Hyun Bin Epitomizes Mature Handsome in January 2017 1st Look Pictorial

If 2016 turned out to be the year of Gong Yoo‘s career resurgence with a hit drama and movies, hopefully 2017 will be the same for Hyun Bin. First up is the January release of his movie Cooperation with Yoo Hae Jin and Yoona, a North-South Korean buddy cop movie that looks mighty entertaining from the trailers. He’s also reviewing scripts for a slew of drama offers and confirmed he will be doing a drama this year, with the most high profile offer out to him being sci-fi drama City of Stars which is also courting Jang Dong Gun for the other male lead. He’s in the cover and pages of this month’s 1st Look magazine looking gorgeous is his now more mature poster boy good looks. Gone are the fresh-faced days from Ireland and My Name is Kim Sam Soon, in is a worldly and world-weary visage that takes him from pin-up to veteran leading man.


Hyun Bin Epitomizes Mature Handsome in January 2017 1st Look Pictorial — 29 Comments

  1. I have to admit Goblin has been a disappointment for me with the slow pacing making me wish the PD had been forced to stick to one hour episodes. Having said that, I’m so happy for the ratings for the actors, especially GY who stayed away from dramas for so long. In that way, I wish for a solid outing for HB even if it isn’t a blockbuster… at least solid with a good story.

    I don’t know if its true, but I’ve heard he’s one of the highest paid k-drama actors so that’s gotta be a hit when a drama goes south. Truth is, it is still a roll of the dice no matter what so fighting!

  2. Coop is going against King right?? Good luck….JIS + JWS is a good combo.

    Hopefully he pulls a GY!

    So HB and LJK are the same age? Wow LJK is not aging then O_O

    • @lea even mind boggling is the fact that though LJK and HB are the same age, LJK is a Hyung and older than Hyun Bin.LJK is April 1982, Hyun Bin is September 1982.

  3. Hyun Bin is now matured in his looks and is a lot more leaner after his military service, which partly explains why he is looking a bit older than his 34 years. Whatever it is he is still a very very good looking man, very masculine and there is more character in his face now. This augurs well for him in his career going forward he will be able to do more “beefy” and complex character roles!

    Hoping he will pick a good drama in 2017. I actually enjoyed him in Hyde Jekyll Me, the story was not Fantastic but I liked his protrayal of the dual personalities. So Binnie Fighting! All the very best for 2017 in both your career and your personal life!!!

  4. I am liking Hyun Bin’s mature look more than his younger days.

    So yummy especially the first photo, he makes lines look gorgeous hehe

    All the best for your new movie oppa and better luck when you return to dramaland!

    • But I thought HB aged like fine wine haha…

      But I am glad both Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin have moved on…she with a younger and hottest actor now while he with a younger and bubbly actress.

      All the best to them!

      • who’s the younger and hottest actor? SJK? Aren’t they rumours?

        Yes, HB is ageing like fine wine. I love masculine handsome man than pretty boys.

  5. all my love for hyun bin went away for how he handled the breakup with shk .to me he is a coward and selfish man who only think of himself.he announces their breakup and then hide in the military allowing shk to suffer the brunt of media and nitizen alone.even if shk agree to it, he should have announced it early when they really broke up and not when it is convenient to him knowing how it is always the woman who is blame when relationship goes bad in korea.they both shd hav been critisized by the media not only shk who didnt hav anywhere to go to hide

    • wow, you seem to know so much about their personal lives, how SHK suffered, how miserable she was, even to the extent of fixing the right timing for the announcement of their breakup. Perhaps, I’m saying perhaps, she could have actually threw a party in china (away from all the preying eyes) to celebrate the split.

    • do you know them personally? nobody know what happened behind them. moved on ! live in reality not in delution!. don’t watch too much drama ! faced reality. rather than think why they broke up etc, think about your own life. they have not even care about you.

  6. I still find it strange in Korean culture why should both parties be criticized when there’s a break-up? People dated but don’t have to be destined to be married. If the love fits wear it baby if it doesn’t then just move on….why must the couple be stoned seriously!

    Just happy that hye kyo is still doing well in her career and perhaps having another meaning relationship and hyun bin has moved on with someone else too.

    • Totally agree, folks. The relationship has long ended, surely most of the bitterness have evaporated between them, and both have clearly moved on. No need to bash anyone anymore, and lets support and cheer for them in the future.

  7. Lucky SHK has moved on to the hottest actor in korea now. Who doesn’t want to be adored by the hottest actor that almost all women of all ages loved.The way SJK look at her.The way SJK told her that she is beautiful and lovely. The way he protected here.

    • ‘SJK told her she is b….’. Have you ever come across any actor ever said anything negative about their co-stars whether in terms or acting or looks? Promotion, my dear, its all about promotion whether the parties are SJK/SHK or ABC/XYZ, minni mouse/micky mouse.

      • It will befitting if they are on the stage of promotion. However, constant praising of beautiful/lovely at so many occasions after the said collaboration long ended, without the presence of another, or without being prompted certainly not for promotional sake. Why wud someone bother if its just a mere professional ties. no matter how polite he/she is. Just my two cents ^^

  8. All those above comments are so biased and bitter. Kang Sora is such a gorgeous babe with a hot figure. HB has good taste in women, and he does what all males do swap the older one for a younger one.

    • THOSE BITTER BI*C**S , watch too much drama and living in delusion. THEY act no different with delusional-crazy-mad Kpop Fangirl. BE REALISTIC SHG’s Delulu fans!. you don’t know them personally. they both have move on. it’s been 6 years all off you still bitter. go take care your own business.

      • LOL when SHK herself couldn’t be happier, her fans are bitter and swimming in swirl of old dust…

        SJK likes SHK and HB likes KS, live & let live.

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