuff in personal taste he played an architect in city hunter he played a character of someone seeking revenge,in faith he played a warrior in gagnam he played another character so tell me where is he playing the same character

  12. LSG is definitely more rounded in talent. I would agree with this vote. At least if he gets old he can still MC and sing because his voice is just beautiful. Actors who don’t rely on looks always lasts longer in the industry.

  13. Lee Seung Gi is celebrating his 12th anniversary in the industry, with many national titles, juggling acting/singing/VS and succeeding in all three, he also enlisted in special force. No matter what anyone says about his looks, he looks handsome to me, a change from plastic faces, and his smile is so bright, it just makes me happy looking at it.He’s also a good singer, good actor, witty and has clean image. Pefect recipe for long lasting career.

    BTW, Ms. Koala, I believe second in poll is Joo Won , the results are:
    LSG 27.0%
    JW 14.1%
    LMH 11.6%

      • Maybe trying to avoid even more fighting and rude comments by people who ought to find more constructive ways to spend their time and energy?

    • I so agree with your comment. LSG may not be the most handsome but he looks the most manly (esp after the military service), has the most charming smile and is very smart.

  14. I Agree with the poll. LMH has been 10yrs in the K-ent while LSG 12yrs. I would have voted the same even tho I’m LMH fan

  15. LMH is honestly one of the greatest actors we have seen in this era and his credentials speak for it self. Not only in SK but the world. His been nothing short of phenomenal

  16. LMAO koala made this article to generate traffic and cause fan banters,it is very obvious with her choice of words.
    Am a lmh fan and i think the poll is correct lsg is more rounded and as a singer,presenter/variety shows even if he does not want to act again he might go into the others while Lmh is a hallyu ambassador to the world,he has a huge star power that some don’t understand and it comes with huge fan following too i don’t know about the future but expect he decides to leave the spotlight,i don’t see him fading anytime soon. If they keep picking good projects then they are all going to do well.

    • Trouble with LMH is that someone can replace him. Look at SJK after DOTS. He is replaceable but LSG is not. LSG is one and only.

      • LMH replacable? His been a Hallyu star 8-yrs how is he replaceable? If anything LSG is replaceable whos not even a hallyu star.

        When you become mainstream you can’t be replaced someone will have to make a way for themselves rather then replacing each other thats how it works. SJK has made a place for himself but haven’t replaced anyone. LMH’s fandom is in intact while SJK has created new fandom for himself and the same goes to KSH. they will never replace each other but they can only be over succeed by the next generations who come up by the time they are around 40s but I still fancy them doing action films and doing big global projects at that time. Example look at Jun CHow fat, jackie chan, donnie Yen etc etc. Once you are mainstream you there forever

      • LMH is not in the same league as Donnie Yen and Jackie Chan. He does not know martial arts and his English is just terrible. In China, LSG has replaced LMH in terms of popularity, post DOTS.

      • loool. Do you know what replaced means? He has not taken anything of his fandom. He just had his breakthrough with DOTS thats all. Got himself some nice commercials and stuff like that. But still LMH is the one ppl love overall and have build a lasting good report with them. you need time to top that and actully you can’t replace it but top it. You can’t replace something is that builded but top it

      • @Abc, your conclusions are oftentimes oversimplified based on your 1-dimensional logic. LOL..

        What you mean by “replaceable?” These hallyu stars such as LMH, KSH, and SJK all have different acting styles and amass huge following of their own. I don’t think anyone can replace another. I’m speaking as a hardcore (or rabid if you prefer to call me this way LOL) fan of SJK.

      • Replaceable as in SK is really good at churning out Hallyu stars, earning money from fans and media play. I guess their government is used to it because their boys have to disappear off to military.

      • @abc

        I agree with Bae and Drama2016. Aren’t you PSH-fan and thought you guys where complaining about bursting into your articles.

      • I thought everything came to an understanding and put to bed. btw we never invaded another article specially psh one. we have no ill towards her or anyone in that matter. there are no hypocrites here

      • I have no ill feelings towards LMH, in fact I believe he is a top star from SK. So Peace.

  17. LMH has had a variety of different roles with meaty and less meaty. But what sticks with me about him is how he can make even simple roles Iconic. When he acts you don’t think it’s acting. it seems really natural. He dosen’t exaggerate and everything feels real life. He deserves to have admires for how effortless he makes his work appear. His hardworking and put effort to whatever he do

  18. I choose Joo won,kim soo hyun and TOP, at list they not only played as good person who trap in unfortunately event,they can play as evil or quirky too. And they have good voice with strong charisma. Sadly yoo ah in can’t join the group.

