Ji Chang Wook and Yoona Rock Matching Bodyguard Suits in BTS Stills Filming The K2

The network and production team of tvN‘s The K2 must be thrilled with it’s success thus far, ratings are excellent for a cable drama and continue to increase week by week. I went in for leads Ji Chang Wook and Yoona, both coming off well-received performances in their last dramas, and so far neither have disappointed. Ji Chang Wook feels like he’s reprising Healer but without the bumbling Clark Kent element and just being Superman all the time, or Super Bodyguard. Yoona hasn’t much to do other than try to run away or shut herself in, but in all her scenes she’s believable in the emotional undercurrents of anxiety, fear, and limited hope. There’s very limited romance so far and I’m not even chafing to get to it, I like the from afar care that Je Ha is providing Anna, even if the CPR scene to end the most recent episode 6 is just a silly way to slot in lip service.


Ji Chang Wook and Yoona Rock Matching Bodyguard Suits in BTS Stills Filming The K2 — 30 Comments

  1. This is the rare drama where 6 episodes in, and I still don’t know what to think of it. I about dropped it early in 6 because Cloud 9 made me think I’d dropped into a bad episode of Person of Interest. Yet I plan on watching next week. I do know I’d prefer no romance whatsoever. I know I am probably in the minority on that.

  2. @Kat are you me ? I had the exact same thought about cloud 9 and person of interest, I rolled my eyes to back of my head through out that entire scene fam.

    Is anyone else feeling like everything else is moving so quickly but the story and the plot still feels really slow and not going anywhere ?

    I don’t Know how to explain it. It is like the show has shown us a lot of scenes but we are still standing exactly the same place we started from.

    And Finally the whole Social-phobia stuff makes no sense in this episode.

    I really like all the lead and secondary actors barring J-4 so I am not gonna drop it.

    The show is doing a lot of things and a lot wrong and it is getting on my nerves

    • I was thinking about the social phobia but it occurs to me that the only people who told us that were the JSS guards. She may not actually have one, she just doesn’t want to associate with people that kept her captive. Social phobia makes stepping out hard, but each time she escape, she didn’t show social phobia tendencies.

  3. This drama is amazing in a way that it has very obvious holes in its story but is still incredibly gripping. The action, the politics, the dramatic secrets that need to be solved………. plus great acting from entire main cast is what makes it engaging.

  4. The K2 is a thinking person’s drama. If you’re not watching the first 6 episodes closely and can’t connect the dots, you’ll think nothing’s happening. In fact, the writers have embedded a lot of information in each episode to set our gears spinning. Also, if you’re dropping in expecting to see a specific type of drama, you may be disappointed. This drama is unpredictable and will leave you gasping. The K2 is filled with mysterious subplots but the main plot is gradually emerging. The same with the characters and their relationships. The writers have inserted a lot of “false” leads to distract us, but they will all eventually make sense. The result is suspense, irony, and surprises.

    • While I don’t think it’s too complicated, it is true that most of the dialogue serves as double talk, where most of the interesting stuff is strongly implied but never outright said. If you’re not paying too much attention or can’t grasp the subtleties, for lack of a better word, you’re missing half the drama.

      It is very far from perfect and deserves its share of criticism, but a drama like this is never going to be received fairly by the majority of the international audience at this point. Expectations of what a kdrama should be are only growing narrower and failure to conform is just going to generate hostility and/or a refusal to meet it halfway and understand it on its own terms.

  5. @AsianDrama16 “K2 is a thinking person’s drama [….] You are not smart enough to connect the dots [….] but they will all eventually make sense”

    where have we heard this before ? that is right “W” and that turned out to be a convoluted mess.
    And i trust that drama’s writer more than young pal’s writer.

    I assure you that i have watched dramas that are 100X more detailed-oriented than this drama.
    So let us stop with this “you are not watching it close enough to get it”

    • hey c’mon, don’t drag W into this, W was meant to be convoluted mess becuz it was a supernatural drama. Kudos to W writer for trying something new in Kdrama land, other those fluffy and stereotyped dramas at the moment. K2 on the other hand is a action drama so probably the writer was thinking about action first then plot later?? lmao!

  6. The plot is very slow moving. I can watch epi 6 only and still can follow. Too much actions and politics but going nowhere.The only one safe this drama is Song Yoona acting. With billion budget, I think they should get ratings at least like Reply 1988. But plot is too weak.

  7. Aw, I almost forgot the K drama bible says CPR scene is a must alongside Shower scene and Airport stalking scene. I exclude back hug since the trend is reverse back hug now (KYJ to PBG in Moonlight drawn by clouds). LOL… So far, K2 is pretty entertaining. JCW alone is enough as long as it’s not like Whirlwind Girl 2. LOL

  8. “the CPR scene…is just a silly way to slot in lip service”

    The amount of silliness and WT* in this drama is insane. I’d have accepted all these if the drama is entertaining but it isn’t. Everything is style over substance.

    The premise promised potential for good romance but the writer started on the wrong foot with Je Ha’s fiance. It was unconvincing and nullified Je Ha’s pain over his loss. Then, they had JCW acting like Yoona’s fan at her concert in the ramyun scene. Not once but twice!

    I think JCW was much better in Healer or maybe that role suited him more. Here, he looks like he’s in a daze. Yes, he’s a fighting machine and smiles at the sight of cute little things but he looks unfocused.

    Yoona is well, Yoona. So far, she has played her role and emoted sufficiently when scenes called for it. Credit must be given for carrying a character who has to look half-crazed running down the streets of Spain, dancing for her ramyun, pull of an act greater than “Sister Act” and now getting ‘poisoned’ by strawberries. We just need seven dwarves to make the last scene complete.

