Mermaid Jeon Ji Hyun in Various Incarnations in Latest Legend of the Blue Sea Stills

It takes a very confident actress to try for a role as demanding and fantastical as a mermaid, especially one spanning centuries from Joseon era to the modern day. Jeon Ji Hyun excels at confidence, even if wholly substantiated from hot air like her top star character in You From Another Star. She manages to bring the vulnerability and decency into such challenging to like roles and makes audiences love her. It’s been a steady stream of eye candy seeing the production of Legend of the Blue Sea release still after still showing Jeon Ji Hyun as mermaid Shim Chung, with the latest batch showing her passed out on a rock, sneaking into a residence, and shooting costar Lee Min Ho‘s conman character Heo Joon Jae warm looks. 

Attention is also young the two child actresses playing younger versions of Shim Chung, KAl So Won is child Shim Chung and Shin Eun Soo is teenage Shim Chung, both having scenes with the younger actors playing Lee Min Ho’s Joseon era character. Both young actresses already look charming in the drama stills, it’ll be great if they can sell the young romantic connection so that the adult leads have a solid foundation to build on.


Mermaid Jeon Ji Hyun in Various Incarnations in Latest Legend of the Blue Sea Stills — 10 Comments

  1. JJH is gorgeous ! Yes, hoping for the best for this drama. We are being spoiled with these daily teasers and stills. Can’t wait for the drama to start.

  2. Mermaids are not real, use your brain, you really think if they exist it would have a beautiful nice skin like humans bound on earth??! get real, if ever there is such a thing they would have scales face, coarse and hard skin like fishes, shells, star fishes, sea urchins and creatures under the sea.
    drama like this are for stupid people, good luck becoming stupid.

  3. Jeon Ji Hyun playing “The Sassy Girl” once again with a supernatural twist, talk about making a career out a overdone role, yawn. Will check out once it finishes airing.

  4. Haters they will always have something to say since all the teasers and promos are good no one force you to watch stick to your bias @gem pls no need to check it out

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