Amber An Rocks the Ladylike Sex Appeal in New 4th Album Art

Taiwanese singer-actress Amber An is prepping for her comeback music album, the fourth of her career which has really taken a big leap forward in the last two years. Her last three dramas You Are the Apple of My Eye, To the Dearest Intruder, and A Good Day all garnered good reviews and elevated her presence as leading lady with actual acting heft. It’s a contrast to her singing persona which skews sexy and energetic, but this new album takes a page from the louche sophistication of Parisian hotel life. I love the album insert above, it’s such goals to be able to lounge around a hotel looking all fine and nibbling on decadent snacks to forget a heartache. The other album shots have her cross-dressing in menswear which she pulls off smartly despite having very feminine features. She’s gorgeous and she knows it, even when she’s wielding a boxing glove on herself.


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