Ji Chang Wook Shoots Searing Glances From the Pages of Marie Claire Korea

With this week’s dating news one-two punch, Rain getting married to Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won dating BoA, it’s a stark reminder that there are really a lot of famous Korean stars that are in relationships more so than the usual pretending to be single for their fans. There are still some single eligible oppas and one very attractive option remains Ji Chang Wook. I can only imagine how much more manly he’s going to get after military service when he’s already smexy beyond belief. His last drama The K2 wasn’t quite the all-around success it could have been but Ji Chang Wook fared just fine, delivering a solid performance and having solid chemistry with leading lady Yoona. Not every drama can be Healer, right? His pictorials have continued to be consistently beautiful to look at, there’s just an indelible connection with the camera that bathes him with dramatic appeal.

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Ji Chang Wook Shoots Searing Glances From the Pages of Marie Claire Korea — 7 Comments

  1. Ji Chang Wook looks like Adonis or some Greek god in the first photo.

    I think one of the reasons why I enjoyed him much more in Healer besides the story and chemistry, is because he’s better playing a dork than a hardened ex-soldier for hire.

  2. gorgeous…looking forward to his new movie ‘Fabricated City’ and the good news is that it’s playing in theatres in USA

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