K-actors Lee Min Ki and Lee Jin Wook Embroiled in Their Own Separate Sexual Assault Allegations

The summer of 2016 has officially become the summer of Korean male stars allegedly behaving badly, or the summer that the public learned about it. There are two more male actors involved in sexual assault allegations, joining Yoochun‘s scandalous  alleged rapes mess which has been going on for over a month now. Starting chronologically, currently serving in the army public service for his military enlistment is actor Lee Min Ki, who was accused of sexual assault this past February 2016 after he went to a Busan club and hooked up with a girl he met.

The girl claimed sexual assault afterwards and the police investigated, in the end Lee Min Ki was cleared of the charges but this incident is only coming to light now for whatever reason. K-netz hate the idea of casual hookups and even moreso hate the idea that stars serving in the easier public service sector who live basically normal lives get to go to clubs and have fun and therefore maybe engage in wanton behavior. Whatever happens to Lee Min Ki’s reputation within K-ent, for now the star has been acquitted on this charge. Up Next is Lee Jin Wook, who is currently in a hot mess so read on after the jump.


Lee Jin Wook was accused of sexual assault this week by a woman who filed charges against him with the police, who are now investigating, His agency has swiftly responded that it’s not true, that Lee Jin Wook actually dated A and recently broke up with her and hasn’t even talked to her since then. If this turns out to be a disgruntled ex-girlfriend throwing Lee Jin Wook under the sexual assault scandal bus then hopefully the police investigation will clear him, but she’s accusing him of sexual assault that happened during their relationship when she was over at his place one night, so it’s legit he said/she said, so I doubt Lee Jin Wook is going to have an easy time proving his innocence especially in the court of public opinion. Sigh, so many men behaving badly, even if not criminally, it still makes me wish for the halcyon days when there was at least the veneer of civility.


K-actors Lee Min Ki and Lee Jin Wook Embroiled in Their Own Separate Sexual Assault Allegations — 53 Comments

  1. Aaaagghhh sooo tired of this type of news and allegations. Celebrities are the most vulnerable in any type of scandal…yet they themselves open the doors so wide for these unfortunate incidents to happen…(with quite an few I mean very few exceptions.) aaagghhh!!!

    • Yes it’s true . Are they stupid ? They must be ! Celebrity = scrutinity . Hey guys you must behave ! Who’s next domino ? So sad . At this rate , actresses are going investigate actors before working with them ! Hope you ‘ll understand my average highschool English because i’ m french.

  2. For lee jin wook, i hope it’s not true, i hope it’sjust ex girlfriend which take revenge on him,but feel sad for what happen

    • Well Lee Minki and Park Yoochun have both been acquitted. In the case of Park Yoochun, two of his accusers are being charged for making false claims and falsifying evidence (deleted messages where she talked about the encounter with her friend). And the two other cases were dismissed.

      • The true problem if the accusations are false they have already sent their careers to the trash. And what people expect celebs do? They are criticize if they date another celeb and send hateful messages but they can’t to have a nightstand neither…I think they should leave celebs live a little bit freely as I’m sure they do themselves.

      • But park yoo chun charge of prostitution, yes he is indeed not innocent but how far his mistake we don’t know the truth

  3. thse 2 are trash. it all start with rapist toilet PYC.he the one open the door for these woman to come forward. now more rape woman will be more welling to come forawrd after being rape by celebrity. these celebrity should sue toilet PYC for dragging their name through the mud.

    • You are an idiot for even making that statement. What are you in grades school? You should learn to respect the law and people. PYC was found innocent of all alleged assault charges and 2 of the women (sex workers) are being sued for defamation and false accusations. So go chill in the corner, you are grounded!

  4. Okay but hold on…Lee Jin Wook was actually dating the woman so, yes, he could have been bad but that’s not some casual hook up at a bar. That’s two consenting adults of a certain age dating and then doing what sometimes happens and breaking up. That is not an example of k-drama actors behaving badly; that is just normal adult behavior in the real world. Could he have done wrong in the relationship, sure but there is no way he can prove his innocence in a he said/she said…like, ever. If I was an actor in this country, I’d be afraid to date anyone and these dudes need to stay out of bars. They know this is a sore spot regarding public service versus full military service.

