Grazia Magazine Transforms Han Hyo Joo into Future Sleek

The more I watch of Han Hyo Joo in W: Two Worlds, the more I’m settling into a comfortable enjoyment like a well-knit sweater with no frills. Her acting is far from award winning and actually hasn’t improved much since her last drama Dong Yi, but what she has is a strong likable factor that is one of those intangibles that can tip things in her favor like it’s doing in W. Her style in that drama is feminine pretty but for the September issue of Grazia Magazine she’s all sleek and monochromatic, bringing in a futuristic feel that isn’t particularly everyday wear but definitely gorgeous. I’m sure her outfit above costs an arm and a leg and looks pretty simple but the cut, material, and draping screams exquisite couture which Han Hyo Joo pulls off effortlessly.


Grazia Magazine Transforms Han Hyo Joo into Future Sleek — 16 Comments

    • and oh, i think, now i understand why she is sticking with movies. in dramas, she tends to be inconsistent, i dont know why but i find ljs to be inconsistent in w too. which is strange, honestly. w feels really inconsistent after the first 2 episodes.

      Anyhow, i find her acting in movies are way better, maybe because it is shorter thus, such problem in dramas will not exist in dramas.

      • I have the same thoughts too. I think she is way better in movies i was a little taken back with the 1st few episodes of W.

      • @Hyo8rim

        it’s all about the money and ratings they bring in
        not the acting ability

        otherwise why else would han ga in or suzy win a big acting award?

    • i mean she has her moments in w, but there is some part of me that is left wanting more in some scene but like koala said, she has a likable charm.

      i adore her in movies in ways that i expect more from her in dramas.

      i also find ljs to be lacking at some part and excel in some in w. this is also my personal opinion as a viewer and a constant follower of his work. im not sure why, it can be due to the directorial style or the constant change of variables in the writing. but it feels like they are trying to do too much in the drama which makes is feel disconnect at times with the character. i still adore them though, but i feel like i can love them more if the execution is done even better

  1. I loved W but I’m kinda waiting for it to be over….it’s killing my brain. I need something lighter.
    Thank god SIG’s drama after W looks fun and cute.

  2. Agree, HHJ has likable charm that perhaps makes me cut slack on her acting. I admit I’m very critical of some actresses such as the lead of CBM and Shine or Go Crazy, whom may be considered better actresses by other viewers but I don’t like their temperament and acting styles (mostly overacting).

  3. She looks really pretty in this shoot! Then again she’s always been pretty but her look here suits her really well. I’ve never had any problems with her acting in her movies but I do get what people were saying about her overacting in the first few episodes of W. I admit I was taken aback, too.

  4. I am a bit surprised to read that HHJ overacts because I think she is quite natural in comparison with other famous actresses that seem to overact or have forced emotions. I like W but I think I like HHJ in Dong Yi the best. I liked her more in a sageuk rather than her modern drama storylines.

  5. TBH ..W rocks because of the script although it can go so mind blogging sometimes. Both leads are not the best ones around. The other day I was discussing with my sister about who will be a better Kang Chul and Oh Yeon Joo. I thought Hyun Bin or Lee Min Ho will be great. But cant really think of an actress.

  6. I love this girl ever since Brilliant Inheritence (that drama was so giving in that regard)and am happy with her acting (although I wouldn’t place her in Jeon Do Yeon levels)

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