Filming Starts on jTBC Drama Man to Man with Park Hae Jin, Park Sung Woong, and Kim Min Jung

Filming is underway for the upcoming early 2017 jTBC drama Man to Man, and I like the entire cast but love the screenwriter even more. The drama is written by Kim Won Suk who was the second writer on Descendants of the Sun, basically doing all the non qiuippy stuff that Kim Eun Sook excels at. Their tag team works well in DotS but alone Kim Won Suk is even more impressive with his earlier work as the screenwriter of The Queen’s Classroom and Friends, Our Legend. Man to Man spins the story of a top star played by Park Sung Woong and his bodyguard Park Hae Jin. The two female leads are Kim Min Jung and Chae Jung Ahn, and Yeon Jung Hoon takes a spin as the main antagonist. The drama is fully pre-produced and directing is the PD of Remember and Birth of a Beauty.


Filming Starts on jTBC Drama Man to Man with Park Hae Jin, Park Sung Woong, and Kim Min Jung — 3 Comments

  1. I am looking forward to this drama not only for PHJ, but I like the bodyguard scenario. I actually thought the whole DOTS Argus story line was silly and assume it was this writer’s part of the writing deal but whatever. He’s got a good CV and I think it might have been awkward to have a writing partner with two writers who aren’t used to it. (Don’t hate on me people, I liked DOTS just fine… least the first half or so.)

  2. park hae jin looks like someone drew him on a paper and he just walked out of the paper and came to life, the lines on his face are just way too perfect and angular

  3. I’m not interested in this drama but Song Joong Ki is gonna cameo somewhere in the run b/c of the writer. May just check out that brief appearance. LOL

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