    • It could be that Lee Jin Wook assaulted the ex while they dated. Having an established relationship doesn’t mean that there is automatically consent. This news tears me. On one hand, I love Lee Jin Wook as an actor and want to see more of him. On the other, I feel that all victims should be believed unless evidence proves it to be false. Ultimately, I hope she isn’t retaliating against him. Not only does that hurt an innocent person, but it hurts the credibility of actual sexual assault victims.

      • You misunderstand me. I said he could have done wrong but how in the world can he prove his innocence in a he said/she said situation? If there is no video and no witnesses…??? I am a firm believer in giving both sides the benefit of the doubt and letting the police do their job, but in the end it could easily always be he said/she said.

      • Have to agree with the sentiment that if it’s two consenting adult, it’s normal behavior to engage in that activity in the real world. It’s crazy how reputations for Korean actors/actress can be ruined like that.

      • What are you talking about. She’s accusing him of sexual assault which clearly means that it wasn’t consensual. Like stringofpurls said, dating doesn’t equal to consent. If she didn’t want to have sex at one point and he forced her to then it’s rape, regardless of them being in an ongoing sexual relationship at that time.

    • Yeah but before that you said “That is not an example of k-drama actors behaving badly; that is just normal adult behavior in the real world.” ?

      • Dating…the dating is normal behavior. Yes…the assault could have happened but the writer seemed to indicate that this guy was on par with hooking up at a bar or soliciting a prostitute. He was in a dating relationship. If he sexually assaulted his girlfriend I hope he sees the inside of a jail cell. I guess I wasn’t clear t ok get this response.

  5. What the heck ¬¬¬¬¬¬tsk tsk tsk
    Actors gonna be dissappear..
    who’s the next? kim soo hyun, lee min hoo, so ji sub, hyun bin or lee jong suk??? Hope not.

    Please actors take care your lower part of body better!

  6. what.

    when the Kim Hyun Joon / Park Shi Hoo / Yoochun mess happened, I cringed at their terrible behavior but crunched popcorn at the same time, because i never liked any of them and almost felt congratulatory of myself for not being a fan in the first place.

    but Lee Minki!! omg. I would consider myself a Lee Minki fan. Damn. This sucks :'( Though if it’s not actually sexual assault, then I’m sorta indifferent. Random hookups happened around campus 24/7 when I was an undergrad. It’s kinda naive for fans to expect oppa to be lilly white pure.

      • He was in public service and it happened in his free time, he wasn’t leaving a base to go to the massage parlour like those other guys back then.

        There’s nothing dirty about sex between consenting adults, so what if he likes one night stands?

  7. These men just need to choose where and who they sleep with properly, they’re celebrity figures, they need to manage themselves better + knowing there are always people out there looking to make a quick buck ,smh celebrities, .

      • Yochun and lmk spelt with these women in a bathroom and bar ,that’s what I’m saying when they need to chose who and where they sleep with plus they wee acquitted with any rape charges + I’m not talking about Lee Jin wook, smh so extra

    • Just because they were acquitted doesn’t mean they are innocent. Legally sure but not really. Sexual assault/rape charges are just about the hardest thing to prove.
      I don’t care that you think I’m extra since you’re basically saying they should have picked better women to assault and a better setting to do it. So between being extra and victim blaming, I’d gladly chose the first over and over again.

  8. Lee Jin Wook probably did something really bad during relationship with his ex. Since the girl loves him, perhaps she just endure it. But when they no longer in dating life, I guess she wants to reveal everything in public. Both seems in fault. The guy did misbehave towards his girl and the girl wants to get revenge by revealing everything to public.

  9. Wow, this is just getting worse! In some ways, this makes not only Korean actors look bad, but the innocent cute thought of Korean women look bad as well. In situations like these it’s hard to take sides because the truth we hear is most likely no where close to actual truth. So to those who start speaking ill of anyone, get your facts straight. Don’t take sides so easily when you weren’t there.

  10. That’s the problem with K-dramas, always portraying their heroes and heroines embarking in totally “chaste” relationship which is a total contrast to the actual Korean society which is quite open over pre-marital sex.

