SBS Lines Up Ji Sung and Han Ye Seul for 2017 Mon-Tues Drama Defendant

I never woulda paired these two up but go ahead and surprise me SBS! Currently airing Mon-Tues drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo has turned out to be a ratings dud for the network even if the few ardent fans still watching appear to enjoy it immensely. Up next for SBS is the Han Seok Kyu, Seo Hyun Jin, and Yoo Yeon Seok medical drama Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim, which may reverse the ratings and bring SBS to the lead again like it did when Doctors aired during the summer. My eye is now on the first 2017 drama out of the gate – casting is nearly confirmed for SBS’s first Mon-Tues drama of the new year Defendant, starring Ji Sung and Han Ye Seul. Like I said, never thought once about putting these two together but new year unexpected onscreen coupling to keep things fresh.

Defendant is a legal thriller where Ji Sung plays the leads, a successful and upstanding prosecutor who wakes up one day with amnesia and discovers that he’s on death row convicted of murder. He doesn’t know how he got there or remember anything surrounded his alleged crime. This sounds like his Kill He, Heal Me character waking up after a personality change episode, maybe if Shin Se Ki offs someone and poor Do Hyun wakes up taking the fall for it. Ji Sung sounds perfect for the role and the drama seems more suited to use his talents rather than the anemic Entertainer. Han Ye Seul is also back in good graces after Birth of a Beauty and Madame Antoine so here’s hoping this one ends up working.


SBS Lines Up Ji Sung and Han Ye Seul for 2017 Mon-Tues Drama Defendant — 8 Comments

  1. Lawyers and doctors. They might still be good dramas but enough. I did like The Good Wife but right now I’d be happy with a drama about a plumber.

  2. I’m glad he took this on cos it’s right up his alley. But HYS……I wish he had a co-star with equal acting chops. What a letdown! But I will watch it because it’s Ji Sung.

    • Yeah same 🙁 I really want him to take Hong Gil Dong instead, plus he’d be reunited with KMHM’s director. I seriously wish he could he paired up with an actress on the same level he is. Hwang Jungeum matched him perfectly,Gong Hyojin, Shin Minah or Park Minyoung would be amazing

  3. Why HYS? She cannot act for the life of her. They should pair him with an equally good actress. If she confirms, I hope he declines.

  4. Hurray Ji sung! I am looking forward to watching your drama. Entertainer is a disappointment as Ji sing co-star is too mild and young to match up with Ji sung’s great acting. But still I watched it till the end becos of Ji sung
    This time, this drama should be a winner! Fighting, Ji sung!

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