Ha Ji Won Playfully Chic at Summer Miu Miu Fashion Event with Strategically Draped Jean Jacket

This summer Ha Ji Won didn’t have a movie or drama to promote so she wasn’t out and about as much, but she did make time to attend the Miu Miu fashion event in Seoul at the flagship store. Being Prada‘s younger edgier sister brand, the label isn’t as suitable for Ha Ji Won as much as her wearing Prada’s sleeker designs but she still manages to pull off head-to-toe Miu Miu as this event wearing a black strapless cotton summer dress with a chunky wide belt, a jean jacket, and black platform pump booties with stubs. I love how she accessorized with the chandelier earrings and left her neck bare to showoff her enviable clavicle line, and pulled it all together with a messy ponytail with side swept bangs. What’s bugging me the most is how she’s wearing the jean jacket – I can’t decide if she should pull it up and wear it fully like a jacket or take it off completely and let her dress shine. Opinions, fashionistas?


Ha Ji Won Playfully Chic at Summer Miu Miu Fashion Event with Strategically Draped Jean Jacket — 40 Comments

  1. I think she is not tall enough to pull the outfit imo whereas JJH will slay in that department because she is tall and slender. in fact even if JJH wear a sack she will look gorgeous.

    • Hahaha.. i agree with u,especially the part when u sd “in fact even if JJH wear a sack she will look gorgeous”… totally true!(“,)

  2. Not sure, but that jacket looks like it’s made to wear that way. I don’t think she could pull it up if she wanted to. Wish there was a picture of the back of it. Looks a bit sloppy to go with the chic dress. Not crazy over the socks either. Other than that she looks good.

    • I think you’re right about the jacket. It’s in the exact same position in all the photos. Unless it’s glued on her that couldn’t happen right? But she’s the only person to pull this outfit off. Chic and sport, it created an image of a leading lady running to escape in slow motion in an MV the moment I saw her!!!!!

  3. That’s not how that jacket was worn on the runway, but I like what she did with it. Fully off, the outfit would be too plain…it’s pretty much just a black slip. Fully on, it would be too bulky, boxy, and casual, not chic or cool. I disagree with the comment about JJH. She’s too serious to pull off such a playful/wacky outfit.

      • Absolutely … it is her opinion … you can’t twist someone else’s arm to say what you think or believe in … that is her perception … i think it was sloppily worn … and agree that someone who is taller and who has longer and slimmer legs would pull it off better …

    • @Phoebe I disagree. It’s not her body type. The dress is really baggy and has no shape, that’s why the belt. If she were any taller we’d be seeing her derriere lol.

  4. That jacket looks bulky and the look is sloppy. That’s how the guys back in my high school years wore their denim jackets, every jacket they own. Us gals would laugh and unanimously agree the guys look like losers even as we spot them from back view.

  5. I used to love Ha Ji Won but lately, after the Time With You drama, I have this weird feeling that she’s very contrived. I don’t know how to explain it. Like every one of her expressions, the way she talks and mannerisms are practiced. I dunno…maybe I was just disappointed with the drama!

    Don’t kill me HJW die hard fans!! This is just my opinion. She will always be beautiful and smart for me but I probably got tired of watching the same expressions and mannerisms from her.

      • Mostly, the popular ones are not really have the best acting skills. See Park Shin Hye, Suzy Kim Tae Hee and some others. They can act, but have a limited range, yet so popular.

      • Ikr, she should be professional and not make excuses … quite unexpected from a multi award winning actress …

    • You are not alone … i used to like her during her secret garden days … and you hit it on the nail … contrived … she repackaged herself and i am not getting why she needs to flaunt her fake boobs … oops … come to think about it if she paid for it then flaunt it … also not getting her aegyo … geez at 39 still acting like an idol … i liked her before when she was all substance … lately idk what made her change … wonder why her movies don’t do as well as before? Or why her last drama was a flop?

  6. The jacket + dress combo works just fine IMO. If anything, I think it’s the socks that doesn’t really work on her because she’s not stick-thin tall. Don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful and her body’s great but the quirky socks look would work best on lanky, tall girls.

      • Haha nice one chingu! Who is half the woman then … you can’t beat one’s womanhood when she becomes a mother … some people just blindly defend their idol … for what?

      • yeah right… LOL… this Hye jin is the biggest troll at this site… I have been quite quiet and tried not to reply to her nonsense… but this no brainer with this “half the woman” comment is totally offensive… SMH!!

  7. HJW is too mature to pull off Miu Miu looks, please wear Prada instead. More classy and age-appropriate for her. Miu Miu is for more funky people.

    • Actually, I think style is not set in stone. You can be both classy and funky, unless you’re a grandma or s.th lol. I mean, why be boring? Not all Miu Miu outfits are funky. For example, I wear both Valentino and Red Valentino, just not all Red Valentino, because they can be too childish. It’s more about the individual pieces you select.

  8. Agreed she looks contrived. I was never her fan but she is beautiful.
    I dont think thus dress does not suit her she looks too old for this dress.
    But she looks awesome in Prada or similar classy dresses.

  9. Agreed she looks contrived. I was never her fan but she is beautiful.
    I dont think this dress suits her, she looks too old for this dress.
    But she looks awesome in Prada or similar classy dresses.

  10. I am not much into the fashion world but this woman will always be amazing to me. I have seen the video clip of this event & tbh she does not look uncomfortable with her dress at all. Infact she seems to just enjoy all the attention and walks down confidently & that’s what I like about her. Ha ji won personality is just too adorable and as long as she smiles I don’t care whether she wears a Prada or a Miu Miu.
    And HJW & JJH are two completely different individuals. No doubt JJH is a beauty. But there is something very beautiful about HJW that makes her so likeable. Also I feel HJW is just doing awesome. Somebody commented that she is living like an idol at 39 but tbh she is just enjoying & actually living her life. After all age is just a number.
    and for the record (call me a loyal fan) the way she wore her jacket here is super cool.

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