MBC Holds Script Reading for Radiant Office Led by Leads Go Ah Sung and Ha Suk Jin

Script reading commenced last week upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama Radiant Office (Glowing Office), the drama by newbie screenwriter Jung Ho Hyun that won a MBC script writing competition. The most memorable competition winning drama script to be made into a hit drama in recent years remains KBS drama Secret (Secret Love), though having bailed midway through I can’t opine as to whether it was the script or or the intense chemistry of leads Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum that sold the show. Radiant Office does have a good genre lead in as it’s an office uplifting human drama and right now KBS has the surprise hit with Chief Kim, so if audiences remain hungry for that type of drama and Radiant Office turns out to have a solid script then maybe MBC can finally win the time slot after this drama takes over when Missing 9 ends in March.

Radiant Office certainly has an undisputed acting champ in leading lady Go Ah Sung, who picked exceptionally smart with her last drama the brilliant noir-ish Heard it Through the Grapevine. This time she’s paired with prolific drama actor Ha Suk Jin, who manages to have chemistry with wet cardboard so together these two charismatic leads will certainly have no shortage of sparks. Rounding out the cast is Lee Dong Hwi, Hoya, Han Sun Hwa, and Kim Dong Wook.


MBC Holds Script Reading for Radiant Office Led by Leads Go Ah Sung and Ha Suk Jin — 5 Comments

  1. I will be watching for Hoya since I don’t know much about the leads however the story does sound interesting though it is still vague.

  2. Ha Suk Jin!!! I loved him in 1% of Something. Definitely the best drama I have watched in 2016 but it is so underrated because it was aired on cable TV.

  3. i have a soft spot for ha suk jin. i also love go ah sung and hoya so this will be a must watch for me!! i’m really enjoying the dramas that are airing atm. like chief kim, missing 9,and tomorrow with you, they are all pleasantly enjoyable like the “blockbusters” the legend of the sea and goblin. i’m sure this drama will be great as well 🙂

  4. He and his co-star had excellent chemistry in 1%, and the writer wisely wrote a streamlined fast paced romance. The chemistry and pacing are what made it so enjoyable. I also liked Let’s Drink but have to admit I enjoyed the student stories perhaps more than the leads though that is nothing to do with the actors. I just found those students so funny. I wonder, do people really take years trying to pass a civil service exam in Korea?

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