    • Wow. Only u said the truth. I agree with u. Specialy joo won,he can play anything. Bad boy, autistic and everything plus factor his sweet voice.he can sing well.

  19. LMH look cant last long because of the plastic surgery. already he look quite unnatural on certain occasions lately and that is still with the help of make up. LSG will never have to worry about whether the flesh around his jaws sunk or swollen too much or whether the implant in the nose will give way one day.

  20. @Abc Yes LMH is not in the same league as Donnie yan and jackie chan,they are veterans and legends and i believe the poster was giving an instance.
    I am happy for Sjk success and Dots,yes he is now popular in china but that does not mean he took anything away from lmh or any other hallyu star,it is just his time to shine and mind you lmh still has a movie and drama coming up…they all have their own fanbase and people who love them and my bias does not need only china to make it,hopefully he will keep building him self as an actor and not just grow in more popularity but in skills too.

      • Then it’s your loss not Jackie’s or Donnie’s. Keep to your baby face SJK.

      • @drama2016… I thought you said you grow up watching American movies? How have you not heard about Jackie Chan? I am a bit surprised. No offence… Just wondering… Have you heard of Chris Rock?

      • I grew up watching British/American films that were not of Hollywood pop style, mostly PBS Masterpiece theater or BBC drama series or other European films. Who are these guys exactly? Are they Chinese becos of the last names? And who’s Chris Rock? Never heard. LOL

  21. during this 12th career because you’re successful in your brain and your skill … not because the sale of good looks … but in my eyes you are the most handsome seung gi yaaaaa….

  22. @ABC

    Lee Min Ho’s martial arts is very good indeed and if anyone is going to fill these veteran legends shoes is him. Who was the creds to step into their foots and as you may know is already taking that road as the Asian action hero to feed the western consumers. His english is not good I agree but I believe his learning as he recently said in the Philippines and the question is will we see LMH in action H-movies. Most definitely there is already countless offers for him. LMH is in the beginning of his career there is much more to come from this young exciting actor. His a true commodity for TV/Film and there is great request for him as he is exciting

  23. Pepta I agree with the fact that Minoz are not the one dragging anyone.

    lmh has ever been that handsome where there is many more better looking then him He just puts alot of life into his acting

  24. Life is fair. LSG is the most well-rounded, JW the most talented in acting and LMH the one EVERYONE loves. Which of these strengths would last the longest?

    • I actully like all 3 guys but life shouldn’t be based on myth and honestly whatever is there credit they deserve. I also believe LSG is amazing singer but as far as acting there shouldn’t be debat

      • I did say JW is the best in acting of the three. Unless you mean LMH is the best in acting compared to LSG and JW? And I supposed you are stating it as a matter of fact? Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy…..

    • @D I believe he meant LMH. I tend to agree and it shouldn’t even be an argument. If you consider from 09 to 15 in that era imo the greatest talent who appear in the world was lmh in a such massive way. He was piecering and capitiviting.

      He has acted his into being loved. Thats not myth thats rather factual. His been closest to magical. anything else would be no brainer.

  25. out of the 3, isnt lsg already the one who’d been active the longest? I loved LMH in City Hunter and the only reason I stuck it through completing BOF. But I have probably watched more 1N2D eps with LSG than those LMH drama eps combined so he’s more well rounded in terms of projects. Joo won seems to be a good enough actor, he just doesn’t have the crack factor for me but obviously it is all a matter of preference. Out of the 87ers, Jang Geun Suk remains to be my personal favorite to the point that I endured Mary Stayed All Night and Pretty Man. I am sad he is not as famous anymore

  26. LSG has been most active it makes sense he tops the list. Aside from that they are all good actors. LSG is good actor plus good singer while Joo Won appreciates his craft and LMH? his been a gift to the acting world and these who watch and it has been truely pleasure to watch him. His undoubtedly talented his acting is above great and the only word to describe him with is dynamic

  27. Common people! Read what the damn poll question! It asked citizens who will be popular the longest, of course LSG bags that because he’s so well rounded. It is not the fact that he been there longer but he can be in any sector in the entertainment industry. The boy really got skills and that not many others can compare. Joo won and LMH are great but it is within their own zone of acting. As far as other things LSG gets extra points for being so good at his other craft.

