Shin Ha Kyun and Kim Go Eun Confirmed Dating for Two Months

This is about as surprising a left hook dating news as any – veteran movie star and drama actor Shin Ha Kyun is dating rising movie and drama actress Kim Go Eun. Color me as surprised as any to hear this news, and not for any negative reaction insomuch as encountering two items not in any near orbit colliding. They haven’t done a movie or drama together, and have a 17-year age gap to boot. I’m happy for them as I am for any K-star dating news whether it’s idols or now established and well regarded acting stars, but I certainly hope this doesn’t garner any backlash for any reason whether for Kim Go Eun’s weird backlash after Cheese in the Trap or Shin Ha Kyun not admitting to being in a relationship in a recent interview. Let the two figure things out, K-netz, and on the upside be happy that talented people are happy together so they can continue to produce great performances.


Shin Ha Kyun and Kim Go Eun Confirmed Dating for Two Months — 37 Comments

    • I am not Korean and I have a problem with it but I really don’t care about who celebrities date. It’s their lives. Let them live it and date whomever they choose.

  1. Congrats!!! I hope more korean celebrities openly dating so it will change what netizens say as scandal isn’t scandal anymore. I hope hot other oppajusshi and onnie actress will announce their dating life soon too. We have many on the list: Gong Yoo, So Ji Sub, Ji Jang Wook, Lee Dong Wook, Eric Mun, Jo In Sung, Jung Woo Sung etc. While the actress: Song Hye Kyo, Han Hyo Joo, Yung Yu Mi, Han Ji Min, Su Ae, etc.

    • i never understood why they use “scandal” when 2 stars are dating. But i’m happy for shin ha kyung i love him since ” brain”. I don’t mind about age gap but they are all dating the younger ones. What is left for the older ones!

    • Me too!!! But out off topic , i know it’s ridiculous but now that she’s dating this hot ahjusshi it’s going to be hard for me to believe in his couple with Gong Yoo.

      • I never understand this logic. By this standard, people like Jang Hyuk, Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Bo Young, Kim Tae Hee, Shin Min Ah etc can’t be seen in a drama with a love line again since they’re all either dating or married (some are parents now!) in real life.

  2. So the age gap when doing a drama is no longer an issue when in real life huh? Where’s all the people who cried over the age difference at? Congrats to this couple, may it last.

  3. After Bae Doo-na, I guess he goes for the younger model. If anything SHK has an eye for talented actresses. He could always date a woman a tad older than KGE but it seems to be an awfully common practice in k-ent.

  4. love love love shin ha kyunn – I am happy for them, even with the age difference – he’s just an interesting talented man – totally brilliant in the drama ‘Brain’

  5. Yes, out of left field but whatever works.

    The best response from a celebrity when asked about dating is from Lee Joon Gi who said something like….shouldn’t I say I am not even if I am. People should just stop asking and assume they all are.

    • As she was acting, I don’t know if you know what that is – it is when a person pretends to be someone else for the entertainment of others, it should not be an issue. If it is, older men tend not to have the same pointless hang ups that younger men have. Good on him and good for her. Any woman who doesn’t conform to societal constraints is okay in my book.

  6. Awww. I was shipping her with Park Hae-jin *sniff* 😉 But I like Shin Ha-kyun so I’m happy for both of them!

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