Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo are Illustrated and Three Dimensional Characters Meeting in W: Two Worlds


This may be my favorite K-drama promo series since the beautifully rendered Queen In Hyun’s Man concept teaser where the two leads were mannequins in adjoining windows who then come to life escape the confines of their glass boxes and meet outside. It shouldn’t be a surprise I love this latest drama teaser series for W: Two Worlds since it comes from the production team of QIHM, who also did the twisty dramas Nine: Nine Times Time Travel and The Three Musketeers.

The comic book rendered promos show Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo as real and illustrated characters meeting between two worlds, one flesh and blood and the other two dimensional. I guess the parallel universes would be the living breathing world and the fictional drawn universe. That’s super cool and I can’t wait to see how the drama makes it work, and makes us ship an OTP that exists in different dimensions.

Third teaser for W: Two Worlds:

Illustrated teaser:


Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo are Illustrated and Three Dimensional Characters Meeting in W: Two Worlds — 22 Comments

  1. The teasers haves successfully teased and enticed my drama addict persona to a frenzy can’t wait to watch this drama . Lookin’ goood so far.

    • Lol mte, the first thing i thought when i saw these was ♪ “Taaake ooon meee” ♪ , i got the song and MV in my head now.

  2. This is a drama I’ll def watch raw and rewatch with subs and read recaps and stalk soompi and every thread about it and I won’t get enough of it, I’m pretty sure. I really pray they won’t screw it.
    Oh, and Han Hyo Joo looks sublime, she’s so pretty I can’t not stare at her.

  3. What is the story about? Both leads are actors i won’t watch but might might give it a chance if the story is good…

    • its about two parallel worlds. LJS is a comic book character that HHJ father created and somehow the two worlds meet and i dont know what has been officially released so the rest is leaked or speculation. Its the same writer of nine

  4. the teasers are so pretty! 1st time watched the kind of that drama teaser. Hope story is doing well, i beg you MBC.

  5. Wow, I would not miss this drama for anything… The teasers are enough to hold my breath!!! And HHJ is soooo pretty. Miss you HHJ…

  6. I’m pretty sure the writers can pull it off.. I was re watching Queen In-Hyun’s Man and realized how good that drama was. Love the posters!

  7. I 1tly was happy and interested that Lee Jong Suk was going back with a new drama, then my interest got higher with the new concept of the drama and then the stills and teasers made me out of patience wanting the drama to start now!!!

  8. The concept looks really interesting!! Hope it will be a hit!! The cast seems quite promising too!! Definitely would watch it 😀

  9. I like han hyo jo at first, but since she have a scandal from her brother ( SOMEONE COMMITTED SUICIDE BECAUSE HER BROTHER), since then i can’t even be able to watch anything from hhj, sorry hhj, you are great actress, but your fam ruin your career, and I heard lee jong suk arrogant to his fans, i first watch him in princess p and i found him mediocre, and yeah he improve in ihyv, but dont arrogant please, your’e nothing without fans. PLEASE HOBAE, BE A GREAT LIKE HA JI WON, SHE IS GOOD EXAMPLE AS ENTERTAINER!!! So i will pass this drama.

    • Every time theres news about this drama there is always one person who posts something ridiculous like this. Im not saying its you, but….you sound EXTRA SALTY

  10. @joel on THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE IF YOU HATE THEM BOTH ??, judging her because of something her brother did and judging him without knowing anything about him and that incident, so GO OUT OF HERE TO WHOM YOU LOVE AND COMMENT ON THEIR ARTICLE, SPREADING HATE ON OTHER’S WORK MAKES YOU LOOK BAD AND JEALOUS

  11. That comment sucks @ joel, it’s obvious you know nothing about him and to be her career is not spoilt. Can u not comment if u hate them and it’s not like if you don’t watch it the world won’t

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