Park Shin Hye Rocks the Classic Chanel Look at Paris Fashion Show

Now this is much better, everything about Park Shin Hye is spot on as she was spotted this week in Paris for the Chanel couture show. She was decked out in head to toe Chanel, of course, and unlike her dress for the Bruno Magli event the prior week in Seoul, this time the ensemble was beautifully fitted for her. Chanel is naturally skewed more conservative in styling, even the fresher offerings still retain the classic Chanel vibe, but dressing older isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as it brings out the wearer’s best charms. In this case the black and green palate works marvelously with her auburn locks and the low key makeup lets the clothing shine. Love the look and glad she’s getting out for splashy events like this, and coincidentally crossed paths with another Chanel devotee G-Dragon.


Park Shin Hye Rocks the Classic Chanel Look at Paris Fashion Show — 25 Comments

  1. Classic chanel vibe , i don’t feel this vibe when LR Depp wears Chanel. But I agree with the fact that PSH is great In this outfit. She should wear items like that more often.

  2. She looks great! I like everything on her except for the bag, that color just don’t appeal to me. I love the skirt though.

  3. Love the outfit, the hairstyle and the jewellery (the earrings make her look so cool). She looks stunning. The only thing I find horrible is the bag, sorry, haha!!

  4. I LOVE SHIN HYE WHEN SHE IS TRAVELLING TO PARIS I think Paris give her power so she is coming every year taking chanel event as chance to be there I hope that she enjoyed her time and I hope to hear about casting for new drama soon ❤❤❤😚😚😚

  5. Love hearing about her travels…..just wondering , is Chanel giving her all these items for advertisement? Haha! Hope she doesn’t have to give them back? But then, in real life she doesn’t go around wearing Chanel, does she?
    Can’t wait to see her in another drama….crossing all fingers it be with KSH! But a surprise leading man would also be great!

    • She does wearing Chanel in real life… if she likes the item…
      Besides as Chanel ambassador she wears Chanel for photoshoot and public event too.

    • There’s one Chanel long skirt that she loves which she wore at the Doctors after party and when she travelled to Portland with her friends

  6. By the way. Love the bag, very original and unique, and it goes with the whole picture. Perfect. Rest and come back strong Park Shin Hye.

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