    If you ask who’s the greatest actor then he definitely wouldn’t top that pole. I think Joo won is the best actor out of all of them.

    • Yeah, I personally think Joo Won has the best acting skills. If you’ve ever watched Gaksital you know what I’m talking about. I don’t think he ever sells romantic chemistry, though, which bums me out every time. I’d rather watch him over most of the other 87ers in anything but a romcom or romantic melo. I thought Ji Chang Wook was an excellent lead in Healer, though I haven’t seen enough of him to really judge overall. I like Lee Min Ho, but I haven’t seen him in a project I liked since City Hunter (2010? 2011?), so who even knows how he measures up these days. Lee Seung Gi always makes me smile. I don’t see him as a really serious actor, though–he always chooses popcorn dramas. Which are fun, but limited.

      Outside of these 87ers, I think my favorite actors are Kim Rae Won, Yoo Ah In, Yoon Shi Yoon, Song Joong Ki, and Seo In Gook. These guys are magnetic on screen no matter what role. And they’re real actors, all of them. It’s not all just charisma, star power, or handsome faces (though they have these too, in spades). I even watched Fashion King for YAI, and God knows that was a terrible drama. These so-called Hallyu stars are fun to watch for sure, but watching a good drama with a real actor is like comparing sequins to diamonds.

  28. I share opinions with some of the posters here. Assumptions and myth shouldn’t have home in acting and it actully damages the truth and real achievements and ofcourse hardwork.

    LMH is the definition of a great actor in actual and has nothing to do with myth and assumptions. Actors should rather work for the title as great actor rather then swimming in assumptions and myth.

    All the great Actors in both Hollywood and Bollywood are people who have proven themselves not based on myth.

    Forget about popularity it means not much but aside from that LMH has rose on the back of his acting and made both simple and difficult roles iconic with alot of class. All the love and admiration LMH has recieved is thanks to his acting. His acting has really carried him far and all the hardwork he has put in has been noticed and appreciated It has nothing to do with myth. His a great actor in truth and is worthy of the title

  29. I didn’t watch anything with lsg so can’t say anything on him but as far as jw and lmh go i have watched them both. i think it would be fair to say lmh is alot better but jw is not bad either

  30. jw is not of the worst i’ve seen but is good enough actor but is lacking in the facial expressions and not so energetic. lmh has the backage when it comes facial expressions and energetic and just allover the place. imo not even a close call bounds and leaps lmh bounds and leaps

  31. YES! YES! YES! I think LMH is so overrated and Joo Won has something but pics terrible projects in my opinion.

    Lee Seung Gi for the WIN!!

  32. I think within Korea, LSG is well recognized and loved more for his variety/1n2d roles than his acting because while he did some good dramas, none were the breakout level as LMH Heirs or JW’s last drama. I’m still surprised that he topped this list though because LMH pretty much tops all the lists I’ve seen… I guess because he’s been airing the longest?

    • is this a joke??? hahahahaa LEE SEUNG GI’S BRILLIANT LEGACY SCORES 40% RATING IN 2009 DRAMAS BEATING LMH’S BOF. The only drama of lee seung gi that low in rating is king of 2hearts with 12-14% rating in 2012.

  33. I believe they asked who they think will last the longest in the ent industry and there’s no surprise triple threat seung go tops it (acting, variety, singing). He can be anywhere he chooses. Makes sense why hess no 1 and why netizens prize him the most. He’s the nation’s son in law. They love actors that fit the ideal image they have in their minds. That’s why Kim soon Hyun, even if he were to try his darnedest to go on hiatus, would still be plastered all over korea. I expect nothing less when he goes into the army.
    I’d like to believe talent would take you the farthest but in this kind of industry such is not the case. Joo won, although gainedd much popularity in recent years, is still the most lowkey and talented in acting compared to the other two.
    Lee min ho reigns forever in international fanbase. Nothing wrong with not having that same kind of popularity in your own country, but that is the driving force that will probably keep Kim soon Hyun thriving for the longest time compared to aany other actor around his age, although not having the same range or depth as some others.

    • I’m really not a lmh fan! His popular but it’s blown out of proportions falsely and many ppl don’t really care about it but the reason why his liked is nothing else except for his acting. If I should rate him fairly without exaggeration his sensational and if i said anything else i would be lying.

