Kim Rae Won Cheerful and Content After Wrapping Up SBS Drama Doctors

It’s been so long since I watched Kim Rae Won in a drama that wasn’t depressing and/or dark, even the lackluster narrative of Doctors is enough to make me happy just to see him play a happy character who smiles a lot. Punch was an awesome drama but not exactly rainbows and unicorns, and A Thousand Days Promise was so depressing all the viewers needed anti-depressants by the end. Acting wise it seems like Kim Rae Won is taking a step back but I find his acting has improved to the point that he can make a weakly written character like his Dr. Hong Ji Hong seem charming and maintain my interest. Doesn’t hurt that he’s looking more gorgeous than he has in eight years, ever since the Gourmet days, proving once again that his generation of K-drama leading men truly are aging masterfully.



Kim Rae Won Cheerful and Content After Wrapping Up SBS Drama Doctors — 15 Comments

  1. KRW is an excellent actor and is very versatile in his roles. He was laid back as Professor Hong Ji Hong in “Doctors” and in “Punch” he was intense and conflicted as Park Jeong-Hwan, the investigation command chief in the Prosecutor’s office. Loved his acting in both dramas and am waiting for more works from him in the near future.

    As for his looks, KRW is a very good looking man and for a person who is in his mid 30s and have been in the entertainment industry for nearly 20 years he maintained his looks and age very well. He does not look a day older than 30.

  2. KRW ages like fine wine. He really has an amazing acting range and can carry a drama like no other. Respect! Only managed to watch Sunflower yesterday, great film!

  3. You are right koala, he is aging like fine wine and Hong Hong Hong would be a total disaster if not for him. He even made changes to scenario to make it more manly. Now, that its over, can I get a drama with Kim Rae Won and Moon Gun Young, pretty please.

  4. He is the most talented actor… He can do the best whatever characters come.Oppa u r the one and only in my heart. Fighting!

  5. SJK and JIS are only a bit younger than him but they look a lot younger…
    He is a good actor for sure and I’m glad Doctors is helping him to get so much attention and love calls.
    But he looks too mature for his age which makes it awkward sometimes with PSH in Doctors. The age gap wasn’t an issue but he look like her dad sometimes

    • I kinda agree he looks mature. I think it’s because he doesnt have the flower-boy-face-type unlike SJK and JIS, same goes to So Ji Sub. Both KRW and SJS has mature-face-type. One more thing, I wonder if KRW ever do any facial treatment to enhance his skin. Judging by his current look, I guess No because he looks the same like 10 years ago. I remember Ji Sung has slightly darker skin 10 years ago, but now his skin is almost flawless and looks brighter and younger. I bet it’s the result of facial treatment. Perhaps KRW might look much younger if he has brighter skin.

      • I like him this way. His aura in Doctors was a bit like Dr. Wilson in House meets Mcdreamy which is why I can’t find faults with this look. Plus, Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won perfectly sold their age-gap romance, I am satisfied.

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