    • I agree with you JCW’s character is better laid out in Healer. But he actually improved and appeared more convincing in physique as an action badass in the K2, which I consider an important element in any action film. Way to see the plot development. It’s still early to give the K2 a verdict of total failure in substance at this point since dramas like Beautiful Mind did pick up momentum and made sense storylines on 2nd half of the series.

      • I had less problem with Beautiful Mind even at the start and after the 4th episode, I was totally on board. It helped that Jang Hyuk was absolutely terrific in BM. For a drama to click, you need characters to root for. I can’t find any in K2.

        Song Yoon Ah’s acting makes her character more interesting than it’s written. Despite that, I don’t like her character at all. I feel pity for Anna but not interested enough to see how she will fare. Maybe I don’t have faith in the writer to give me believable steps which Anna can take towards revenge or escape. Je Ha’s backstory was a chance for me to sympathize with him and root for him. However, the fiance thing was so awkward and badly acted, I just can’t buy it.

        I have been reading that Je Ha’s character is inconsistent and I agree it’s not well written. JCW also doesn’t have the ability to ‘correct’ these inconsistences and come up with his own interpretation. That’s why the ramyun scene was extra cringe worthy.

        I know there’s a lot of JCW fans here but I am not one. Healer made JCW better for me but this drama is doing the opposite. It’s exposing his weaknesses. I like to keep an open mind in general to as many actors as possible so it might be good that I drop this drama sooner than later.

    • The ramyun fanboy scenes were indeed cringe worthy and came out from nowhere. There’s no way to justify why he all of a sudden went in such a sequence of silly fanboying modes. That’s just so not in sync with his bodyguard character. LOL

  9. The cloud 9 thing still doesnt make sense to me. What a stupid AI aka mirror on the wall. I am not sure why suddenly we need cloud 9 in the plot. This really smells like yongpal writer, whom I think, tried overly hard to be different and ended up going over the top. This drama has pretty good cast, good potential. Hopefully this writer not going to destroy it like yongpal. I also dont like the bgm. Way over dramatic. Sometimes they play it loud, suspense opera style, but i really dont see a need of suspense bgm. So noisy.

    • Just so you know, these kinds of computers do exist in the world. MIT has a massive databank similar to Mirror, for instance.

      • No one is doubting the databank part.

        We are talking about computers that know about people’s conversations and motivations.

        that doesn’t exist, this aint minority report blud.

      • Okay then. Just curious, though, why is the immediate response to anything with a whiff of science fiction to mock it for being ~unrealistic? I don’t think this show’s goal is to be realistic in the slightest.

      • Because it is an action drama…not sci-fi. Everyone is already suspending reality about a good chunk of the story already which is fine. It is a unique show.

  10. I am watching this solely cuz of jcw, and i happen to like yoo jin from hotelier days. Jcw in fact has more sizzling chemistry with yoo jin. His scenes with yoona seem awkward and forced to me. His “fondness” over yoona ramyun scene is not believable at all. It doesnt make my heart flutter a bit or make me giggling in any way. This drama of course much better than the whirlwind (omg what is that). His action skills definitely improves, he works hard for that. But so far, I think he acted better in Healer.

    • I died from embarrassment watching him go all gooey over those ramyun scenes. What’s with his sudden obsession with anna? I thought the time that he stays at that residence and the rest of the show …it’s two different k2 we are watching.
      I do notice some parallels with yongpal and now there is even mention of snow white. I am still watching because of song yoon ah ..who has some irresistible charm and she rules the scenes she’s in..but may be they drag her too much down the evil lane I might stop watching. And the worst part is that helper of Anna. The girl is such an annoyance. I wonder why she tends to get so much screen times. And how many more ramyun scenes would be in play..it’s getting a bit repetitive now.

  11. Its disgusting to ship Je Ha with Yoo Jin when clearly he just doing his job as a bodyguard. No sense of interest from him to Yoo Jin. Its just Yoo Jin that shows sense of interest and its so ewww. She is OLD. Je Ha clearly shown no interest to her and its TOTALLY different when he is with Anna. Thats what you called falling in love. Yoo Jin? ROFL. Its just his work to protect his client.

    And that ramyun scene is not awkward at all. He is falling in love and its a normal type of reactions. Thats what you do when you fall in love. I bet you guys who feel awkward watching that doesnt know the meaning of falling in love.

    and of course your mindset has been hoping to see Old Ahjumma Yoo Jin to be a couple with Je Ha. you already set ur mind to think like that, this is why you feel awkward cause u feel upset that Je Ha is not falling in love with ahjumma Yoo Jin who is in fact an evil BITCH. I NEVER WANT JE HA TO BE WITH SOME1 WHO IS GREEDY WITH POWER AND NO SENSE OF HUMANITY. Showing sex video to the son? WTF HOLY SHIT.

    KIM JE HA WILL NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH THAT AHJUMMA. FROM EPISODE 01 TO 06 THERW IS NO SPARK BETWEEN THEM. Je Ha is only helping her NOTHING MORE and its only Yoo Jin that shows sign of INTEREST but NOT JE HA. NEVER ONCE his heart flutter or anything sort of like that to Yoo Jin. Dont be ridiculous. Je Ha is falling in love with Anna.

    Stop watching if you didnt like the love line.

  12. They look lovely together. Glad to know that their drama is getting good ratings as I am enjoying it so much. Yoona has been really good so far as Anna. I think the Amazing Grace scene from ep 06 is very well done.

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