      His someone who came with zero mediaplay but only ride his talents and how far it can carry him. he dosen’t have the backing of the industry or anyone in that matter but only relies on his talents

  34. I think all comments are fair. everybody has their points except when someone tries to put SJK on par with LMH and KSH. To me it is a joke. The organisers/god fathers of Dots spend 128.5 billion to promote the drama and SJK but successful only to a limited extent. After the end of the promotion, that is the end of the supposed popularity of SJK. Please don’t put him on par with LMH or KSH or JW. They worked very hard to achieve what they are today and not by promotions. SJK is more like a product and will be forgotten when another product gets into the market.

    • All actors deserve their recognition , all work hard to be where they are today , Pls don’t create another turmoils by dragging down SJK
      He worked hard and even got injured during the filming of dots and he is also a very talented actor ( werewolf boy , nice guy , dots )
      And Lolz all actors and actresses are products of marketing and promotions
      I’m speaking not as all KSH , SJk and LMH are my favorite since I’m a sucker of good looking actors hehe

  35. No body is dragging him down. he should not be up there in the first place. without all the promotions, he can be more popular than he ever been but not to this extent. No other actors ever planted his news into other actors social sites, claiming to be more popular than others and claiming to be a super charitable person but whatever donated were never shown. I don’t think any of LMH or KSH fans is proud of you. top claiming to be their fans.

    • If you have Problems with english Pls read my comments !! Did I claim I’m LMH fan ?? Are you another rabid fan of LMH or KSH ?? They are my favorite actors don’t mean im their fan
      and What right you have that telling people what to do and what not to,
      You were the one mentioning in SJk first place with that nasty negative attitude and expecting people , I am exercising my right to say whatever I want as long as I don’t come off mean and rude like you

      • I don’t think this individual is LMH or KSH fan. we shouldn’t label him/her fan.

        @Jessiah btw please leave SJK alone he has nothing to do with this article. peace

  36. If you happened to be employed by the promoters of SJK, please promote your product elsewhere. This is not his platform. He cant carry on promoting himself in other actors’ platform. There must be justice even in the entertainment world.

  37. LSG will prolly have the longest running career because he is well rounded and Koreans adore him. But Joowon is a fantastic actor and has what it takes to be a future Choi Min Sik or a Song Kang Ho. But Lee Min Ho fans can say anything and everything but he is not that much of of great actor

    • Not one bit LMH fan but i tend to agree with his fans on this one. It’s realism vs mythology. In the flash as of coming from the screen his the better actor. while the rest is based mythology. His realism good there is not much more to it

  38. To those who claimed they are really not lmh fans or one bit lmh fan, I have to tell you that your writing and enthusiastic use of the word ‘mythology’, you are so qualified to be one of his gazillion followers.

    It’s alright to write in less than perfect English or kiss the ground on which LMH walks. Just don’t deny who you truly are.

  39. Enough is enough. Just accept the fact that Seunggi win the poll and the voters is KOREAN CITIZEN, credible enough to judge.

  40. For me, LSG is not my preference however I do believe he has talent (especially when there are other idols that really shouldn’t be cast in dramas at all). Most of the dramas I watched him in were romantic comedies. I hope he takes on a more serious drama like Signal where the storyline doesn’t really focus on romance.

  41. Not really surprised though… LSG seems to be more like the guy next door who’s humblen who gets along with everyone and has his own charisma even if he doesn’t have the “very handsome” face of korean standards 😀
    Plus he acts quite well and he sings too 🙂

    LMH has the handsome face but has somehow the “arrogant” look too though :s

  42. He’s the humble type and really open about his feelings. LSG never ceases to surprise everyone with his exquisite acting. If I am going to be frank, he could act almost any role offered to him, if he puts him mind,body and soul, he’s very passionate and hardworking about his work. He’s a simply down to earth kinda guy that acts with his heart. A man that takes risks and never complains to anyone even known as one of the busiest celebrity with a tight schedule. LSG exhibits a charming personality both on screen and off screen which never fails to lit up a smile on his fans faces. He’s smiles a lot, not to mention one of the actors with a very gorgeous smile. I love that most about him. As one of the celebrity with a charming personality, hardworking and polite, he’s more than just looking handsome, he’s an inspiration to younger stars.

    I admire LSG a lot, he deserves to be among the best.?????
    oh!! Just so u know, he’s a man with a very manly physique any lady would crave for.??

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