First Teaser for W: Two Worlds Brings Cheeky Action Hero Lee Jong Seok and a Very Confused Han Hyo Joo


I have no idea what the heck is going on with upcoming MBC drama W: Two Worlds, and in fact the teaser makes the whole strange concept even stranger, but I think I’m already in love with this latest iteration of Lee Jong Seok‘s onscreen persona. I know his Dr. Stranger was just awful beyond ridiculous but he played the role of Dr. Park Hoon with so much heart and every ounce of ability, so it was nice when he got an awesome character to play in Pinocchio that was narratively a home run evolution.

Here it’s not clear exactly who/what/where/why is going on when the teaser shows him doing a slow motion video game style beat down in the rain in the streets of Seoul, but nonsensical stuff with regards to Lee Jong Seok hasn’t deterred me in the past so here I’ll wait to understand the context later and just enjoy the adorable smirky. Han Hyo Joo‘s teaser is way more substantive to the story but basically leaves the audience in stare one with her – confused and befuddled. I like Han Hyo Joo and hope she does more quickly than look like a deer in headlights.

Teaser for W: Two Worlds:


First Teaser for W: Two Worlds Brings Cheeky Action Hero Lee Jong Seok and a Very Confused Han Hyo Joo — 28 Comments

  1. Teaser is a bit weird and not in a good way. Didn’t grasps me and a bit disappointing as I was looking forward to it. Nonetheless, I’ll check it out mainly for Han Hyo Joo. 🙂

  2. I will watch this for my love for Han hyo joo seeing ive been waiting since dong yi but I really can’t stand that attention hungry man …he looks like that thing from monsters Inc.

      • Are u joking???
        If you had said you hate his appearence, portion, acting or projects it was ok & more rational, but attention man? It’s exactly opposite of what he is!

        His fans always want to comfort him because they feel he can’t see his good points! He always speak out about his shortcoming in everything & praise the others.

    • What you do to bring hate under any article of him or some others is more similar than to attention seeking!

      You are always one of the first commenter on his articles, wow, really attention seeking.

      He is known to have attention phobia & under confident to the point that he said in one of his interviews that every day he gets up from sleep , he searches his name & when there is no article about him, it is a good day for him!

      He himself said he knows that he is celebrity & he is a mass of contradictions to be like this. what are you talking about then?

      Bring his interview if you want to accuse him, none of us knows him in person but I confidently say that I’ve read many of his interviews & his honesty & humbleness were shocking in them.

  3. Joongsuk will be the main character in a very popular comic book,wrote by HHJ’s Father, while HHJ is a doc. in real life, her father suddenly decides to kill JS in the comic, HHJ know what her father intends to do, & because she read the whole thing she knows beforehand how he will kill him, so she travel back and forth between the 2 worlds trying to save JS. (the scene where JS is covered with blood and calling her it’s when she found herself in the comic book world, she was reading that part when JS tries to pull her in)

  4. He’s really not hot and too flower boyish and gay to me. I always believe han hyo joo’s projects so I’m conflicted to watch this.

  5. @miss Benet and @ash don’t be conflicted and don’t watch 😀 people like u will only bring negativity to the drama, so spare us pleasse and go

  6. @skin loooll are freaking serious??he is the most humble guy ever in his interviews who always give the less credit to himself and actually he never did give credit to himself in anything, so i dunno whose interviews you were reading cause definitely not his… seriously some people just like to say bull sh**t

  7. I see his 4 don black belt in takewondo in real life, bring him some benefit in his acting, those action scenes were cool.

  8. Love you oppa Lee jong suk .I can hear your voice school 2013 and pinnochio were way better than descended from sun .

  9. HHJ, I really you in dramas especially since Dong Yi. So glad to see you are back on small screen again. Seems like ages. You are still a sweet young thing. Looking forward….

  10. i really like LJS as an actor and as a person (based on interviews and his interactions) and i like HHJ too, that is why i am watching W. Sometimes i just hate to read commentaries that are so non-sensically negative. first, it is common knowledge that LJS is known for being loved by reporters because of his humility, a very humble person. Second, this guy can act, it may not be the bestest but he can knock some. Third, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If many people find him handsome, then let them. if some people don’t, then these people need not antagonize those that find him handsome.

    If you cannot say anything good at all then rest your peace.

  11. the teaser didn’t really help to understand what’s really going on and I don’t think they even wanted that to begin with!! it’s more a glimpse of what’s ahead of us but with no explanation or clues but I believe that’s part of the fun!! I’ll be waiting for more teasers!! 😀 I can’t say much about Han Hyo Joo’s charachter since we saw nothing ather than her being confused like us but I loved what I saw of “adorably smirky” Lee Jong Seok!!! 😀 and I’m wandering if that action sequence is part of the written book by Han Hyo Jo’s father, like she’s reading that scene while we’re seing it in full action?!!

    I believe that everyone has the right to express his own opinion but with that comes the duty to do that with respect, plus what’s the point to come and say “I won’t watch Lee Jeong seok because he’s not handsome” or use insults or make up accusations against him in an article that is clearly about him? you don’t love him for what ever reason that may be, you’re free, but why bother to come and post such comments in his related articles? and yes I do find Lee Jeong Seok a handsome/talented/humble yong actor who’s growing and getting better as an actor with every new project and I’m looking forward to see him portraying this role and I’ll be looking forward to his upcoming projects in the future!! 😀

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