Fan Bing Bing Plans BFF Ruby Lin’s July 31st Bali Island Wedding to Wallace Huo With Glittering Star Guest List

It gives a whole new meaning to star-studded when China’s top A-list actress is planning your wedding. That’s what’s happening to make the fast planning July 31st Bali wedding of Taiwanese actress-producer Ruby Lin and Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo‘s nuptials go off without a hitch. Ruby’s BFF Fan Bing Bing is reportedly throwing her design and organizational hat into the ring to plan Ruby and Wallace’s wedding with less than a month’s notice.

Ruby and Fan Bing Bing, along with another Chinese A-list actress-producer-director Zhao Wei, are all BFFs after doing the drama Princess Returning Pearl and the subsequent sequel together, spending well over a year together on a location set when all three were in their late teens/early twenties and therefore formed lasting friendships. Both Wallace and Ruby are well known to have tons of big name friends who are expected to fly out to Bali for the wedding, including Shu QiHu Ge, Yuan Hong, Vivian Hsu, Alec Su, Tiffany Hsu, Zhao Li Ying, Nicky Wu and wifey Liu Shi Shi, Tang Yan, and many more, so stay tuned for pictures from the big day.


Fan Bing Bing Plans BFF Ruby Lin’s July 31st Bali Island Wedding to Wallace Huo With Glittering Star Guest List — 12 Comments

  1. I think any other wedding that can ever out do that one will be fan Bing Bing’s wedding herself. I’m excited and can’t wait. If I am going to lose Wallace Hou I am glad it is to Ruby. So happy for the two of them. I wish them all luck!

  2. Maybe I’m remembering wrong, or maybe it was all slander, but didn’t Li Chen, Fan Bingbing’s fiancé, break up with his ex-girlfriend before FBB, Viann Zhang, because Viann was accused of cheating on him with Wallace Huo? And now FBB is helping to plan the wedding of Ruby Lin and Wallace. Does anybody else have any recollection of this? Not that I would expect Li Chen to get upset about his fiancée helping to plan the wedding of a good friend, even if said good friend’s fiancé is the guy accused of breaking up his previous relationship (phew, that was complicated!); Li Chen seems like a more mature guy than that.

    • Isn’t that just a “RUMOR”??? I honestly think Wallace have better taste than to mess around with Viann Zhang. I mean, look at who he ended up with and to announced it to the whole world.

      • I think it was true bc i remember Li Chen defending FBB not too long ago when his ex was sprouting rumours. He mentioned Wallace Huo. So when Ruby announced She was with Wallace i was a little skeptical bc he seems like a playboy. He has been linked to so many other actresses. I love him as an actor. I just hope he treats Ruby well and their nuptials happensm bc they have to have it bc of the baby.

      • It was never confirmed to be true. Li Chen’s friend mentioned something about a ‘Mr Huo’ and Wallace was staying at the same hotel as Viann Zhang was at the time so the whole thing blew up.
        I feel like if Wallace was the sleazeball people are making him out to be, FBB would have mentioned it to her friend and ruby wouldn’t be marrying him…it’s not like Ruby has no other options.
        Then again none of us actually knows what happened and Wallace pretty much never responds to rumours, no matter how ludicrous they are.

  3. I don’t think it will be that star studded. I mean Wallace is very private person. But most importantly I really hope Li Chen doesn’t come. It certainly will ruin some part of happiness (at least for me).

  4. Congrats to the happy couple. I’m so glad Ruby’s finally found her other half! And they’re (possibly) having a baby too!
    I remember years ago in the early 2000’s her fans were giving video messages, and one of them was something along the lines of ‘hope you can quickly give us a little Ruby soon!’ and Ruby’s face was like: Um okay, that’s kinda creepy and none of yo business. It almost bordered, ‘I ain’t ever gon’ get married or have kids’ kinda vibe, and look at her now…
    I guess it’s only because she hasn’t met the right one then ;).

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