Lee Min Jung in Paris for Oddly Underwhelming Cosmopolitan Korea Pictorial

Fall in Paris is glorious weather and fashion season, which is why it’s dispiriting to see the two used in such lackluster ways in the latest Cosmopolitan Korea pictorial featuring Lee Min Jung. She went all the way to the City of Lights only to be filmed in front of nondescript buildings and streets, decked out in serviceable albeit unmemorable fall season attire. I do love her hair though, the bangs and the scruffiness is really street chic, lending her an aura of edginess that feels better than her looking all staid and stuffy in recent months with her roles and entertainment event attendance. I don’t know what the next stage of her acting career will entail now that she’s married and a mom, and having weathered her husband’s scandal, but she should take a page from Eugene‘s acting handbook and stick to warm family weekend dramas to rebuild her core fan base.



Lee Min Jung in Paris for Oddly Underwhelming Cosmopolitan Korea Pictorial — 8 Comments

  1. Being a wife and a mum has definitely taken the shine out of her. She was gorgeous in BOF days and for a couple of years after. Maybe she should concentrate on being a mother first.

    • No light in his eyes ! When you see others “mothers actresses” like Eugene, Lee Bo Young, Jun Ji hyun … Being a wife and a mother doesn’t fit every woman.She may suffer from post partum depression. Life is unfair his husband keeps going strong and his career is low key. Sexism is everywhere !!!

  2. The last photo isn’t so terrible, but the photographer’s choice to put her half in shadows for each shot is strange. This just adds to the drabness of all these photos: dull colors, boring scenery, blah.

  3. Theres something off about her. Whether it’s the marriar not, she looks flat, expression wise. Even in the latest attendance for her husband’s film premiere. She’s attractive usually n a competent actress. Now she looks like she’s dragging herself places.

  4. lol at ppl judging her from staged photoshoots, just to let u know the photographer is famous for that kind of “aura” on his pictorials , he’s MJ best friend in real life since she wasn’t even interested in the showbizz and he’s been his exclusive photographer since she started on the business – he’s in charge of like 95% of her pictorials, magazines, CMs or other campaings, so all the bubbly mag photos she did in the past were also his work, it’s just that they’re more into that concept these days .

    And she was just in Milan glowing and being the adorable girl she is during Milan Fashion Week …

  5. There is nothing wrong with her. From the start she wasnt very good actress other than being bubbly. Only she needs a good role to shine.

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