Korean Musical Adaptation of Boys Before Flowers Releases First Idol-filled Poster

As if there was simply too many years since anyone did a version of Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers), thereโ€™s now a musical adaptation hitting the Seoul stage this month. Running from February 24th through May 7th, the musical Boys Before Flowers takes from the Japanese version of the musical and changes the lyrics to Korean. It will be directed by Suzuki Yumi with songs penned by by Honma Akimitsu. The first poster is out and definitely brings back nostalgia vibes from the manic live-watching heyday of the K-drama version of the drama.

Veteran musical PD Lee Sung Joon oversees the entire production which will hopefully give fans of either the original story of the idol-filled cast a reason to buy a ticket. Playing the male lead of Tsukasa Doumyouji (Gu Jun Pyo) is a rotation of Changsub of BTOB, Ken of VIXX, and musical actor Kim Ji Hui, while SMโ€™s solo singer J-Min and group member Min from Miss A share the role of female lead Tsukushi Makino (Geum Jan Di). Super Juniorโ€™s Sungmin along with musical actors Jung Hwi and Kim Tae Oh rotate through as second male lead Rui Hanazawa (Ji Hoo sunbae).


Korean Musical Adaptation of Boys Before Flowers Releases First Idol-filled Poster — 10 Comments

    • I saw J-min perform in Hedwig when I was in Seoul last year. She was AMAZING. At one point, during a costume change for Hedwig, she played the guitar and sang Radiohead’s “Creep”. It was so awesome. I hadn’t realized that she was the same one who sang Stand Up until I was home.

      • I watched her at in the heights and yeah i think shes slowly building up her musical career! Hope she’ll get more recognized soon!

  1. Awesome, if they would only record the musical and put it on DVD or youtube so we can all see and compare. A musical on BOF— hmm… I guess it will be like a High School Musical, where they will break out into a song all of a sudden. When Jan Di Kicks Ku Jun Pyo the first time, she will break out into a song first? Lol, High School Musical was so hard to watch, I can’t see how BOF can pull off a musical. But then Kpop Boy Bands performing as Flower boys, it is not too much a stretch and they really don’t need to know how to act, as well they are flower boys that sing already. buhahahah

  2. Flower Boys playing Flower Boys literally! Well, they don’t need to act as much since they are pretty much playing themselves. However, it sounds more like High School Musical to me… breaking into a song whenever there is a fight, or happiness or sadness…gah, High School Musical was so hard to get through, then again, the guys were not as cute as the Kpop boyband guy! If only they record Korean Musicals and ship it internationally. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I guess Jang Di will be belting out a song every time she kicks jun Pyo or gets sad because of ji hoo. buhahahaha

  3. I watched the Japanese version of the musical myself in Tokyo last year and as a true-blue Hanadan fan, I loved how the production stayed close to the manga. I especially love the songs. Tsukasa and Tsukushi’s duet songs made me tear up af. The ending is a bit off but in its entirety, it makes you want to read the manga, watch the dramas and relive the Hanadan magic again

  4. So yeah, if the production team who spearheaded the Japanese version is also the one behind the Korean version of musical, I believe the audience is also up to the same treat ๐Ÿ™‚

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