    It’s not unexpected that some K-celebs behaving badly, to randomly hook-up either with sex workers or whoever since they have the free pass with women easily jumping in bed with them. I don’t know whether the term “sexual assault” being used appropriately or not and whoever is wrong in the case of LMK, my conclusion is still he is some disgusting guy who prefers one night stands and random sex.
    In the case of LJW, I still think at least better that he was in a relationship with the accuser instead of just haphazardly hooking up with whoever but still, non-consensual is an assault itself.
    I am not surprised that these actors are not squeaky clean as they portrayed themselves to be, hooking up with dozens of women everytime they travel overseas especially, just that I am stunned that lately, quite a number are sexual assailants?

    • Both actors are bad. One guy treated his girl like trash during dating and another one random sex. Hufffff….

      Glad I never been fans of them. Lee Jin Wook actings is so stiff while Lee Min Ki sometimes too overact.

      • Another one making her own judgment before anything is concluded.Just because you don’t like Lee Jin Wook, doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy.

  11. I don’t know, I am just disappointed in people I like. I mean Lee Jin Wook, I love him. I hope the police investigation gets to the bottom of this.

      • he went to a room salon with his co workers and got into a verbal argument with a female worker

    • @SuzyPretty – your comment is rather misleading or might be your intention…here is the report from 2011 Soompi….(there are other news stories online about this and all state the same thing)
      KRW didn’t assault anyone – he tried to intervene between an argument and a worker….


      “Kim Rae Won Apologizes for “Room Salon” Assault Incident
      jbarky October 11, 2011
      Kim Rae Won apologized regarding the recent “Room Salon” assault incident. We reported on September 29 that Kim Rae Won denied rumors of a physical altercation with a female worker of a “Room Salon.” They were holding a company outing with agency representative for the new drama ‘1,000 Days Promise’ and one of the representatives got into a verbal argument with a female worker. Kim Rae Won was involved when he tried to stop the fight.

      On October 11 Kim Rae Won appeared at a press conference for “1,000 Days Promise” and talked about the incident. He said, “I didn’t mean to be involved in the incident, and apologize to the fans, the production team of the drama, Soo Ae, and also the other actors/actresses. I apologize profusely. No matter what the reason is, I am going to focus completely on the drama. I will try my best to ensure that the drama will be great.”

      It’s bad enough with real life assault issues and the he said/she said fiascoes, but once an innuendo is printed it oft times spreads as if it were real and that is wrong also. There are a few articles out there about this and all people involved confirmed that KRW didn’t argue or assault anyone, he simply tried to intervene and stop the argument. Should actors now stop trying to do the right because others will post or start rumors about them?

      • I’m sure that was her intention, to start lies about Kim Rae Won. I can’t remember a post from her that has ever been positive. She just likes to write trash about people she does not know.

  12. My only question is… Why the girls complain after so long? Why not in the moment that happenend?? If they do it in the exact moment they can run tests to verify whether there was o not sexual assault, but after so many time always will be she said/he said!

  13. Really don’t know why some people cannot just break up coolly after a relationship ends. to them, the other person have to regret breaking up before they can be satisfied. if LJW really did assault her why didn’t she report the incident then instead of creating trouble now?

    • Is it possible then that if he claims that was not his girlfriend, but maybe an ex-girlfriend that wanted to have dinner with him, maybe for old times sake, she missed him and against all his convictions of not wanting to see her because is it possible she found out that he is seeing someone else, was she trying to get him back then realized that night, she wasn’t. Then is it possible knowing it could ruin his reputation, accused him of rape, in retaliation, knowing it could damage his good name as well as his reputation and once that happens; it’s almost impossible to give it closure, an accusation like this will be a lifelong noose around his neck, irretrievable. I’m truly sad about this type of bad charges against male celebrities, I enjoy watching Park You Chun, Park Shi Hoo, Lee Min Ki, Lee Ji Wook, and respect them as fine actors. I just wish and hope in the future after all this, that they are careful, protected as well as honorably respected for their work in the entertainment world. I say this more so because I’m sure they have their loved ones to consider, they have families, girlfriends, friends, who continue to love and support them always.

  14. Why the girl just not report the sexual,assault on her immediately?
    Why she had to wait two more days to report it?
    Was it becoz LJW did not call her after the sexual intercourse and she just felt she was played and hold grudge on him?
    I am a fan of LJW, so sad about this, he is always kind in my mind , even after this incident happened, we cannot say anything after the truth revealed …

  15. “it still makes me wish for the halcyon days when there was at least the veneer of civility.”

    Um, so you´d rather have women being abused swept under the rug than reevaluate your opinion on a celebrity. OKAY THEN.

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